Poetry – Trump-lite, Trump-bitch

Trump-lite, Trump-bitch

Trump-lite Boris Johnson wants to be Trump’s best bitch.

Sucking up like a lapdog, swallowing every single pitch.

After ten years of tory mayhem of giving free cash to the rich

The lying blusterer needs to crawl away to die in his bloody ditch.

You can’t trust a Tory

You can’t trust a Tory

They just look after their own!

You can’t trust a Tory

You can’t trust a Tory

Wouldn’t give your dog a bone!

They’ve sold the youth clubs, shut the libraries

Sacked the teachers and the nurses too.

They’ve dismissed the coppers, cut the army

And next they’re coming after you!

You can’t trust a Tory

You can’t trust a Tory

They just look after their own!

You can’t trust a Tory

You can’t trust a Tory

Wouldn’t give your dog a bone!

Opher – 4.12.2019

Well we’ve had years of Tory lies and poison pouring forth from the tabloid press. We’ve had Jeremy Corbyn painted as an extremist loony. But it does not wash!

The reality is that for a decade the Tories have been robbing from the poor and giving to the rich – and they think they can get away with it!

The Tories really believe that we are all stupid!

The Quality of Leadership!! We’re on our own!! Chris Riddell.

To be a leader you have to have a goal and direction. You’ve got to be at the front. You have to inspire. You have to make people believe that you know what you are doing. They have to believe in you.

Johnson is no leader.

Half the time he’s invisible – hiding away.

When he is visible he’s usually something daft or safe – like dangling on a zip-line with a union jack up his arse – where he can’t be questioned.

When he talks he needs an autocue or else he blithers and blathers and puts his foot in it. That’s because he’s too lazy to keep on top of things ad just says the first thing that comes to mind.

Right now the NHS is being swamped, the ERG are a bunch of nutcases and Johnson is a comatose ditherer.

Good luck everybody – We’re on our own!!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell.

The Corona Diaries – Day 376

What a weird day. The final day of 2021. Another strange year. It was 16 degrees in Yorkshire!! It’s been colder in Summer!

A year of right-wing populism caused mayhem with its division and nastiness. All that’s in their heads is how to make money at any cost. They undermine experts, ridicule scientists, disparage the news. They spread conspiracy and sow lies. Everything is fake news except their own version of the truth. They seek to stir up hate so that they can divide and rule.

So Covid is a conspiracy.

Global Warming is a contrick.

Vaccines are poison.

The tragic loss of Biodiversity is a nonsense.

Guns are good.

All immigrants are thieving rapists.

Muslims are terrorists.

We have Bolsonaro burning down the Amazon for profit.

Trump opening up national parks for mining, building walls, fracking and supporting oil and coal – for profit.

Johnson getting Brexit done – for profit.

Modi stirring up Hindu extremism – for profit.

Erdogan stirring up Muslim extremism and opposing Kurds – for profit.

Oban stoking hatred against immigrants – for profit.

How much have these Tories and their cronies made out of Covid and Brexit?? Billions!!

Everything is about power and wealth!!

Meanwhile, the pollution is building up, creatures are becoming extinct, the world is heating up, inequality grows, austerity looms and these populist leaders ride off into the sunset with saddlebags loaded with loot.

But, maybe in 2022, the tide will turn and people begin to realise that they’ve been taken for a ride. The division and hatred have created a far worse situation. Brexit is bollocks. The wall was bollocks. Global warming and mass extinctions are real. That these politicians all lied. That Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Oban and Erdogan were evil lying rogues robbing us blind.

Perhaps we’ll turn away from division, hate, walls and isolation and start to think globally or unity, compassion and concern for nature??

I bloody hope so!!

So here’s to hope, love, peace and compassion!! Here’s to a better world!!

Perhaps we can start to elect people who aren’t self-serving psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists??? Who knows??

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our hapless clown is completely hamstrung, dithering about as usual. While Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the rest of Europe all take action as the virus is spiralling out of control, we carry on like headless dodos, pretending that everything is fine!!

