Poetry – Democracy/Autocracy


There’s a battle going down

                For the best way to control us.

To brainwash us through the media

                Or throw us off the bus.



                                But with

                                                Checks and laws.



                                And control

                                                With vicious claws.

At least in democracy

                We have some say.

In a totalitarian country

                There’s no way.


                Secret Police

                                The despot’s tools.


                Of speech

                                In streets and schools.

If only we had true democracy

                With an unbiased media

And no politician’s lies,

                No spin, no tricks

No self-serving fools

                Or clowns in populist guise.

Until then we’ll just make do.

We can vote them out and renew.

Opher – 21.3.2022

There’s a battle between democracies and autocracies!

Democracies are bad enough – what with spin and lies, propaganda and brainwashing, the population is pulled from pillar to post by the shady characters behind the scene. What with lobbying, corruption, threats and bungs our political system is despicable.

But is I have to choose between this and the brutal repression and loathsome secret police I know which is the lesser of two evils.

Tory Greed – Green Swill – snouts in the trough.

Does anyone deserve £45 million for pressuring their mates into giving preference to a company?

Tory corruption has always been there. It’s ongoing. If we had a free press, and not one owned by Tories, we’d know a lot more about it.

They’d sell their granny!!

Cameron and Green Swill

Doesn’t this whole episode leave you disturbed??

Cameron stood to make £45 million from Greensill.

He, like Osborne, has his fingers in a large number of pies and is pulling in millions for doing very little.

These were the pair that dreamed up the phrase ‘We’re all in it together’. That was the excuse to cut all the public services, hammer the poor and create a decade of austerity and misery for ordinary people.

Clearly Cameron and Osborne (along with 44 of their cabinet ministers who have stepped into lucrative jobs in companies related to the areas they presided over) are not in it together with us.

We are into another round of cuts and austerity for the public servants and poor. But it is quite clear that this does not extend to those at the top or Tory politicians. The revolving door means that politicians can simply move on into multimillion pound jobs helping firms evade tax or their responsibilities using the inside knowledge and contacts they left with.

Isn’t this the very definition of corruption?

Does anyone ‘earn’ £45 million? Or is this just corrupt reward for using his contacts to gain billions for the firm he is working for??

Osborne made millions by explaining to companies how they could avoid paying tens of millions in income tax. He divulged information about tax loopholes. Isn’t that treason? He actually robbed the British people of millions.

A while ago we were locking up MPs for fiddling a few thousand out of expenses and were up in arms about it.

Surely this is much worse??? These people are corrupt and immoral!!

The revolving door of politics into the world of unlimited wealth needs blocking up.

It won’t happen though, will it? Not while Johnson and his cronies have their eyes fixed firmly on those green pastures of plenty!

Greensill = Green Swill. It’s the tip of a very large corrupt ice-berg.

Now watch Johnson and the cover up.