The Corona Diaries – Day 338

It was meant to be cloudy but instead the sun has been shining nearly all the time. It is exceptionally warm for February. I took an early walk up my hill. I took a carrot along for the horse I have adopted. He trots over to me now expecting a treat. He likes carrots and apples.

Back home I’ve been editing – and – YIPPPPEEEEE!!! I’ve finished! The Roy Harper book is now set out in the house style and fully edited.

But………………… is anything ever finished? No. Merely abandoned. I will give it a quick read through before sending it back in to the publishers.

Photos to sort next!

I’ve been playing Lou Reed and in a minute I’m off to do a bit of reading. This life in isolation is not too arduous. I just miss people!

Meanwhile – out in Coronaland we are repeatedly told that we cannot eliminate corona virus altogether. I don’t believe that. It seems to me that they have managed to do just that in a number of countries – in New Zealand, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia they have effectively eradicated the virus. New Zealand just has two new cases, Vietnam 11. By monitoring borders and being vigilant, track, tracing, local lockdowns and isolation they have completely eradicated the virus from the population. Any outbreak is quickly recognised, tested, tracked along with local lockdown. It is stringent.

What our pathetic leaders are saying is that they can’t do this well enough. So Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam can do this but we can’t? Why’s that? It couldn’t be because we keep giving these important jobs to incompetent people, could it? It’s not because of cronyism? Or is it lack of leadership?

We’ve had Boris the cheerleader crowing about oven-ready, world -beating moonshots that go off like damp squibs. Now we’ve got doleful, dreary Johnson telling us we can’t do anything.

What we need is realism!!

It’s simple. Tests and health checks on all immigrants with follow up. Good track and trace. Isolation with compensation. And use professionals to do the job – fund the NHS!!!

The Covid Passport is becoming a reality. It is obvious that airlines, foreign countries and anywhere that people congregate are going to need reassurance that people are not going to be spreading a lethal virus!! They are going to want to see proof that people are safe and not a threat to others.

Tough on antivaxxers??? No. That’s their choice. If they don’t want the vaccine then they have to stay away from others. They can’t travel or mix with others because they are a danger to other people. I do think there is an element of selfishness about people who choose not to vaccinate themselves and depend on the herd immunity set up by others to keep them safe.

As for the vulnerable ones who for one reason or another cannot have a vaccination because of medical reasons – I don’t know. Maybe an exemption certificate?

Where is the eruption of public wrath at the incompetence? Why aren’t people shouting about the way the government keeps lying – like Hancock now trying to tell us there never was a shortage of PPE when our care workers and nurses were dying because of shortages of kit? Why isn’t there a furor about the way the government ran roughshod over the rules and regs to give contracts their buddies – like millions given to Hancock’s pub landlord!! Doesn’t this cronyism and deception matter any more.

Another day in Coronaland. I’m off to read!! Stay safe!!

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