Mark Twain – on who runs the world!

I think there’s a mixture of the two. They have things in common – they are selfish, greedy, self-centred, lacking in empathy, devoid of compassion, smug, entitled, feel superior, with over-inflated egos, a cruel streak, uncaring attitude and they don’t give a shit about other people or the future of the planet.

These fools are running the world for their own ludicrous aims.


The Life and Times of Boris Johnson.

An overprivileged child.

Went to a school that taught him to be entitled and superior.

Used privilege and contacts to get on.

Learnt to lie and get away with it.

Became a cunning conman chancer.

Fooled a portion of the public.

Stabbed everyone in the back.

Put his ambition before that of the country.

Made a mess of everything.

Dithered and blathered.

Made a packet.

Got kicked out!!