What are you Going to do Johnson? Caught out lying and lawbreaking!!

He’s already had one fine for lawbreaking. There are probably more to come!!

Once the MET have completed their enquiries the full Sue Gray report will be released. It will document the entire gamut of law-breaking parties, bring your own bottle, fancy dress, quizzes and boozy law breaking endorsed by Johnson and his arrogant populist liars.

Will he ever act like an honourable man or simply brazen it out once again?

Can government ever get any lower than this? Incompetence, lies, soundbites, arrogance and lawbreaking.

When are the media going to stop pretending to be unbiased and start to call him out!

We have an utterly dishonourable, lying, lawbreaking clown as a leader! He needs booting out!!

The Big Distraction to Save the Big Dog!! Throw the Dead Cat on the Table!!

It was what Boris Johnson said – when you are losing an argument throw a dead cat on the table. It makes everybody forget. He uses the same tactics to distract from what he is doing.

Incompetent government lies and lawbreaking are glossed over with distraction after distraction.

The Tories are lying gits. Now they are trying to cover up their parties and lawbreaking by saying Keir Starmer did the same!

The Overprivileged Party are kicking their leader into the hell of scrutiny and accountability!

Scrutiny and accountability – the very two things Johnson has been hiding in fridges to avoid. For two years he has successfully avoided taking responsibility for his lies and incompetence. He has simply hidden away until the heat has dissipated or created diversions.

Labour surges ahead as Tory Lies and Corruption undermine democracy.

The council elections loom on Nov 5th (sure to be fireworks) as the government drags democracy and honour into the gutter. Trust has evaporated in all except the most ardently brainwashed.

Despite Starmer’s lack of charisma and the way he has hauled the party into the middle of the road to become watered-down Tories, Labour is now 6 points clear.

I receive the news with mixed emotions. Just about anything, short of the Ku Klux Klan, is an improvement on what must go down as the most inept, corrupt and dishonest government we have ever had. Even Starmer feels like a ray of hope.

Nails in the Coffin of the UK!

Lies on Brexit!

A terrible Brexit Deal.

Extreme Nationalist Populists take over the Tory Party.

An incompetent lying Clown is made Prime Minister.

A loss of trade.

Terrible Covid response – unprepared, too late, too early, panic and illegal tendering. Tens of thousands of needless deaths.


Controlling the media.

Suppressing protest.

Pumping out propaganda.

Lying about care.

Decimation of public services.

Raising taxes.

Raising National Insurance.

Cost of living crisis.

Rising prices.

Energy crisis.

Fuel prices.

Failure to lead.

Hammering the poor – food banks and poverty.

More lying.

Partygate lies and arrogance.

Sleaze and corruption.

Illegal tendering.

Illegal lobbying.

Cash for meetings.

Cash for tennis.

Russian donors.

Russian Peerage.

Cash for honours.

Second jobs scandal.

Billions wasted on useless app and Track and Trace (£37 billion!)

Donors – wallpaper, holidays, banquets, wine……….

Revolving door.

Johnson in the Last Ditch

The Tory Party is pulling itself apart. Johnson is leading them down his last ditch.

He tells us that he is tightening everything up. Ha Ha. He can’t! This man simply doesn’t possess the ability or skill to lead and manage. He never has and never will. The only thing he had going for him was his popularity. Ordinary people liked his clownish personality.

You don’t really want a clown leading you to battle with a cry of ‘Tally Ho’. You want someone who has thought all the tactics and strategy through, has a plan that might work and the ability to lead.

What we have with Johnson is a court jester charging recklessly into the valley of death on a wing and a prayer. That’s his approach. Nothing is ever thought through.

He makes these soundbite announcements with no idea on how to make them work.

Long may he reign! The further down that ditch he leads the Tories the more damage he does to the Tories. I want rid of the whole bunch of these greedy, selfish, arrogant profiteers.

The system that put a corrupt liar in charge has to change!

Under the present system of government – first past the post – it is always a choice between two parties. One has to choose the lesser of two evils.

Keir Starmer is not my choice for either leading Labour or being Prime Minister.

But when compared to Boris Johnson the matter is stark

I believed Boris Johnson to be an utterly incompetent lying chancer. He is completely unfit to run a chip shop.

Keir Starmer is a watered down Tory but he is a thousand times better than Johnson.

We need to change the system to one of proportional representation so that we can get some integrity back into the system.

There is something incredibly wrong with a system that puts such a deeply flawed individual like Boris Johnson in charge. It has opened the door to sleaze, corruption and greed.

The Stench of Extreme Nationalism.

The extreme ERG has always flirted with fascism. Their xenophobia, outright racism and nationalism is repulsive. They are relics of a by-gone age – the age that put up statues that we want to pull down. Their nastiness is only exceeded by their corrupt greed. They arrogantly think they are a law to themselves.

The stench covers the land.

Boris is a Leader

Boris is a Leader

Leadership and management

A useful combination.

A leader can point towards a far off place

That is full of danger;

Arouse a crowd to fury,

Inspire them to follow,

And lead them off in haste

To struggle through swamps,

And poisonous terrain;

To starve, weaken and despair,

On their way to disaster.

A manager studies the destination,

Addresses the map,

Sorts the route,

Calculates distance and time,

Collects provisions,

Organises transport

And enables everyone to arrive

Properly equipped.

Even if he could not get many people to follow.

Boris is a leader.


Why is it that we are always in thrall to nincompoops who lead us into disaster? Did we learn nothing from the charge of the Light Brigade?

What is required is a combination of the two. Seemingly that is an exceedingly rare commodity.

The lust for power propels the megalomaniacs to dupe us all the time with their rousing speeches and lack of substance!!

I fear the country lurches to disaster!