Boris Johnson Lies – Chris Riddell

On the day that Cameron is had up before parliament for sleazy lobbying!! Johnson lies about payments for refurbishment. Johnson promises a public inquest into how the pandemic was run – cronyism and lies. Johnson will no doubt look into everything and exonerate himself and all other Tories.

Thanks John Peachey.

Politics and the Tory and Labour Party – A view to discuss.

Politics and the Tory and Labour Party – A view to discuss.

I do not want a party that pandas to the electorate and tries to be all things to all people. I want a party based on sound principles. I think the electorate need inspiring and educating.

The Labour Party was born out of the Trade Union movement – out of the struggle of working people for a fairer country.

The Tory Party was born out of wealthy businessmen to protect the interests of wealthy businessmen.

The Tory Party controls the media and uses it as a propaganda machine. They opposed the enfranchising of votes for all men and then later they opposed votes for women. The represent the establishment – God, Queen and Country.

The Labour Party, in order to become elected, has to support the establishment. If it appears too socialist or radical it is demonised in the media and made out to be a threat.

The Labour Party, when in power, always looks after the poor and public service.

The Tory Party, when in power, cuts public services and gives tax cuts to the wealthy.

The Labour Party has always believed in a fairer society with less inequality. They would tax the rich more and nationalise institutions so that the profits go to the country and not wealthy entrepreneurs.

The Tory Party believes in giving money to the rich wealth-makers. The principle is that the country becomes richer and the money trickles down.

The problem that The Labour Party has is that when they are in power the wealthy withhold their wealth so it is difficult for the country to prosper.

The trouble with The Tory Party is that the wealth does not trickle down. The wealthy squirrel it away abroad, public services decay and the poor have nothing. Inequality grows and festers.

I want a fairer society. I’ll give my vote to The Labour Party. I want to see well-funded public services. I want a graduated tax system that makes the wealthy pay more without removing incentive. I want the poor looked after and helped.

I don’t vote out of selfish greed. I vote for what I think is best for the country.

I think that The Labour Party should start with its principles, say what it stands and what it stands against and not care what the electorate want.

I do not want patriotism, xenophobia or Brexit. I want an outward looking country that cooperates with neighbours. I want freedom to go where I want without hindrance.

I think Corbyn got it right (apart from Europe) but was not media savvy or charismatic enough.

The key things for The Labour Party to do now is to unite (bring both wings together), formulate clear policies (together) that stem from its basic principles of fairness, and explain them to the electorate. I think they need to be far fiercer and go for The Tory Party expose their lies, sleaziness and corruption, expose what they are doing to the country and talk about The Labour Party policies with passion.

We need some integrity, honesty and principles!! We desperately need a viable opposition to this most corrupt, inept bunch of extremists.

The waters have been muddied by Brexit, xenophobia, nationalism and lies. The wrong people have been empowered.

Time to put it right.

Gullibility of British Public – Art

This just about sums it up – the Tories now have license to lie, cheat, have as much sleaze as they like, fiddle, cheat, and kill thousands of people with complete impunity.

In fact the British public love it. They know their place. They are used to bowing to toffs and being exploited. They want more of it.

Some people are obviously born to rule.

Nothing to see here – Chris Riddell Cartoon on Tory Sleaze

Chris Riddell always puts his finger on the pulse – Greensill, Jenrick, Covid contracts, Hancock’s pub landlord, Tory donors, Dyson……………………….

Then there are the continuous lies, Brexit and 127,000 deaths – the bodies are piling up.

Major Sleaze Says ‘There’s Nothing To See Here’.

The problem with all this sleaze is not so much in the actual outcomes as the implications:

People like Dyson have access to power to put pressure on for their own benefit – tax breaks. This is an access that gives advantage to the wealthy and powerful.

The donors who pay for things like Johnson’s flat renovation expect something in return and get it through multimillion pound contracts.

The people who are associated with the Tories receive benefits. All the contracts were doled out to Tory donors. All the major positions (as with Dido Harding) are given to Tory supporters – it is obviously not a meritocracy. They are useless. It is who you know (if you happen to be Hancock’s pub landlord).

This level of blatant corruption is unparalleled.

Then we have the lies and cover-ups.

This is what Johnson had to say:


The Corona Diaries – Day 400

I suppose it is quite a momentous day today – 400 days in lockdown! 400 days since life was normal!

We had just returned from a trip to Brazil without a hint of a problem. We were vaguely aware of some virus in Wuhan. We were back a few weeks and all hell broke loose. The next thing we know is that we are in a strict lockdown (a real one) and all normality is out the window. Italy was going through a horror show but we really did not think we would be even worse!! We were! And are!!

We ended up one of the worst cases in the world. Why?

It isn’t as if we did not know one was coming – we did! We’d actually carried out a pandemic exercise in 2017 – the Cygnus exercise. It said we were unprepared.

Our government did not act.

It isn’t as if we did not know what was going on. We did! We had people in Wuhan sending back reports in Nov 2019.. We had the WHO monitoring us and advising us in Nov/Dec 2019. We had the warning in Italy in Jan/Feb 2020.

The government was complacent, ignored the warnings, did not prepare, then panisked.

By the time they reacted it was far too late. They had allowed the virus in and it was everywhere. Then the hospital cases zoomed and the deaths kicked in.

They panicked. First they went for herd immunity until the modelling came up with two million deaths and an NHS overwhelmed.

Then they locked down but far too late and still they did not shut the borders.

They told us they were throwing a protective ring around the care homes when in fact they instructed the NHS to dump all the elderly out of hospitals back into Care Homes without testing sending a wave of death through our most vulnerable.

They dithered and did everything far too late.

They gave out massive multimillion contracts to cronies in complete blind panic.

They opened up too quickly and still did not shut borders.

I do hope there is an inquest into all these mistakes, the incompetence and lying, the waste of money and cronyism. I do hope so!! I bet they whitewash it all just like they’ve done with Brexit.

So – after 400 days we are finally emerging. The new cases are right down, hospital cases are right down and deaths are double figures. It’s beginning to look rosy.

The one thing they got right was the vaccination programme.

India and Brazil are the two basket cases at the minute. I expect Africa to follow soon.

So today I walked up my hill and have been sorting and sending off photos for my Harper book. A frustrating business. My computer is clogged up with photos. Finding everything is a nightmare. I’m still hunting for three batches of photos that I know I have somewhere!! It’s taken me all day!!

I’ve had enough! I’m going to have a look at the latest sleaze to come out of our resident clown and his bunch of self-serving incompetents, – what with secret donor payments, lavish redecorations, secret phone calls, fixing it for the rich buddies, letting the bodies pile up by the thousand and a constant stream of lies – what next?

I’m going to have something to eat, a glass of wine and watch Line of Duty!!

See you tomorrow!!

Stay Safe!!

Boris Johnson – Lies and Corruption?? Does he need locking up??

After having done such incredible damage to the country, cost us countless billions, imposed a decade of austerity, given billions away to his friends, continually lied and been totally lazy and inept – should he be held to account???

Why are people suddenly so accepting of political sleaze and corruption?

Thanks John Peachey!