Tis the Winter of Our Discontent made Inglorious by this Tory Sleaze!

After twelve years of Tory Cuts, Sleaze and Corrupt the country is on its knees. Public services are crumbling, worker’s pay doesn’t bring in a living wage and people are getting sick to the teeth of these multimillion pound handouts to Tory chums.

This bunch of Tories must be the most corrupt we have ever had!!

Cameron, Osborne and Johnson have used their positions to make fortunes for themselves while doshing out poverty to the rest of us, lining the pockets of their friends and literally breaking the country in the process.

Is there anybody who isn’t on strike? They’ve broken the:

Postal Service


Ambulance service


Local Government

The rail network




Haulage companies





Small businesses

The Financial sector

Is there anything working in Britain outside of the Tory VIP lane??

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