The Life and Times of Boris Johnson.

An overprivileged child.

Went to a school that taught him to be entitled and superior.

Used privilege and contacts to get on.

Learnt to lie and get away with it.

Became a cunning conman chancer.

Fooled a portion of the public.

Stabbed everyone in the back.

Put his ambition before that of the country.

Made a mess of everything.

Dithered and blathered.

Made a packet.

Got kicked out!!

2 thoughts on “The Life and Times of Boris Johnson.

  1. Opher, Johnson went to Eton as a King’s Scholar. At that stage of his career (13), that means he was (supposedly) in the top 0.1% intellectually. At least. You can look up the list of King’s Scholars on Wikipedia, but they include some more than decent people – like George Orwell. Johnson’s family were rich enough that he could have gone there anyway without a scholarship. So, I’m wondering whether the scholarship was rigged? Why not Etongate, or Scholarshipgate, to add to all the others?

    And I know about these things. I myself had a similar scholarship, which took me to Marlborough College. Though, prosaically, it was funded by Hampshire County Council. But in time, I rejected the establishment. I like to say, they tried to create another Freeman Dyson, but what they got was another John Locke. I had the nous to work out right and wrong, and to put them ahead of politics. Johnson didn’t.

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