The Corona Diaries – Day 483

It was another really hot blaster of a day. I’m sitting here with all the windows and doors open! I love the heat but I do like to chill off in a pool! We don’t have one handy!

I met up with the guy from the council today. We had a look at the mown lane and he agreed with me that it was not right. The verges have been decimated. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Without the wild verges there are not any places for wildlife or flowers. The fields are all sprayed with insecticide and herbicide. They are green deserts. He was all in favour of rewilding. He knew that the birds and mammals needed the seed, insects and nesting places. However, he said that the council only mows a narrow strip. The bulk of this vandalism lay with the local farmers. I have to contact the Parish Council. A nice guy though. We’ll see what comes.

Meanwhile, out in the madness of Coronaland, the numbers of cases grow madly.

I sense there is now a bit of panic in Downing Street. Our populist clown recognises that he is out of step with public opinion. People are frightened. They are still wearing masks and distancing. Only the loonies and the young adults are going wild.

So we will see the nightclubs, pubs and restaurants becoming superspreaders. The numbers will rocket.

Hospital cases have already doubled in two weeks.

Scientists and world leaders are all calling this wreckless. We have 68.5% of adults double jabbed. What about the other 31.5%? What about all the under eighteens? We still have 40+% of the country unvaccinated. The 3.4 million vulnerable adults have been forced back into prison. The antivaxxers are now incredibly vulnerable. Those for whom the vaccine hasn’t worked (7%) are vulnerable.

I’m expecting an explosion of deaths and hospital cases.

Round and round and round we go!! Death, long covid and incompetence! Right wing clamour for freedom and the economy without consideration for the weaker members of society. They don’t count.

The 12-15 year olds are a vulnerable group who could be getting long covid. They are looking to vaccinate.

Why did they not hold back the relaxing (apart from outdoors) until we had reached herd immunity through vaccination??

The USA has put us in the top High Risk category. We’re banned. We are considered a dangerous source of variants!

The whole country is going to become a breeding ground for variants. If we produce a variant that evades the vaccine it will have 68.5% of the adults to feed off without any competition. It’s as if we want to plunge the whole world back into the pandemic!


The trouble is that our clown is a populist. He doesn’t understand science or how viruses operate. He is ignoring science and experts and only listening to the stupid right-wing Tory MPs who do not give a knack about anything other than money!!

Our buffoon has a foolish optimism, a lazy nature, a vast ignorance of science and a desire to defy all rules.

This could be the biggest disaster yet. He’s already killed 128,000; perhaps a million isn’t beyond him? If he lets a deadly variant out we could be looking at another 40 million worldwide with all the damage to trade and economies. That might not make us too popular!!

At the beginning he thought lockdown was a mistake. He was OK with it mainly killing the over 80s (they are expendable) and despite what he was told he didn’t believe the NHS would be overwhelmed.

Events taught him a lesson or two but haven’t left him any wiser or less stupid!! To a cacophony of pings, 96 more deaths (a big jump) and the NHS battening down with cancelled operations and ambulances on black alert, we’re preparing for the tempest to hit!

Good luck! Stay Safe!!!

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