We’ve Seen Through the Lying Conmen and Profiteering Self-Servers!!

The British public aren’t completely stupid! The bubble has burst!! They can all fuck off to the Cayman Islands with their ill-gotten loot! Lady Mone, Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, Cameron, Osborne, Sunak and the rest of the greedy elitist pirates!

They’ll try to bribe us!

They’ll lie!

They’ll summon up fear and division!

They need booting out!

How the West lost its mind and swung to the extreme right!

How the West lost its mind and swung to the extreme right!

Back in the 1980s everything was not brilliant but it was good. Both in the UK and USA racism was on the decrease, society was fairly prosperous and compassionate.

Then things went haywire. There was a big rise in xenophobia/racism, fear, hatred and a big swing to the right. We entered the greedy, heartless world of fear, hate and selfishness epitomised by Trump and Brexit. We found ourselves in the Post-Truth era in which narcissistic, charismatic conmen were able to paint things in black and white, make preposterous promises, stoke up fear and get themselves elected.

Here’s what I think happened:


Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

The Russians tried to take Afghanistan. The USA supported the Mujahidin and funded them. Osama Bin Laden came in as a foreign fighter and we had the start of the extreme Islamic groups – al-Qaeda and the Taliban (funded by the CIA).

 The Russians were kicked out in 1989. The USA increased its presence and interests in Saudi resulting in an extreme form of Islam and an anti-USA/West sentiment. They saw the West as anti-Islam and wanted them out.



Islamic terrorism

Al-Qaeda became operational with many acts of terrorism. This created fear and started to generate a negative attitude towards Islam and Arabs.



9/11 & invasion of Afghanistan

The flying of planes into the Twin Towers sent a wave of fear and hysteria through the USA and West. In a knee-jerk response Bush generated a War Against Terrorism and invaded Afghanistan.

This played into the hands of the terrorists who declared it a war against Islam. The USA found themselves in a war they could not win.



Invasion of Iraq

Under the guise of a War against Terrorism, with Iraq seen as a threat possessing Weapons Of Mass Destruction and seat of power in the region with terrorist links, the USA (with Blair as its chief poodle) invaded Iraq.

At the time there was talk of the oil money but the truth was that it was a show of power and strength that was intended to intimidate the likes of Libya, Syria, Iran and Saudi.

There was no plan on how to get out, no knowledge of the tribal situations and the Sunni/Shia splits, and no real plan. They wanted a big show of strength and to topple Saddam Hussein.

Once more they got thems4elves enmeshed in a war they could not win.



Rise of ISIS

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq proved fertile for extreme Islam. They presented it as an attack on Islam and recruited.

In the vacuum in Iraq the warlords reigned and gave rise to ISIS. The terrorism increased and ISIS became a bogie-man.



London bombing

The Islamic terrorism increased coupled with waves of Arab immigrants fleeing various conflicts in the Middle East. The suspicions grew, the fear grew and it was used by various parties – namely – the terrorist groups and ISIS (for recruitment and fanatical teachings based on the need to protect Islam from attack) and the right-wing groups who used the fear to stir up racism and xenophobia with images of being flooded with terrorists, rapists, criminals and drug-dealers.

In the USA it was the waves of immigrants from Central and South America.

The Right-wing thrived on the implicit racism against illegal immigration and threat of Islamic terrorism.




Using fears of terrorists, mass immigration and anti-EU sentiment the Right-wingers of the ERG, with the connivance of Cummings, Johnson, Gove and Farage, plotted a break from Europe.

Promising to secure borders and a sunlit future with masses of money for the NHS and a repulsion of five million Turks supposedly heading our way, the country voted for Brexit in a tight result.

People like Rees-Mogg made millions and Johnson (the lying conman) got himself elected but the sunlit uplands were but a mirage, a fabrication and we were all shafted.




On a similar far-right promise of security, walls and America first, with the promise of prosperity, resurrection of old technologies (oil, coal, fracking and steel) Trump promised to Make America Great Again. By pandering to the American right and the strange (given his wildly immoral past) bedfellows of the Christian evangelists (willing to sup with the devil in order to get their extreme views met with draconian legislation on things like abortion) and the NRA, he managed to get himself elected creating an extreme right seizure of the GOP Republicans. The nutcases of the Tea Party now held sway.



Trump, Brexit and the far-right

The Tea Party radicals and ERG loonies were now in control with a narcissistic imbecile and a buffoon of a clown in charge – both looking like scarecrows. Everything started going pear-shaped.



The demise of Trump and Johnson

Fortunately the West began to wake from their thrall and realise they had been lied to and led up the garden path. America wasn’t becoming great and there were no sunlit uplands.  We’d been conned.

