The Corona Diaries – Day 321

It appears that the Beast From the Baltic has arrived! I was woken by the sound of frozen snow blustering against the window! It is cold and windy but that did not prevent me from taking my walk! Instead of my customary walk up the hill we set off for an excursion to Cattleholmes – a small clump of houses a few miles away! The wind was bitter as it blew across the fields (a few more hedges would not go amiss) and the frozen snow stung the face! I think you can call it bracing. I certainly earnt my 321st consecutive 10,000 steps!!

I’m not sure how the birds can survive these low temperatures. I’m dressed up in thick coat, scarf, gloves, hat and hood. Their little naked legs are uncovered. I’d certainly opt for migration!

Back home we warmed up with a cornish pasty and cup of tea!

Today I’ve been editing the Roy Harper book and playing some Ry Cooder. Great stuff!!

We were just reflecting on how lucky we are. Being retired we receive a steady income without having to worry about losing our job and income. We have our own home, enough money to keep us warm and provide food and wine. I have a wealth of books and music. We both have lots of interests. There isn’t enough time to fit everything in. We are in the countryside with fabulous walks. None of our family have been put out of work or have become really ill with Covid. And we have each other and Liz hasn’t killed me yet!

How lucky is that?

After nearly a year of isolation and lockdown we still feel frustrated and wearisome. We crave for some proper contact with friends and family. We miss gigs, theatre and cinema. We’re completely spoilt!

Every now and then it’s good to think of the less fortunes – the homeless out on the streets in this cold, the refugees with no home to go too and an uncertain future, those who are poor and don’t have enough to eat or are unable to heat their homes. It makes me feel guilty!

Out there in Coronaland it is definitely looking as if things are improving. The number of covid cases continue to come down (here and in the States) – 18,262 new cases yesterday. The number of deaths are also coming down – 828 yesterday.

It’s been six days since we had our first jabs. The immunity will be starting to set in.

As more people become vaccinated herd immunity will begin to set in. I am hopeful that by summer we will be able to get back to normal.

We should be inspired by places such as Vietnam and New Zealand. Vietnam had a spike of a hundred new cases. They used their local shut down, track, trace and isolate and appear to have got on top of it. Likewise New Zealand is doing the same.

Unlike our bunch of clowns they did not allow the virus to get out of hand. They were prepared. They locked down, shut borders, tested, tracked and isolated. They are back to normal.

We let it get completely out of control, had ineffective systems and now have 111,000 deaths instead of 25!!

It appears that the more virulent Kent variant is spreading fast in our area – Hull and East Riding. It also appears that the South African variant makes the vaccine far less effective. We’ll need a tweaked booster in the Autumn to cope with these variants!

The sooner the world gets vaccinated the better. The smaller the reservoir of virus the less mutations!

So stay safe!! Nigh is at an end!!

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