The Death Throes of the Monster that has Broken Britain!

Thirteen years of cuts, exploitation, sleaze,corruption, nepotism and bad government!!

Tory Party Sinks in the Turmoil of Greed, Sleaze, Incompetence and Corruption.

Sleazy sex with tractors and bums, corruption with Russian money, wallpaper and handouts to chums. Incompetence with Billions wasted on useless PPE, handouts to donors, stupid hand-outs to Landlords and unregistered companies. Lies about Brexit. Lies about Care Homes, Lies about Partygate. Overprivileged entitlement and arrogance. Lining their own pockets with millions while imposing wage cuts and austerity. Refusing to tax the profiteering companies but rather take money off the poor. Excusing multimillion pound bonuses and multibillion pound outrageous profits for oil companies, water companies, and power companies.

Destroying public services.

Refusing to sort the strikes!

Exploiting workers to give to the rich! Zero hours and poverty wages.

They deserve to sink out of sight!!

Will the May Polls (No pun intended) put an end to the Sunak come-back?

The Tory propaganda machine has been in full swing. They are telling the punters about his safe hands and righting the ship. They don’t mention the thirteen years of cuts, austerity and hand-outs to the wealthy; the don’t mention thirteen years of incompetence, sleaze and corruption.

We’ll see if the electorate has woken up!

Tis the Winter of Our Discontent made Inglorious by this Tory Sleaze!

After twelve years of Tory Cuts, Sleaze and Corrupt the country is on its knees. Public services are crumbling, worker’s pay doesn’t bring in a living wage and people are getting sick to the teeth of these multimillion pound handouts to Tory chums.

This bunch of Tories must be the most corrupt we have ever had!!

Cameron, Osborne and Johnson have used their positions to make fortunes for themselves while doshing out poverty to the rest of us, lining the pockets of their friends and literally breaking the country in the process.

Is there anybody who isn’t on strike? They’ve broken the:

Postal Service


Ambulance service


Local Government

The rail network




Haulage companies





Small businesses

The Financial sector

Is there anything working in Britain outside of the Tory VIP lane??

So here we are talking about cuts and tax rises to the tune of £40 billion when these Tories have Splaffed three times that amount up the wall!!

Tax rises and public service cuts really hurt ordinary people!! They are trying to tell us that it’s due to global events out of our control but it isn’t! It’s due to Brexit and a mismanagement of Covid. They’ve wasted billions – giving it away to their chums, wasting it!! Then there’s Brexit which has broken the economy, put prices up substantially and has cost us an arm and leg – now they’re going for the kidneys!! Brexit has already cost us a £100 billion!! So much for those lies about Brexit dividends, imaginary trade deals and sunny uplands. Where’s the accountability?? Why aren’t these robbers and thieves locked up?? Why is yet another of those lying Brexiteers, who have so damaged this country, now the PM – to feather his nest even more?

When are we going to get some sense back and get ourselves back in the SINGLE MARKET????

The cost of voting Tory is destroying this country!! These aren’t really Tories at all – they’re a bunch of populist profiteers who have kicked the true Tories out! (And the true Tories were bad enough!!)


It’s incredible the level of sleaze we’ve become accustomed too under this Tory government.


‘I’ll take £45 million if you please’.

Hello, hello, it’s the return of sleaze!

For the wealthy it’s all good will

Snouts in the trough of Green Swill.

Public servants and the poor can go to hell.

For politicians revolving doors are working well.

Millions for cronies and profiteers

For everyone else it’s a vale of tears.

‘We’re all in it together!’ Was the call,

But the unequal rewards says it all.

Cuts for the teachers and nurses

For chums they open the public purses.

Lining their pockets to stuff offshore,

The mantra of ministers is more! More! More!

Pretending to be all hale and hearty

The jolly Tories are the nasty party!

Opher – 15.4.2021

With Cameron putting pressure on his chums in office to prop up Greensill so that he could make his £45 Million we are getting a mere glimpse of the way things work. The politicians and civil servants have a revolving door out of office into lucrative contracts.

A piece of scum, like George Osborne, runs the exchequer and then, straight away, gets a job with firms telling them how to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes. He makes hundreds of thousands and they avoid paying millions in taxes – effectively robbing the British people.

He directly uses his inside knowledge for personal gain to rob us all!

It’s treasonous!

The politicians and civil servants use their positions to gain contacts in order to feather their own nest later. Running the country is just a stepping stone to huge personal gain.

44 members of Cameron’s cabinet have moved on to lucrative jobs in the very fields they were responsible for.

Since imposing pay cuts for the poor and civil servants, under the lying mantra that ‘We’re all in it together’. People such as Cameron and Osborne have gone to make a fortune – earning millions a year.

Is it really working? To have lunch with people and use your position to put pressure on so you can walk away with £45 million?? Is that what these people call work?

‘All in it together?’ Try telling that to the nurses, teachers and those on welfare who have suffered the cuts for over a decade and are living on scraps.

No wonder they don’t sort out the tax loopholes – they are all using them to stuff their loot abroad.

The whole system is corrupt.

Sleaze, cronyism and criminality is rife!!

Corruption rules OK!!