The Corona Diaries – Day 326

It’s absolutely bloody freezing! I don’t like the cold.

I have spent the morning editing my Harper book and listening to David Gray. Then I took a break for a bit of light reading – Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King. I finished my Robert Harris book yesterday but still have my Yuval Harari book on the go.

This lockdown is a strange unreality where time merges into an undifferentiated continuum. There are no landmarks to puncture it.

I’m off for a walk in a minute – a socially distanced stroll up my hill with a friend.

It’s now eleven days since I had my jab. My immunity should be quite good by now but I’m not taking any chances.

As for my mental/emotional state – I’m on an even keel. I’m certainly lacking in energy compared to what I was feeling like in my early stages of lockdown – nearly a year ago!! Then I was energised, writing and decorating like mad. Now I’m plodding. The editing is a good example. I’m working away at it without great enthusiasm. I have an outline in my mind for a new Sci-fi novel but no great desire to embark on it. I’ll complete the Harper book, relax and regroup.

This ennui is also manifesting itself in what I’m reading (light entertainment – Stephen King and Robert Harris – nothing too exacting) as well as the TV dramas that we are watching – currently ‘The Bay’.

it feels as if I cannot be bothered to grapple with anything requiring any great intellectual focus.

I’m running out of steam!!

Meanwhile, out there in Coronaland the levels continue to come down. The scientists say that the virus reproduction R rate is below 1 for the first time since last July. That’s good – although the levels are still high. There was another 13,494 cases yesterday. There’s a long way to go. They reckon we’ll be back to the low level enjoyed in the Summer by March! That’ll be good.

14 million now vaccinated. A new arthritis drug that could be a game changer for the treatment of covid. It’s looking good.

I feel sorry for Biden. The levels in the states are still high. How do you get some of the more loony Americans respect other people? How do you convince them to distance or wear masks. Some of them still think it’s a hoax despite the 475,000 deaths. They are truly nuts. Then you have all the antivaxxers!! Just imagine a world without vaccination. We’d be back in the days where half your kids died in childhood and diseases like scarlet fever, smallpox, polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria and cholera ravaged populations. It’s madness.

Likewise in Brazil – the levels are still high there too. While they’ve got a nutcase like Bolsonaro in charge they’ve got no chance.

Meanwhile – no deaths in Vietnam or New Zealand.

Stay safe!!

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