The problem is that Johnson is gambling again. He knows his future is in severe jeopardy. His poll ratings are through the floor. Everybody knows he is an incompetent liar. His backbenchers, who saw him as a popular election winner, now see him as a liability. People now see him for the twerp he is. Brexit is a disaster. Covid is a disaster. The self-serving sleaze is now apparent. His bubble has burst. He thinks that by giving us all Christmas and New Year he is doing us a favour and will be popular. He won’t. It was just a bit of stupid populist thinking. We will pay for it big time!! He knows that the rabid loonies of the ERG backbenchers won’t support him. They don’t care about bodies building up. All they care about is making money. Brexit and Covid have been a bonanza for them. Some of them have made millions. They want the economy open at all costs!

Johnson is so weak he’ can do nothing!

So, yesterday it is quite apparent that Covid is well out of control. There were 189,846 new cases with 332 deaths. The hospitals are seeing significant increases with admissions up 66% on last week. With the lag after mixing at Christmas, and the lag after mixing at New Year, the lag between getting the virus, getting ill, needing hospitalisation and then subsequent death, I think we can see a major crisis looming!!

Good old Dithery Boris!! How many has he killed now?? Where’s the leadership?? Why aren’t we being told to follow some basic guidelines on ventilation, distancing and masks??

He’s put all his eggs in the vaccine basket. It worked well for him earlier; I don’t think it’s going to work a second time!!

2022 might just see the end of Boris, Bolsonaro and hopefully some other populist liars!!

Stay Safe!! 2022 gleams with a brighter light!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 375

It’s very mild here for the end of December but it’s been drizzling all day. I stayed in and started editing my Captain Beefheart book again. That requires concentration and application. It’s going to take me a while.

While I’m doing that I’m going to be thinking about my next Sci-fi novel. It’s the sequel to ‘The Pornography Wars’. I have most of my characters and I have the situation that they now find themselves in. All that’s required is a good plot and I can begin working them through to a suitable conclusion. I do enjoy writing creatively, solving problems, creating characters and scenarios, looking at philosophies and combining that with relevance to present-day social situations. It’s fun.

My study is almost back in shape. My music collection has been rearranged, posters up. I need to sell a bit of furniture that’s clogging up the place and then move my work area. Everything will be so much better.

Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. I have no plans. The virus is currently going mad.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our resident clown runs on hunches and hopes, having completely abandoned science. His hunch is that keeping everything ‘normal’ through New Year will make him popular (some hope – everybody now thinks he’s a cretin). His hope is that the virus doesn’t go mad and create a disaster for the NHS. He hopes the Omicron isn’t going to put people in the ICUs.

Perhaps he should have listened to the scientists?? His hunches haven’t proved very good. As probably the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had, I don’t think he is ever going to achieve popularity again. People have had enough of his lies; they’ve seen through his fake optimism and found his promises empty, while he, and his cronies, have been busy profiteering, knee-deep in sleaze.

It’s the end for the shabby plump rich kid.

The scientists have been asking for more stringent measures. Johnson’s hopes that the virus won’t spread and that the ICUs won’t fill to overflowing; that the staff won’t all be off sick and the death-rate start to climb, are all looking shipwrecked. I’m getting an attack of Deja Vu. Haven’t we been here before a number of times?

Let me see – lockdown early and hard to avoid nastiness. Errr – why are we always too late and too soft???

Surely there were simple measures that could have been brought in that would have prevented us reaching another crisis??

Johnson’s not a man for detail or rational thought, is he? The ERG lunatics running the Tory Party are as bad as the Trumpists – extremist nutters!!

So yesterday, there were either 221,000 (government site) or 183,037 (BBC and Sky) new cases with 68 more deaths. The numbers in hospital were going up with 1213 being the new figure. There were 437 admitted yesterday – the highest number since last February.

So Johnson’s hopes flounder. Wrong again!! How many deaths will that make??

The virus is getting out of control. The NHS is preparing Nightingale centres again. There will be more ventilators and deaths.

However, our mighty chump at last made a pronouncement. He said ‘Go out and enjoy New Year!’ He forgot to add ‘And die!!’

He urged people to go and do a lateral flow test before going out. Unfortunately, there are no lateral flow tests available in many areas. The usual Tory government planning and efficiency.