Both Trump and Johnson walked off with millions into the sunset and we’re left in the wreckage.



Now, have we got Trump, Johnson, Brexit, MAGA, Erdogan, Oban, Meloni, Le Penn and the rest of the odious right-wing chancers out of our system or are we going to have to wait a bit longer?

Has Islamic extremism burnt itself out? Or are other potential Bin Laden’s stirring up religious hatred?

Can we start putting right the immense damage done by Brexit and MAGA and start building bridges?

Then there is Ukraine!

The Alternative Universe

What if the CIA hadn’t armed Bin Laden and set up al-Qaeda?

What if Bush had not invaded but simply taken out the terrorist camps?

What if……..?

The King Of Sleaze (Lest we forget!)

The King Of Sleaze (Lest we forget!)

Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees.

I’m the king of sleaze.

Never worked in my whole life.

Always cheated on my wife.

Had it on a plate.

Gold spoon in my mouth

Eveything I touch headed south

Ain’t life great?

Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees.

I’m the king of sleaze.

Kicked out of every job

Because I’m a useless knob.

But dad sorts it out.

Lying and making it up

Playing about like a silly pup

What’s it all about?

Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees.

I’m the king of sleaze.

Life’s one great big jolly

Spiffing fun, by golly

I muddle through.

I make it up as I go along

Might get everything wrong

Prancing like a kangaroo.

Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees.

I’m the king of sleaze.

Gold wallpaper and diamond loos

Rumpy Pumpy in the news

They love me.

I may not be the biggest smarty

But I sure know how to party

Everything for free!

Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees.

I’m the king of sleaze.

Opher – 4.9.2022

He’s come from the world of privilege where he was brought up to expect a life of opulence and ease. The world was his playground and that’s how he treated it.

He was fast-tracked into high paying jobs through the back door as daddy pulled a few strings.

He abused every position with laziness and lies. Why work when you can just make it up and wing it? Kicked out of every position for lying.

Life was one big party, booze at £180 a bottle and women on tap. Charmed the knickers off everyone. Sprogs dropped all over the place. Not only incompetent but short on planning or thought. Hadn’t even got the ability to put a condom on.

Even in high office, dealing with country-breaking events, matters of life and death, had the same cavalier attitude (no homework, no thought, no idea) and blustered through.

The results are catastrophic for us – thousands of unnecessary deaths and tens of billions wasted – but he’s bumbled through and is making a killing.

No wonder he’s laughing all the way to the bank – Tee hee hee Tee hee hee hees. I’m the king of sleaze.

In the Land of the Few – A short story

In the Land of the Few

It is Wednesday. I love Wednesdays. On Wednesday we can put the heating on for an hour. It melts the ice on the windows. You can still see your breath though!

I bet I know what we’re having for dinner today; potato stew!! I know that’s what it is because we have it every day. Dad bought a sack of potatoes. We don’t peel them like we used to because Mum says that the skin contains all the goodness.

Mummy is very naughty. She swears a lot. She says naughty things about Liz Truss. I don’t know what she is talking about. Liz Truss is our new Prime Minister. I don’t think mummy likes her. She says she’s worse than Boris. Mummy says she’s a cross between the Ice-Queen and Attila the Hun. I know who the Ice Queen is. She was not nice at all. I don’t know who Attila the Hun is though. Daddy won’t tell me. He says ‘Just ignore her’. It’s hard to ignore her when she swears such a lot.

Daddy says he would like Boris back. Mummy says he’s an effing moron! I thought Boris was funny. I liked it when he got stuck on that zip wire waving those Union Jacks. Mummy said that he should stick those flags where the suns don’t shine. There’s lots of places where the sun doesn’t shine so I don’t really know what she means.

Mummy says that ‘Fat Cat energy bosses getting £15 million bonuses while people freeze is obscene’. Daddy says Boris would have sorted it. Mummy says she doesn’t know what possessed her to marry someone without a single brain cell in his head.

Daddy says that Liz Truss will sort the cost of living crisis. Mummy suggests that killing off half the population through hypo … hypotermites, or starvation is not exactly sorting the problem. Daddy says she’s daft. The Tories know what they are doing. Mummy says she knows what they are doing too. She says they are giving tax cuts and bonuses to the effing rich. They are a bunch of cnuts. I don’t really know what that word means and daddy won’t tell me. I think it’s very bad and that Mummy is very naughty. If she’d said that in school Mrs Iverson would have sent her to the Headmistress. I’m trying hard to remember all these words Mummy says about Liz Truss because Billy thinks I’m really cool when I repeat them to him at break-time.

