New Eden – Sci-fi novel about a virus – cover notes.

The world is overpopulated.


A lethal virus is released.


One small group of people has natural immunity.


What new world could develop?

Available in paperback and kindle.

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My computer is Sick! It has a Virus! Why do Sick People spend their time making malicious viruses?

IMG_5968 I’m sending it flowers!!

As with my own physical condition my computer has been suffering a similar fate. It too has been struck down with a destructive virus. (I doubt that it is the same one but you never know – it could be a cyborg disease!)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the sick minds of people who spend their life designing intricate viruses for the sole purpose of ruining other peoples lives? They must be really ill. They sit there and get pleasurable feelings from the thought that they will have messed up someone else’s life. That is really sad. They really do need treatment.

My machine kept crashing, going slowly, coming up with pop-ups, shutting down. It was a nightmare. No amount of scanning, Kaspersky, or malware treatment would suffice. It required a stronger cyberbiotic.

Fortunately it is being lovingly cleansed. Dave is connecting it to cyberlife-support, checking its drives, scrubbing it clean and pandering its motherboard. It will then have convalescence while its programmes are caringly nursed back to full health, it’s memory purged and its chip primped.

So this means I am forced to work on another machine. Everything is different. It types different, looks different and I cannot find anything. My life is disrupted! I can’t cope!

This explains the fact that my posts are probably coming out different.

Hopefully ‘Ethel the Mighty’ (my trusty machine) will be back before long and life will return to normality!! (Whatever serves as normality these days!)