Tory Party Sinks in the Turmoil of Greed, Sleaze, Incompetence and Corruption.

Sleazy sex with tractors and bums, corruption with Russian money, wallpaper and handouts to chums. Incompetence with Billions wasted on useless PPE, handouts to donors, stupid hand-outs to Landlords and unregistered companies. Lies about Brexit. Lies about Care Homes, Lies about Partygate. Overprivileged entitlement and arrogance. Lining their own pockets with millions while imposing wage cuts and austerity. Refusing to tax the profiteering companies but rather take money off the poor. Excusing multimillion pound bonuses and multibillion pound outrageous profits for oil companies, water companies, and power companies.

Destroying public services.

Refusing to sort the strikes!

Exploiting workers to give to the rich! Zero hours and poverty wages.

They deserve to sink out of sight!!

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