Poetry – A Vacuum of Integrity

A Vacuum of Integrity

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Economy with the truth

                Not too strong on facts.

Too lazy to gather the proof.

                Feeding soundbites to hacks.

Courting popularity: playing the clown.

                Always the dappy buffoon.

A laugh: never brings you down.

                Really a hapless goon.

When it comes to running the country

                He hasn’t got a clue.

Dithering, bumbling, lost at sea

                He doesn’t know what to do.

A vacuum of integrity

Within a cesspit of sleaze.

A whirlwind of immorality

Decadence by degrees.

Opher – 25.4.2021

It was Dominic Grieve who said Johnson was a vacuum of integrity. That just about sums it up.

He’ll do anything to gain power, cling on to power or make his case. Lies, prevarications, dishonesty.

It is a cesspit of corruption.

Johnson is undoubtedly a leader. He has charisma. He gets people to believe and follow. The trouble is that he’s blindly leading everyone into the valley of death.

Boris Johnson – Lies and Corruption?? Does he need locking up??

After having done such incredible damage to the country, cost us countless billions, imposed a decade of austerity, given billions away to his friends, continually lied and been totally lazy and inept – should he be held to account???

Why are people suddenly so accepting of political sleaze and corruption?

Thanks John Peachey!

Boris Johnson, Lies and Northern Ireland

What was it?

There will be no borders in Northern Ireland.

“There will not be checks, and I speak as the prime minister of the United Kingdom, and a passionate unionist. There will not be checks on goods going from Northern Ireland to Great Britain because we’re the government of the United Kingdom and we will not institute or implement or enact such checks,” he said.

“The idea that Tayto crisps from Tandragee are going to be vetted by some process is just nonsense.”

“There will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind. You will have unfettered access.”

In answer to a question from an exporter about whether his business would have to complete extra forms, Johnson said: “You will absolutely not.”

He recommended that if any business is asked to fill in such paperwork, they should telephone the prime minister “and I will direct them to throw that form in the bin”.

He either did not understand the nature of deal he was signing or he was lying!!!

There is a border.

There are checks.

There is a mound of Red Tape.

Boris Johnson’s continuing Lying.

This came through from John Peachy and makes for interesting listening. At one point in time a politician who was caught out lying instantly resigned. Not anymore.

Trump set a new standard for lying and Boris Johnson is not far behind.

One reason that people no longer trust politicians is that they just accept that they lie. Whether it’s £350 million a week on the side of a bus or ‘over-ready’ deals, we just accept that they lied. The difference is that nobody is ever accountable, they just brazenly carry on and keep repeating the lies and nobody seems to care.

What is wrong with people? Do we now just expect our politicians to be lying bastards?

‘Interestingly, your ‘Core Value 3 – Tolerance’ led me to an interview with Peter Oborne. (Ex Telegraph and ex Brexiteer).’
Peter Oborne: The Scale of Boris Johnson’s Lying is UNPRECEDENTED! – YouTube
Which reminded me of the recent article from Jon Henley on the summery of UK and Johnson by Sylvie Bermann, ex French Ambassador. (Update of the previous piece by Patrick Wintour).
‘Lying is no longer a sin’: former French ambassador on Brexit and Boris Johnson | Brexit | The Guardian

Thanks Joh n Peachy.

Dialogue between Boris Johnson and Dan Rosenfield

‘Now then PM,’ Dan grinned, ‘time to take stock.’

‘Arf Arf, right you are, err err.’

‘Hancock’s releasing the white paper on the reorganization of the NHS. We have to make sure we put a positive spin on it and keep the attention off covid and Brexit.’

‘Fish-hooks, gazooks. err arff, you’re not wrong there Dan. Bally disaster, err.’

‘Quite.’ Dan shrugged. ‘It’s OK, nobody seems to have noticed.’

‘Bally lorries parked up, eerrr, arf, parked up all over. Firms going arf err bust, people winging yaah.’

‘Yes, yes,’ Dan nodded with a smirk. ‘But they’re not blaming it on you, are they? They think it’s covid and the EU causing the problems, don’t they? We’re still two points up in the polls! Just keep telling them it’s teething problems. It’ll settle. A bumpy take-off.’

