‘I’m the fucking king around here and I’m going to do what I want.’ Bring your own Booze!!

I can’t stand Cummings but…………..

As he said: getting rid of the inept liar is – “sort of like fixing the drains”.

Dominic Cummings has said it is his “duty to get rid” of Boris Johnson as prime minister, describing it as “sort of like fixing the drains”.

Cummings revealed one of the most damaging No 10 lockdown gatherings, where Reynolds had emailed staff inviting them to drinks in the garden and to “bring your own booze”. Cummings has said Johnson was warned about the gathering, which the prime minister has admitted to attending but claims to have thought it was a work event.

The former adviser told New York magazine Johnson was driven entirely by what would be in the papers the next day. “In January 2020 I was sitting in No 10 with Boris and the complete fuckwit is just babbling on about: ‘Will Big Ben bong for Brexit on 31 January?’” he said.

Asked if it was fair that he was mounting a campaign to remove his former boss, Cummings said: “What’s fairness got to do with anything? It’s politics. All this is not fair. The fact that someone wins an election doesn’t mean that they should just stay there for years, right? If you’ve got a duffer, if you think someone can’t do the job, or is unfit for the job.

“You know, as he said to me: ‘I’m the fucking king around here and I’m going to do what I want.’ That’s not OK. He’s not the king. He can’t do what he wants. Once you realise someone is operating like that then your duty is to get rid of them, not to just prop them up.”

Cummings also told the magazine Johnson acted as if considering “what would a Roman emperor do? So, the only thing he was really interested in – genuinely excited about – was, like, looking at maps. Where could he order the building of things?”

Cummings said Johnson fantasised about “monuments to him in an Augustine fashion”.

Oooops!!! Who would have thought that lies could get you in so much trouble!!

Lying to the public!


Lying to Parliament.


Lying to his ex-wife.


Lying to the Queen.


Dealing out illegal contracts to chums.


Lying in all his previous jobs.


Holding illegal gatherings.


Being useless.


Mishandling Brexit.


Mishandling Covid.


Boris Lies on the M25

I think that the sleaze, lies and ineptitude has finally broken through. People are changing their view of fun-loving Boris. They are waking up to the lying chancer he really is. He’s a typical entitled Tory profiteering conman.

John Peachy sent me this through. It was taken on the M25 today.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when and who.