My Lovely Algorithms

My Lovely Algorithms

My lovely algorithms

                Spoke to me

And told me how to vote;

                What I truly believe in

And gave me stats to quote!

I no longer have to think.

                They tell me what to do:

                                When to take my pills;

                                                When to go to the loo.

They tell me what to buy;

                What style suits me best.

                                What to eat and drink;

Who to go to to confess!

I love my lovely algorithms.

                They make my life so easy.

It’s only when it comes to truth

                I’m feeling kinda queasy.

Who controls my algorithms?

                What is it they gain?

                                Enough wealth and power

                                                To drive a man insane!

Opher – 1.12.2022

He who controls the media controls the minds. (Jim Morrison/Noam Chomsky).

So true.

The British tabloids have successfully controlled the minds of the British public.

The Tories are intent at trying to seize control of all the media – from the tabloid press to the board of the BBC. They are attempting to rid themselves of Channel 4 and all forms of protest.

We are being directed by algorithms.

The internet is a web of lies, conspiracy and distortion spread by people with vested interests.

The autocrats, populists and unscrupulous businessmen have seized the media to make themselves unbelievably rich and powerful.

Time to take back control!!

Chuck out the algorithms!

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