Happy Families!! 12 Years of an abusive relationship!

Welcome to the sunny uplands!!


Let’s Get Brexit Done (away with!) before it wrecks the country completely!! I signed!

Zoe Williams’ piece on the anti-Brexit mood taking hold in the country was nicely optimistic (Most Britons now think Brexit was a bad idea – the government just hasn’t caught up yet, 21 November). But still the petition to parliament to rejoin the EU is only at a miserable 14,167 as I write this. Where are these people who want rejoin the EU? My guess is that they’re simply not aware that there’s a petition. Could the Guardian highlight this with a campaign perhaps?

Where are the thousands who marched in October? Where are the Liberal Democrats? They must have more than 14,167 members alone. Where are the young, the city dwellers, anybody and everybody who wants us to finish this mad Brexit experiment? This petition should be in the millions, shouldn’t it? C’mon, let’s do this thing, let’s reverse it.
Nye Gibbons

Tory Greed – Green Swill – snouts in the trough.

Does anyone deserve £45 million for pressuring their mates into giving preference to a company?

Tory corruption has always been there. It’s ongoing. If we had a free press, and not one owned by Tories, we’d know a lot more about it.

They’d sell their granny!!