Mark Twain – on who runs the world!

I think there’s a mixture of the two. They have things in common – they are selfish, greedy, self-centred, lacking in empathy, devoid of compassion, smug, entitled, feel superior, with over-inflated egos, a cruel streak, uncaring attitude and they don’t give a shit about other people or the future of the planet.

These fools are running the world for their own ludicrous aims.


Boris Johnson – £250,000 a year second salary described as ‘chicken feed’. Robbing £20 a week off the poorest.

These people live in a different world. With salaries in the hundreds of thousands they can’t imagine what it is like to try to feed kids on benefit, to choose between heat and food.

They have no empathy.

They put out a simple message – all those on benefit are scroungers. They need to get off their backsides and find a job. It’s a lie.

They use the few scroungers as an excuse.

But benefit scroungers cost us a fraction of the amount lost through tax evasion. The wealthy are pouring billions offshore tax free without a murmur.

I’d much rather put up with a few scroungers bucking the system to ensure that the really needy get enough.

The government of gross inequality and unfairness. Levelling up??? Ha Ha!!!

Johnson’s second salary would provide that uplift for 12,500 desperate families!