So as the virus surges to unprecedented heights, hospitals are in crisis, the message is – ‘get together and have fun – love me for it.’

The lunatic antivaxxers were out at Milton Keyes. They believe every conspiracy going. Why believe the scientists, experts and doctors when you can believe Ethel from Texas who is sure that the Democrats have a commie plot to put hypnotic agents into the vaccine, and Jonah, from South Carolina, knows that Bill Gates is putting spyware into the vaccine, and Gus from Ohio knows it’s all a hoax. It seems that Ethel, Jonah and Gus, all of whom flunked school, know much more about these things than the professors who have spent their lives studying it.

Talk about the ignorant leading the way.

So the antivaxxers believe they have a right not only to not take the vaccine (and duck their social and personal obligations) but to actively prevent others from having their shots. Why is that? Sounds fascist to me!! They are intimidating hard-pressed NHS staff.

I’d lock ’em all up!!

The ICUs are full of antivaxxers – 90% have not had their boosters. Perhaps they should all sign a disclaimer saying that in the event of covid they should not be treated – and put their actions where their mouths are???

Stay Safe!! I think we’re back in the Dark Ages!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 374

It seems incredible to me that over a year and a half into this pandemic we’re still suffering peak infection!! Things have changed though. We have the vaccines and we have better treatments. The chances of ending up in a hospital are much reduced and the chances of dying are even more reduced, but the levels of infection are higher than ever and thousands are ending up in the hospital and hundreds are dying.

Pandemics make a mockery of nationalism, don’t they?

Viruses are international.

It’s like pollution, crime, climate change, biodiversity, tax evasion, corporate greed, multinationals; they are global problems that can only be dealt with globally.

Covid-19 has made a mockery of nations.

One lesson we should have learnt from all this is that the whole world needs to unify to prevent future pandemics (and deal with this one). We need to put a stop to wet markets. We need to stop the trade in live wild animals. We need to stop butchering wild animals. We need to set up international units to deal with future outbreaks at the source and stop them from spreading. We need to pour money into vaccine research and antivirals. We need to open up, cooperate and act globally.

Of course, we won’t.

There’s far too much greed, self-interest and lust for power. It’s just a dream some of us had.

Today I have been sorting posters, phoning friends, writing a short story and sorting my room. Tomorrow I start writing properly again. It’s been good to have a week’s break. It’s given me a renewed appetite.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our muppet is still in the doldrums. His personal ratings have nosedived. He’s now a major liability. People see him as a floundering liar. You can see that his bubble has burst. The Tories are now 7-9% behind Labour. I still can’t believe it’s taken people this long to see through the blithering overgrown public schoolboy. Sunny uplands, no tariffs, no borders, no red tape, world-beating global Britain levelling up. All bollocks – unless you’re a Tory or one of their cronies. The reality is that they’ve been plundering. They’ve been handing out untendered contracts, lobbying and taking on lucrative second jobs, sorting out future lucrative posts and generally looking after themselves. They’ve got away with murder. Treated us like fools.

They’ll walk away after messing up the country and live in luxury.

All hot air, lies and bluster.

I just hope that this is the end of the Tory Party. People forget. They used to be called the Nasty Party. They haven’t changed just because they put a populist, jolly clown in charge. We all know that behind a clown’s mask lurks a devious character. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was competent.

It’s all by the seat of his pants, off the cuff, promises, soundbites and guff.

So, yesterday there was another record 129,000 cases with just 18 deaths. I’m taking that with a pinch of salt. There’s been confusion over the holiday period. I don’t think the recording is accurate.

In our area infection is up 33%.

Hospital cases are up 8.2% with 1,171. They now have 10,462 cases – which is 2000 more than last week.

We haven’t yet felt the effects of Christmas and we’ve New Year still to come.

Lockdown quick and hard the scientists said. Let the people party Johnson said; it makes me more popular.

My backbenchers now rule – and they’re all nutcases.

I’m still not sure how nasty Omicron will prove to be. 90% of all cases are now Omicron. Does it evade vaccines? Does it provide immunity against other variants? Is it mild? I guess we’ll know by next week.

Johnson is a gambler.

Stay safe!! We’re in the hands of a populist clown.