Happy New Year from the self-serving liar who couldn’t care less!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell!! Happy New Year to you!!

Maybe 2022 is the year we finally dump these sleazy Tory extremists!! The ERG is as obnoxious a bunch of profiteers as we’ve ever seen. Led by the most inept of populist clowns!!


Boris Lies on the M25

I think that the sleaze, lies and ineptitude has finally broken through. People are changing their view of fun-loving Boris. They are waking up to the lying chancer he really is. He’s a typical entitled Tory profiteering conman.

John Peachy sent me this through. It was taken on the M25 today.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when and who.

The Two-Faced liar. Whiny and Cheesy.

The hybrid of a clown, scarecrow and Billy Bunter continues to rule. I can’t believe anybody believed a word he said!

He’s lied about Brexit with its sunny uplands.

He’s lied about Covid with its world-beating track and trace.

He’s lied about wallpaper, parties, donors, the NHS, Care……………

When he doesn’t like something he simply ignores the rules and laws and does what he wants. That includes breaking international laws and lying to the Queen and the people.

He says the first thing that comes into his head.

He’s been overseeing the sleaziest government we’ve ever had.

Every time he’s caught out he looks around for a scapegoat!

Does he really believe that making himself look like a twat is making him popular??

We have a serious drug problem. Prohibition is not the answer – and having a clown pushing a stupid new initiative designed to deflect from their sleaze and incompetence does nothing to deal with the problem.

The drug lords are laughing.

Poetry – Crisis



We’re in a crisis!

Rising prices,

Rising seas,

Falling trees!


We’re in a crisis!

                Spinning dices,

                                Spinning truth,

                                                Denying proof!


We’re in a crisis!

Opher – 27.9.2019

Has the world ever been in as big a crisis as this? We have the rise of right-wing politics spawning white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. We have populist leaders spreading fake news and undermining all our experts. We have a climate catastrophe and mass extinction.

I hope it sorts itself out soon.

David Cameron – A Blue Plaque – He sold his country for personal gain! The Tory way!!

The incompetent twat allowed the ERG extremists to take over his party, allowed the country to be divided and broken by Brexit and then buggered off leaving us with an incompetent clown in charge and everything in a mess.

I’m not sure he deserves a blue plaque, let alone his multimillion income. I’d lock him in the Tower for life!!

Boris Johnson Fighting Sleaze

How do you fight sleaze? As every populist knows you look for scapegoats, the French are handy, but there are always refugees, you summon up racist images and panda to the most obnoxious. Deflect attention from the blatant sleaze onto other topics. Talk shit.

It worked for Trump and Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi and Erdogan. It is working for Johnson.

They are getting away with murder and will walk away rich beyond belief.