Tory Green Policies?? All a farce!!

Tories and green policies go together like butter and dog shit. If there is money to be made everything goes out the window.

The Tories are a self-serving profit-making enterprise. They exist to exploit and make money.

That’s why we have sewage in our rivers and seas. That’s why we’re mining coal and drilling for oil.

That’s why they run down public services and privatise everything – so they and their wealthy chums can make more money at our expense!

Green policies and Tories are oil and water (at least sewage dissolves!)

They sell the future for a quick buck and try to pull the wool over our eyes.

In the Land of the Few

A short story

It is Wednesday. I love Wednesdays. On Wednesday we can put the heating on for an hour. It melts the ice on the windows. You can still see your breath though!

I bet I know what we’re having for dinner today; potato stew!! I know that’s what it is because we have it every day. Dad bought a sack of potatoes. We don’t peel them like we used to because Mum says that the skin contains all the goodness.

Mummy is very naughty. She swears a lot. She says naughty things about Liz Truss. I don’t know what she is talking about. Liz Truss is our new Prime Minister. I don’t think mummy likes her. She says she’s worse than Boris. Mummy says she’s a cross between the Ice-Queen and Attila the Hun. I know who the Ice Queen is. She was not nice at all. I don’t know who Attila the Hun is though. Daddy won’t tell me. He says ‘Just ignore her’. It’s hard to ignore her when she swears such a lot.

Daddy says he would like Boris back. Mummy says he’s an effing moron! I thought Boris was funny. I liked it when he got stuck on that zip wire waving those Union Jacks. Mummy said that he should stick those flags where the suns don’t shine. There’s lots of places where the sun doesn’t shine so I don’t really know what she means.

Mummy says that ‘Fat Cat energy bosses getting £15 million bonuses while people freeze is obscene’. Daddy says Boris would have sorted it. Mummy says she doesn’t know what possessed her to marry someone without a single brain cell in his head.

Daddy says that Liz Truss will sort the cost of living crisis. Mummy suggests that killing off half the population through hypo … hypotermites, or starvation is not exactly sorting the problem. Daddy says she’s daft. The Tories know what they are doing. Mummy says she knows what they are doing too. She says they are giving tax cuts and bonuses to the effing rich. They are a bunch of cnuts. I don’t really know what that word means and daddy won’t tell me. I think it’s very bad and that Mummy is very naughty. If she’d said that in school Mrs Iverson would have sent her to the Headmistress. I’m trying hard to remember all these words Mummy says about Liz Truss because Billy thinks I’m really cool when I repeat them to him at break-time.

Anyway, Mummy and Daddy seem to know a lot about politics. Mummy says that it’s Boris Johnson who gives us potato stew but I think it’s Daddy. She doesn’t always get it right.

Mummy and Daddy don’t agree about Boris or Liz Truss. Mum says that if she had to choose between the pair of them and a bucket of shit she’d choose the bucket of shit any day – at least it’s good for the roses.

Wish we had a bit more spirit!

In France, if they think the politicians are lying, getting too big for their boots, ripping them off, and giving too much to the wealthy, they get out in the streets and make their views known.

In the UK we make excuses for them and continue voting for the greedy self-servers!!

The French wouldn’t put up with being ripped off like we do.

Losing Faith in being ruled by a greedy, lying elite!! It’s time working people received fair pay instead of Tory elites being given multi-million-pound hand-outs!!

It’s time working people received fair pay instead of Tory elites being given multi-million-pound hand-outs!!

Jonathan Pie – Strikes! He tells it like it is!!

He Doesn’t hold back!

The reason there are strikes is because the Tories have squandered Billions and Billions, giving it away to donors, squandering it on Track and Trace, wasting tens of billions on Brexit, billions on loans. So Mone can walk away with a cool £29 million for fuck all. Johnson can earn a million from 4 short speeches! yet there’s no money for the essential front-line staff!!

There’s plenty of money for Hancock’s landlord. There’s plenty of money for Cameron and Osborne! There’s £10 million a year for Boris Johnson – but there’s no money for nurses, teachers, posties, bin men, border staff, fire service, ambulance drivers, porters and the like.

They’ve had a dozen years of cuts, austerity and tax hikes! Twelve years of getting poorer! Now their electricity and gas are through the roof (while those companies make massive fortunes), their petrol is through the roof (while the oil companies are making billions), the cost of food is through the roof (while Brexit means that fruit is rotting). They can’t afford to heat their homes and eat.

Yet Boris Johnson, who foisted this bad Brexit on us costing the country hundreds of billions, goes off into the sunset in a gold coach. The greedy, lazy lying bastard!

Kwartang and Truss cost us billions and put our mortgages through the roof – I bet they aren’t having to turn their heating off!!