The Queen’s Speech – King Boris!

Seems that the Queen couldn’t bring herself to read Johnson’s lies!

Labour surges ahead as Tory Lies and Corruption undermine democracy.

The council elections loom on Nov 5th (sure to be fireworks) as the government drags democracy and honour into the gutter. Trust has evaporated in all except the most ardently brainwashed.

Despite Starmer’s lack of charisma and the way he has hauled the party into the middle of the road to become watered-down Tories, Labour is now 6 points clear.

I receive the news with mixed emotions. Just about anything, short of the Ku Klux Klan, is an improvement on what must go down as the most inept, corrupt and dishonest government we have ever had. Even Starmer feels like a ray of hope.

The Corona Diaries – Day 756

Gorgeous day today. The sun is hot!! Took grandchildren to play hockey!!

Played a bit of Elvis Costello!! Great album – ‘Armed Forces’.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our shambling clown is trying to consolidate his precarious position by pretending to be a world leader. He’s off cosying up to despots and tyrants in an attempt to get them to deliver more oil and gas. Forget about civil rights, murders and draconian oppression, forget about the murder of gays and the environment – there’s money to be made and his job to protect.

First rule of Boris Johnson is to go somewhere where he can avoid being questioned or scrutinised. If there’s no handy fridge he high-tails it abroad. When pretending to be a competent world-leader he still has to ruffle his hair up so that the British fools who support him still think he’s one of theirs.

Second rule of Boris Johnson is to find a suitable costume to dress up in so that he can pose and deliver nonsensical soundbites.

Third rule of Boris Johnson is to avoid appearing anywhere where the media can ask him difficult questions – like ‘Why is he such a stupid twat?’ or ‘Why does he lie so much?’ or ‘Why does he have to shamble around looking like a scarecrow?’ or ‘Is he going to resign for breaking the law and lying to the Queen and Parliament?’ or ‘How much did the Russians pay him and his Party?’ or ‘How much has he made out of being PM?’ or ‘Is he planning on redecorating soon?’ or ‘Did he ring Cressida Dick?’ or ‘Why is it now OK for his MPs to be spending their time lobbying and earning fortunes instead of governing the country?’ or ‘How is he getting away with such dishonesty, immorality, sleaze and corruption?’

Not that he has to worry too much. The media are all Tory owned (or, like the BBC, Tory controlled) even the most horrendous examples of lies and corruption are hardly dealt with at all. They are rapidly swept under the carpet and forgotten. All a five minute wonder. Most things – like the enormous costs of Brexit, the deaths and inept handling of Covid, the Russian infiltration and funding, the sleaze and law-breaking, the huge personal gains for Brexit and from covid, the illegal VIP lanes for contracts, the cash for peerages or audiences, are hardly mentioned at all. These Tories have been getting away with murder.

The Tories have been using office as a means of making themselves obscenely rich (as if they weren’t already). Then we have the unnecessary austerity, the huge poverty and deprivation, rough sleepers and food banks, starving children and freezing pensioners.

How gullible we are!!

Then there’s the non-existent pandemic. Covid-19 is doing a great job for Johnson and the Tories. They successfully used it to disguise the disastrous Brexit deal that is costing us £37 billion a year and has wrecked all the freedoms we had as well as scuppering the cooperation projects. It is now helping to keep Boris Johnson in post as they mistakenly remove all restrictions and pretend the pandemic is over in order to save the Big Dog Turd.

However, one wonders how long this can continue. The new variants are springing up and causing problems. The Omicron BA.2 variant is proving much more infectious. The Deltacron variant is a little unknown as of yet. What is emerging is that past infections of Delta do not give immunity against Omicron. They are very different viruses. The other thing is that immunity from either infection or vaccination is short-lived – around three months for most people. That means that we’re destined to get it again and again with further attrition of our brains, memories, cognitive skills and hearts. I’m not sure what the long-term effects might be.

This was interesting:

So, as the R-rate climbs more over seventies get the illness, hospital cases are up 18% last week and more and more people become ill it’s a question of where are we going?

An endless round of 3 monthly vaccinations?

An improved medicine and treatment?

A very mild variant?

Another lockdown?

The virus to mysteriously disappear?

We’ll see!

The Russian Connection!!

Just how far has Russia insinuated itself into British Politics?? How big a hold do they have over the economy and the Tory Party?

Why were so few oligarchs targeted and so much warning given?

How much has been paid to the Tory Party by Russians?

How involved were the Russians in Brexit and the elections of Trump and Johnson?

How much Russian funding did Farage and the Brexit Party receive?

Government incompetence and sleaze.

Billions wasted on untendered PPE contracts

Billions wasted on government handouts to firms.

Billions wasted on useless apps

Billions wasted on useless Track and Trace

Billions in tax breaks to bankers

Billions in tax loopholes to the Cayman Islands

Billions in second jobs, cash for peerages, lobbying and sleaze

Millions for refurbishment, wallpaper, holidays, trips in jets, lunches……….

Everywhere you look it’s sleaze and corruption from a bunch of profiteers.

Poetry – Trust Me!!

Trust Me!!

Trust me!!

                I’ll fix it!!

                                You can take my word.

I knew nothing,


                                That would be absurd.

I got Brexit done!

                I beat covid!

                                I’m so great!

Who would have thought

                That parties

                                Would seal my fate.

Every liar


His Waterloo.

The police

                Are investigating.

                                They think I’m through.

But I’m

                A slippery

                                Piece of shit.

I’ll fool everyone;

                I’ll get

                                Away with it!

Opher – 31.1.2022

Boris Johnson leads a charmed life. He breaks laws, he breaks rules, he lies and lines his own pockets. He makes a mess of everything he does, is utterly useless and a cheat to boot. He’s an arrogant slovenly slob. He deliberately ruffles up his hair because it’s an image that fools like. Yet people forgive him everything and vote for him.

He paints a false picture and people swallow it.

Brexit is a disaster.

We have the worst record on Covid in Europe and it hasn’t gone away.

He’s wrecked our public services.

He’s taken sleaze and corruption to a new level.

He’s responsible for huge price rises, tax hikes and inflation.

It’s blither, bluster and blunder.

When there’s a crisis he hides.

When there’s a photo op he’s in high vis.

Yet many people still make excuses for this self-serving, arrogant, imbecile!