Wish we had a bit more spirit!

In France, if they think the politicians are lying, getting too big for their boots, ripping them off, and giving too much to the wealthy, they get out in the streets and make their views known.

In the UK we make excuses for them and continue voting for the greedy self-servers!!

The French wouldn’t put up with being ripped off like we do.


Losing Faith in being ruled by a greedy, lying elite!! It’s time working people received fair pay instead of Tory elites being given multi-million-pound hand-outs!!

It’s time working people received fair pay instead of Tory elites being given multi-million-pound hand-outs!!

Jonathan Pie – Strikes! He tells it like it is!!

He Doesn’t hold back!

The reason there are strikes is because the Tories have squandered Billions and Billions, giving it away to donors, squandering it on Track and Trace, wasting tens of billions on Brexit, billions on loans. So Mone can walk away with a cool £29 million for fuck all. Johnson can earn a million from 4 short speeches! yet there’s no money for the essential front-line staff!!

There’s plenty of money for Hancock’s landlord. There’s plenty of money for Cameron and Osborne! There’s £10 million a year for Boris Johnson – but there’s no money for nurses, teachers, posties, bin men, border staff, fire service, ambulance drivers, porters and the like.

They’ve had a dozen years of cuts, austerity and tax hikes! Twelve years of getting poorer! Now their electricity and gas are through the roof (while those companies make massive fortunes), their petrol is through the roof (while the oil companies are making billions), the cost of food is through the roof (while Brexit means that fruit is rotting). They can’t afford to heat their homes and eat.

Yet Boris Johnson, who foisted this bad Brexit on us costing the country hundreds of billions, goes off into the sunset in a gold coach. The greedy, lazy lying bastard!

Kwartang and Truss cost us billions and put our mortgages through the roof – I bet they aren’t having to turn their heating off!!

The Choice for Truss!

The Tory Party look on in horror at what they have done. They voted Truss in and she revealed what they are all about in one crazed swoop – naked greed.

She was so arrogant that she thought she could do anything. Egged on by the rabid ultra-rich Tory membership she revealed their hand. The Party of the Rich were planning to give even more to the rich. But it was too blatant. This is what they have stealthily been doing forever but Truss didn’t even bother to cover it up!

The markets turned.

Seizing back control seems to mean giving control to billionaires from abroad.

She’s a monstrous liability. But they are stuck. If they try to kick her out she could force a vote of no confidence and trigger a general election and they’d all lose their seats! On the other hand, the pressure is mounting and she might crack.

Trussonomics – The policy of GREED!

Give all the cake to the rich. The crumbs will trickle down to the poor!

With A/I we don’t need a workforce anymore. They are all surplus to requirements. Let them starve and freeze!

What with the Cost of living crisis, Mortgage crisis, and Energy crisis, World War 3 seems almost a distraction.

Liz Truss – Anything for POWER!! No Morals!!

She threw her lot in with the money-grabbing, xenophobic, extreme right-wing of what used to be the Tory Party before the ERG transformed it into a Populist nightmare.

I certainly want clean air, clean water and nature for my grandchildren to wonder at. The EU protected that. The Tory’s will destroy the planet in order to make a penny!

‘Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy environment with clean water, fresh air and thriving natural wonders. Being part of the EU helps protect these precious resources and spaces.’

Liz Truss once campaigned – and voted – to remain in the EU (Picture: Getty)© Provided by Metro

These are not my words, but those of Prime Minister Liz Truss six years ago. At the time, she campaigned – and voted – to remain in the EU!!

Having sought the backing of hardcore Brexiteers in order to help secure the Tory leadership, she may no longer want this for her children – but many of us still do.

And how ironic those words ended up being, as this Government’s Orwellian Brexit Freedoms Bill launches an attack on nature like we’ve never seen before. 

This Bill presents an opportunity – Brexiteers like Truss would say – to liberate us from the shackles of burdensome EU regulations. So what does this mean, exactly?

A bonfire of 570 environmental laws, which could destroy the habitat regulations that have protected our most precious wildlife and green spaces for 30 years, according to campaigners. It could also permit the release of nitrates and phosphates into rivers, abolish all of our pesticide protections, and so much more. 

It doesn’t end there.

Part of this Brexit-fuelled assault on nature is the potential scrapping of the post-EU Environmental Land Management Scheme – a crucial programme that would have replaced the old payments for production with support for farmers and landowners to enhance nature by creating rare habitats as well as slashing emissions.

This Government seems determined to plunge us into a race to the bottom, purely in the name of pro-Brexit zealotry

The ​​Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) claimed last month that they’re ‘not scrapping the schemes’, but I won’t hold my breath.

Not to mention plans for new ‘investment zones’ announced in Kwasi Kwarteng’s omnishambles mini budget last month that will loosen essential planning laws to protect nature.  

When we are already one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth – with barely half our biodiversity left – this Government seems determined to plunge us into a race to the bottom, purely in the name of pro-Brexit zealotry. 

While the Tories argue and fight over power and Johnson is having a jolly we are facing the worst situation we’ve ever been in outside of war.

Inflation is rampant

Petrol is through the roof

Food prices are astronomical

We are looking towards catastrophic energy hikes

Where is our government??? Do the Tories give a shit??

Johnson is parking about in fighter jets and police raids. Nobody cares!!

Winter is coming!! Good luck!! You voted for them!!

Anything to keep Power!!

Greed is an addiction. Power brings wealth. Power corrupts. They’ll do anything to stay in power.

They do not care about us at all.

Over the last twelve years, they have systematically cut public services and thrown millions into extreme poverty while giving huge amounts of money to the wealthy.

Now, digging themselves in a hole with their lies and arrogant abuse of power, they are desperately trying to hang on to power. It’s all about the election and winning votes. They are behind in the polls. They have stolen Labour’s policies.