The Corona Diaries – Day 300

Bloody hell!! Three hundred days of abnormal isolation! Three hundred consecutive five mile+ walks. Three hundred days without gigs, restaurants, theatre, cinema, friends and family!

it’s much worse in winter, isn’t it? Short days, cold, rain and dreariness. It saps the energy. We’ve run out of things to decorate. I don’t feel inspired to write any books. I’m lacking in motivation.

I think I’ve gone mad!!

Today was cold but sunny. We went for a walk up the hill. There was a big flock of geese. We watched them go over in a great V and watched as they alternated at the front of the formation like cyclists. We had a debate as to whether it was a conscious move to alternate or just instinctive. I think all creatures, including fish and other sea creatures like squid, are far more conscious and intelligent than we give them credit for.

Back home I’ve been raising my spirits and political awareness by playing Fela Kuti’s Zombie. Brilliant.

Still not inspired though.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – There is no sign of the virus abating in the three incompetent countries – in the USA the new cases are still running at 201,732 and the deaths at 3353. In the UK we have 41,342 new cases ans 1295 deaths. In Brazil there were another 61,567 new cases and 1050 deaths.

In contrast the countries that have shown us up by handling the pandemic continue to point the way. New Zealand had just 10 new cases and no deaths and Vietnam had one new case and no deaths.

If they can do it why can’t we?

No – don’t answer that. We all know why.

The rest of the world must be furious with us. Not only are we a breeding ground for the virus, exporting it to all parts, but we are enabling mutations to occur.

The more people who go down with the disease the more virus there is. The more virus there is the more mutations there are. The more mutations there are the more different strains there are. The more different strains there are the more likelihood of one of the strains being immune to the vaccine.

Our three macho fools of leaders are putting the whole world at risk because of their denials, complacency and dithering. Useless pillocks!!

Thank heavens Biden is taking over and we get some sense!! I see he’s doing a big executive blitz on Trump policies, reversing the environmental and covid policies. After 4 years of madness and ineptitude it’s good to see intelligence at work!!

The ray of hope is the vaccination. As soon as we reach herd immunity the virus is well on the retreat. The programme has to be world-wide though. We do not want any reservoir of virus mutating away throwing up new variants!

Vaccinate away!! A global operation!!

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

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