Anyway, Mummy and Daddy seem to know a lot about politics. Mummy says that it’s Boris Johnson who gives us potato stew but I think it’s Daddy. She doesn’t always get it right.

Mummy and Daddy don’t agree about Boris or Liz Truss. Mum says that if she had to choose between the pair of them and a bucket of shit she’d choose the bucket of shit any day – at least it’s good for the roses.

He Exits in Disgrace and Stupidly makes Comparisons to Roman Tyrant!

Very apt for the greedy, inept buffoon. He mentions Cincinnatus who was a Roman military leader who came out of retirement to lead the Romans in ousting an invasion, as if he is himself looking to come out of this imposed retirement to lead us again. I bloody hope not! We’ll call him next time the country has need for an inveterate liar, a lazy idler, or an incompetent buffoon. Until then he can ruffle up his hair and shamble around his three million pound estate and work on shovelling hay into his loft until he catches up with the likes of Cameron and Osborne.

He forgets to mention that Cincinnatus was considered a virtuous man. The very opposite of the philandering clown who brings dishonour to everything he touches and has lived a life of dishonesty and gluttony.

He maybe has something in common with Cincinnatus though. The man was a prime elitist runt who believed that he had a right to live in luxury while the plebs were kept in their place! – Cincinnatus was an opponent of the rights of the plebeians (the common citizens) who fell into poverty because of his son Caeso Quinctius‘s violent opposition to their desire for a written code of equally enforced laws.

So glad to be rid of this incompetent, dishonourable, liar in chief.


It’s incredible the level of sleaze we’ve become accustomed too under this Tory government.


‘I’ll take £45 million if you please’.

Hello, hello, it’s the return of sleaze!

For the wealthy it’s all good will

Snouts in the trough of Green Swill.

Public servants and the poor can go to hell.

For politicians revolving doors are working well.

Millions for cronies and profiteers

For everyone else it’s a vale of tears.

‘We’re all in it together!’ Was the call,

But the unequal rewards says it all.

Cuts for the teachers and nurses

For chums they open the public purses.

Lining their pockets to stuff offshore,

The mantra of ministers is more! More! More!

Pretending to be all hale and hearty

The jolly Tories are the nasty party!

Opher – 15.4.2021

With Cameron putting pressure on his chums in office to prop up Greensill so that he could make his £45 Million we are getting a mere glimpse of the way things work. The politicians and civil servants have a revolving door out of office into lucrative contracts.

A piece of scum, like George Osborne, runs the exchequer and then, straight away, gets a job with firms telling them how to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes. He makes hundreds of thousands and they avoid paying millions in taxes – effectively robbing the British people.

He directly uses his inside knowledge for personal gain to rob us all!

It’s treasonous!

The politicians and civil servants use their positions to gain contacts in order to feather their own nest later. Running the country is just a stepping stone to huge personal gain.

44 members of Cameron’s cabinet have moved on to lucrative jobs in the very fields they were responsible for.

Since imposing pay cuts for the poor and civil servants, under the lying mantra that ‘We’re all in it together’. People such as Cameron and Osborne have gone to make a fortune – earning millions a year.

Is it really working? To have lunch with people and use your position to put pressure on so you can walk away with £45 million?? Is that what these people call work?

‘All in it together?’ Try telling that to the nurses, teachers and those on welfare who have suffered the cuts for over a decade and are living on scraps.

No wonder they don’t sort out the tax loopholes – they are all using them to stuff their loot abroad.

The whole system is corrupt.

Sleaze, cronyism and criminality is rife!!

Corruption rules OK!!

Alright now! Right where we want to be!

Alright Now!

‘Wallop’ he chortled as he swaggered into the room, hair looking as if he’d just emerged from a wind tunnel, swinging an imaginary bat as if hitting a six. ‘I say, by Jove, did you jolly well see that?? Nailed it! I couldn’t have been more bally contrite if I err errr tried! Ha. I was bally trying!! Yaaah!’ He beamed around at them.

‘Bravura performance!’ Nadine was quick to say, flashing her lashes at him, her face glowing fit to swoon.

‘Yes, excellent,’ Raab agreed less enthusiastically. Everyone else nodded with feigned eagerness. It was proving hard to summon up the required enthusiasm. The smiles looked a trifle forced. The team had been gloomily studying the latest polling. It wasn’t looking good. Six points down with more bad news to come, as the fines and reports worked their way through the system. ‘But, er, I think we’d better discuss tactics. The polls are not looking good.’

Johnson gurned and shrugged. ‘Yaah, who cares about ruddy polls! We’ll, err hmmm, blast them to bally bits!’

‘It is the council elections. This couldn’t have come at a worse time.’

