The Inauguration We Can’t Enjoy (US Pastor John Pavlovitz).

The Inauguration We Can’t Enjoy (US Pastor John Pavlovitz)

John Peachey sent this through to me.

This is a powerful piece of writing from Pastor John Pavlovitz. It is terrible that there cannot be a fitting inauguration due to Covid-19, but to have the whole proceedings brought down by the threat of far-right terrorism is scandalous.

All America should feel ashamed.

This is what 4 years of Trump have produced. The whole world is disgusted.

This week we’re inaugurating a president who has received a historic number of votes, winning by a staggering seven million.We’re inaugurating a brilliant woman of color as his Vice President.Together, they have assembled the most diverse Administration this nation has ever seen, one that for the first time is beginning to accurately reflect the nation it will serve and represent.81 million Americans should be able to rejoice in these days, but we cannot.
This should be a moment of collective jubilation, but it isn’t.
We should all be exhaling now but we aren’t able to.
We should be celebrating but we can’t do that.We can’t, because the violence generated by an outgoing president and his complicit party, (who have for the first time in our history refused a peaceful transition of power) is so pervasive and threatening, that our nation’s Capitol is a literal war zone, that state capitols around the nation are boarded up and closing down, that there is razor wire surrounding the Inauguration, that members of our government are wearing bullet-proof vests.

We can’t revel in the results of a free and fair election, in the Democratic process working, in our shared efforts in this sacred American experiment,  because we’re too busy attending to the PTSD of watching a less-than-two-week-old mass assassination attempt by a political party and wondering what horror is coming next. We’ve endured pre-emptive election sabotage and post-election recounts and lawsuits and a failed bloody coup, and still, we aren’t allowed to rest in those many victories.

We can’t enjoy these moments with our friends and our families and our children, because we’re still trying to process a group of politicians helping their rabid base plan and execute a murderous terrorist attack on the Nation’s Capitol in an effort to kidnap and kill members of Congress, all because they’re unhappy that their gerrymandering, voter suppression, and outright corruption didn’t overcome the votes of the people.Our arriving joy is tempered by seeing a party still inexplicably doubling down in the wake of unfathomable violence, by perpetuating their defeated president’s big lie – knowing it will surely incite more brutality; that it is directly placing public servants, law enforcement officers, and ordinary citizens in harm’s way.
We will not get to have the cathartic, public, unfettered happiness that his supporters had after the 2016 election and on the day of the 2017 Inauguration.  His supporters are not able to consent to that because they are a people so collectively afflicted with enmity that they cannot allow it. Denying other people’s joy and causing them pain is all they understand and all their president has nurtured in them, and is the sole cause they are truly devoted to. 

So, this week we will scrape the Biden/Harris/2020 stickers off our cars to reduce the chance of being assaulted by a stranger. We will hold our collective breath until the very millisecond the oaths of office are complete, and we will pray that the violence the outgoing president and his sycophantic supporters have trafficked in to this point will not scar this moment further.

Yes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in and they will take office and begin to course-correct this nation.

And yes, in the coming days we will find ourselves slowly breathing again and gradually welcoming normalcy and eventually being surprised by the corporate peace that will come from having human adult leaders with working empathy again.

But we will all have been robbed of this singular glorious moment to simply feel lightness again, because the darkness refuses to go away.

This will be a celebration delayed and diluted, but we will have it. We will see the America that can be, rising up from the America that is.

But the fact that more than 81 million of us have to be terrified of our neighbours right now when we should be simply joyful, is a sad indictment of the people who voted for this defeated fraud and of the nation we have become under him.

4 thoughts on “The Inauguration We Can’t Enjoy (US Pastor John Pavlovitz).

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Opher. Isn’t it awful that the whole nation (USA) should feel shame for the events Trump has perpetrated over the last four years. I disagree. Clinton lost to Trump in 2016 despite enjoying a plurality of over 3 million votes in the national popular vote count. So, a minority elected Trump then and have continued to support him since. As this post pointed out, Biden won in November with a plurality of more that 7 million votes as well as a comfortable majority in the Electoral College.

    The only Americans who need to be ashamed are the Republican party members (both elected and not) who enabled Trump and participated in the radicalization of his followers. They bear the responsibility. Period. The majority of Americans did their duty and in record numbers repudiated the Trump insanity.

    Unfortunately, the US system allows for an unreasonably long period of time for the trnsition of power. That’s part of their system and it has played right into the hands of Trump by allowing him to further radicalize his base with the big lie about a stolen election.

    My 70th birthday present is the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I will rest far easier after Wednesday.

    1. Hi John – happy New Year!
      I’ll rest easier after Wednesday too John. And Biden will start undoing the damage straight away – the Paris accord and bringing science to bear for starters!
      I think the Republicans have a lot to answer for. They have been morally corrupt. Too obsessed with power at any cost. They allowed and endorsed the moral corruption and rise of fascism. Hopefully the attempted coup was a bit of a wake-up call.

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