‘Easy for you to say Dan arf arf. Those blighters want my balls!’

‘Yes, well,’ Dan handed the sheet of paper across the table. It was all simplified into ten bullet points. That was the maximum Boris could be relied on to read and probably more than he could take in. ‘A bit of a deflection from reality.’ He chuckled.

‘Err arf yaa, I don’t know Dan,’ Boris looked aghast. ‘with err 115,000 deaths arf. It’s er, er, getting damn hard to deflect. Bally worst in the world! Jolly hard to arf arf deflect that!’

‘I keep telling you,’ Dan replied with a frown and exasperated shrug, ’13 million vaccinated and the curves coming right down. It’s all looking rosy. You can’t compare countries. They use different stats. They lie. Nobody saw this coming. Nobody could do it better. We’re straining every sinew. Just keep repeating it. It’s going in. I hear people saying it. Two points up in the polls!’

‘Gosh, by Jove, err, err, you cheer me err up Dan, arf. What would I do, err err, with err out you?’

Dan said nothing.

‘Are you, are you err sure, that this um um change is right in the err midst of a err err bally pandemic?’

Dan raised his eyes and sighed. ‘We’ve been over this Boris. We need to take their minds off the Brexit chaos and the covid mess. Be positive. We are seizing the opportunity to make the NHS a lot better. Now,’ he waved the white sheet of paper, ‘Hancock’s coming out with the details. As much as he needs to tell the bastards,’ he muttered under his breath.

‘Bu,but, but, arf arf, isn’t this just undoing all the er, bloody things we brought in ten, err arf, years ago?’

‘ Boris,’ Dan said with a shake of his head. ‘That’s ten years ago. That’s a different world. Cameron and Langley were nincompoops. Nobody remembers that far back. They won’t associate it with a Tory government. We’re safe. We’re fixing glaring errors.’

‘But err err hell Dan. Those reorganisations cost billions and aaahh ah caused chaos. Won’t um um these ones err ummm cost us a bally fortune?’

Dan threw up his hands and looked shocked. ‘Whatever you do don’t say that! We are streamlining, we are connecting, we are joining up.’ He looked imploringly at Boris. ‘Look at the sheet man. We’re linking care and health into a single organisation. We’re making them accountable to government.’ He tapped the paper with his finger. ‘Read it man. We’re cutting red tape. It all makes sense. It’ll save money.’

‘Yes by jove, yes,’ Boris said eagerly, scanning the sheet without taking a word in. ‘But, err, err, what ummm what if the blighters daa umm start umm asking about err the 110,000 vacancies arf arf and the errm nurses and er doctors that err we’ve ummm driven out err with Brexit??’

Dan looked weary. ‘We’re putting more money in. We’re supporting our loyal nurses and doctors. They’re doing a gallant job. Salt of the earth. We’re training up proper British doctors. We’re doing all we can. National emergency.’

‘But ummm, everyone knows errr umm, we’ve cut the NHS to the bone and all the bally nurses are using food banks.’

Dan shook his head. ‘No, they don’t know that at all.’

‘And Brexit is erm erm like a huge err brain drain.’

‘No,’ Dan said firmly. ‘We all support our nurses and doctors. That’s why we’re doing this. We’re making their jobs easier and cutting red tape.’

‘But Brexit has caused, errr erm bloody mountains of red tape!’

‘We don’t say that do we? Massive opportunities. Strength to strength. Bright future!! DO NOT MENTION RED TAPE, LORRY QUEUES, JOB LOSSES OR FIRMS MOVING ABROAD!’ He looked exasperated and was actually thumping the table.

Boris looked chastened. ‘Couldn’t err, we err just arf arf, give them a pay rise?’ He asked pathetically.

‘Don’t be daft,’ Dan said angrily. ‘They’re not any of ours.’

Hapless Boris Johnson Cartoon!

Thanks John Peachey.

As the bodies pile up (very soon a 100,000) and the floods drive people out of their homes our clown of a PM celebrates the fact that his dire Brexit hasn’t driven everyone away. Nissan is still here! We’ll soon see how many other firms have been bowled over by Brexit.

What a sorry story of incompetence. Not exactly a world-beating performance (unless you’re counting bodies or looking for the worst hit economy).