These are the True Criminals – The Profiteers and Tax Evaders – This is Rees-Mogg – Made millions out of Brexit and, unlike the rest of us, avoids paying tax on his millions!

No wonder he pushed Brexit. He moved his companies abroad and avoids paying any tax yet earns millions.

Surely this is not only immoral – it is criminal.

No wonder he’s laughing. Tory sleaze has no limits. Austerity for us – tax evasion and millions for them!

The Full extent of Tory Sleaze just becoming apparent!

Want a lovely multimillion pong contract?? How about donating £250,000 to Tory funds and you can get regular secret meetings with Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak. Could be the best quarter of a million you ever invested – all off the record.

Or perhaps you want a multimillion contract for PPE with no strings attached?

James Bethell’s correspondence relating to award of £85m of contracts for Covid is under investigation – but he conveniently replaced his phone so it cannot be examined.

Or perhaps the flagrant breaking of laws and lying is just accepted as the Tory way??

The tip of a very big iceberg!!