Johnson, seating himself, puffed his cheeks out and looked down at the table as if seeking inspiration. Finally raising his eyes and sighing with an anguished exhalation, ‘Look guys,’ he muttered more soberly, tilting his head on the side, ‘it’s mid-term blues, yeah, that’s all. We’ve got this dang-well nailed down.’

All eyes were fixed on him.

Johnson’s face broke into a big grin. ‘Face it guys, ya, we’re up against Starmer. He’s got as much charisma as a wet rag in a bucket of urine. Couldn’t think up a headline if, err, err, his soggy little brain was on fire! We’ve got two years yet,’ he reminded them. ‘It’s all err hmmmph, coming good.’ They did not look convinced. His eyes roved around the assembled crew. He sighed again.

‘OK, ya, dooh,’ he raised his eyes to the heavens, sighed, showed his palms and shrugged. He could see that the crew needed a boost.

The clownish persona evaporated, morphing into the shrewd, cynical tactician that lurked inside.

‘We’re two years out from an election. All this will pass. The heat has already gone out of it. We have everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. The parties were trivial – the fines on a par with a parking ticket. All will be forgotten. It’s the goldfish syndrome. Let the snowflakes howl, who cares? We don’t need them. As long as our base comes on board – and they will.’

The clownish act had melted away. The delivery was forceful and exact, no hint of the stumbling fool.

Johnson nodded slowly, meeting eyes with them one after another, clasping his hands together, face set.

‘The mid-terms mean nothing. We have a year to make hay and a year to pull the plan together. Right now things are where they need to be. It’s alright now!’

‘But the redwall are jittery,’ Kwasi had the courage to point out; daring to say what the others were thinking.

Johnson leaned back, interlaced his fingers and fixed his piercing blue eyes on Kwarteng’s, like two electric epees. ‘Nobody expected to hang on to those seats,’ he intoned solemnly, finger-tips gently coming together. ‘That was Brexit. Brexit is over. We can afford to shed twenty or thirty seats as long as we hang on to a majority of ten to twenty we’ll be fine.’

‘Naddy,’ he said, turning his attention to Dorries. ‘How’s the plan going?’

Dorries, eager to please, was quick to summarise. ‘BBC board loaded. Already the trouble-makers are jumping ship – Maitlis and co. We’re still going for Channel 4. I’ve had meetings with Gary Jones, Lord Rothermere, Victoria Newton, the Barclay Brothers and John Witherow. We’ve got support from all sides.’ She looked up, wagging her tail like a little puppy dog.

‘He who controls the news controls the minds,’ Johnson stated, drumming his fingers on the table. ‘We’ve been oiling the right channels.’

The mood of the room was warming.

‘Now,’ Johnson said, his voice steely and face stern. ‘Rishi has been sorting out the treasure chest. We’ll have a year of agony and miraculously we will start zooming out of recession. Rishi will splash the cash, the energy crisis and the oil/petrol crisis will simply fade away. Prices will come tumbling down. The cost of living crisis will be a thing of the past. Moggy will highlight all the wonders of Brexit. Govey will at least have a pretence of levelling up. We’ll have made a fortune out of selling arms to Ukraine, long may that cash cow last, and Priti will have shut down the borders by putting the fear of the devil into all those who could end up in those concentration camps in Rwanda.’

He focussed his attention on Rishi who was trying his damnedest to look enthusiastic. Rishi knew that it had been Johnson who had stuck the knife in, using his contacts to reveal his Green Card and Akshata’s Non-Dom status. He’d been well and truly skewered but at least the Rwanda contract was a peace offering. He’d make a few million out of that and he was well-aware that his future depended on Johnson’s success. For now he’d keep his powder dry.

‘The Energy Companies and Oil Companies have never had it so good,’ Rishi grudgingly gushed, playing along with the game. His race was run and he knew it. Johnson was a formidable opponent. ‘They’ll put plenty cash and impetus into our campaign.’

Johnson smiled, re-laced his hands and looked pleased. ‘Add all that to the cash from the Ruskies.’ He sat back in his seat smug as a warlord on the battlefield, surveying the room. His eyes lingered on Javid who looked uncomfortable. He too had that past Green Card hanging over him. ‘Make sure we make inroads into that backlog,’ he said, but the underlying subliminal message was transparent in the expression on his face. Johnson needed him to know.

The secret to an efficient, smooth-running cabinet was to know whose buttons to press and where all the skeletons were.

‘In a year’s time we’ll be riding a wave, see if we won’t. I’ll be the one who got Brexit done, beat covid, mastered the cost of living and helped put Russia back in its box. They’ve got the intelligence of gnats. We’ll have another four years to stuff our faces. I tell you – it’s alright now! We’re exactly where we need to be!’