The Corona Diaries – Day 631

Another bright day, just a shade cooler than yesterday. I’ve spent the day writing a short story and sporting CDs for my new shelving. Quite a task!!

Went for a long walk into Driffield for gelato at Roberto’s!! Delicious!!

Back home I’m still sorting and tidying. Tomorrow I’m back editing!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we have a clown in charge of a rabid pack of lunatics!! It makes for a ridiculous set of scenarios. Everything reeks of total incompetence coupled with delirious greed. They are not so much a herd of pigs with their snouts in the trough so much as a pack of giant weasels loose in the henhouse. Not only are they gobbling down everything they can get their grubby mitts on but they wrecking everything in the process.

From the catastrophe of Brexit to the catastrophe of Covid we have Tory ministers stashing away millions while imposing austerity and death on others. Fingers in many honey jars.

How many millions has Rees-Mogg made out of Brexit and Covid??

The trouble for Johnson is that the lies aren’t working anymore. The Tories are slumping dreadfully and his own ratings are at an all-time low. People are beginning to see through him and his nonstop lies. To support Johnson shows you are a fool.

So yesterday we had 88,376 new cases – another record!! With another 164 deaths!!

That was interesting – as China, with a population of 1.4 billion; the place where the virus started up, just reached 100,000 cases total – that is for two years!! We’re recording nearly that in a day!!

The worry is that Johnson is now so weak as a leader, and his MPs such a bunch of extreme lunatics, that he can’t tighten up the rules to deal with the situation. His MPs would rather see bodies pile up than wear masks!! Freedom or death!!

This isn’t about what is the best way to tackle the virus. It never has been. This is all about mad populist politics, appeasing the extreme loonies and popularity contests.

This ERG group are as mad as hatters. They aren’t really Tories at all. They are extreme nationalists.

The Labour Party, rightly or wrongly, had a purge of communists long ago. It’s about time the Tories kicked out this rabid bunch of imbeciles. They’ve become the Trumpist element. (About time the Republicans kicked out the Tea Party/Trumpist nutcases too!)

Stay safe!! We’re on our own!! Our rudderless ship is floundering on massive waves. I hope you can swim!!

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