The Corona Diaries – Day 721

It’s been cold wet and nasty here in Yorkshire. I’ve been out of action for these two days entertaining a grandchild!! I’ve played more board games than I might have liked. These kids are insatiable! But I managed to win a lot of those games! No pandering! I’ve also been playing football in the rain and visiting the bouncy place!! All pretty full on. I’m now knackered!!

I’m shortly off to watch something soporific!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the clown is hanging by a thread. Previous Prime Ministers are all lining up to tell him to go. He’s already a conman who has broken many a law so having a conviction is hardly going to mean much to him, is it?

He doesn’t get it!

He made the laws that he so easily broke.

Others went through hell to keep those rules!!

There was a reason for those laws.

People knew that they had to act together in order to slow the infection rate down, protect the vulnerable and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

Why didn’t he do what was right?

Why was there a different rule for him??

But it isn’t even about that! It’s the ready glib lies that immediately came to his lips. He told us and the house emphatically that there were no parties. Then he told us emphatically numerous times that all covid rules were followed. Then he told us that they were work meetings.

It was only when the stories started to emerge, the emails saying ‘Bring Your Own Booze’, the Allegra Stratton fiasco, the photos of him, cakes, tinsel and opened champagne bottles, that he changed his tune.

Then he tried to suppress the reports.

Now the fool is saying we’ll have to wait and see the MET police outcome and Sue Gray report in order to tell whether he was present at these parties in his own garden.

Are we dealing with a complete moron who doesn’t know where he is? Are we dealing with an idiot who can’t remember if he was at his own birthday party? Have we put a complete imbecile in charge of the country with his finger on the nuclear trigger?? Or is this just the wriggling of a worm caught on a hook of his own design? A conman who thinks we are all the morons.

After all, we’ve been acting like morons. We elected him with his track record of stupidity, failure and incompetence. We elected him even though he can’t organise anything other than a party. We elected a clown who looks and acts like a clown. We allowed him to con us.

We’ve been acting like morons as he told us lie after lie and made blunder after blunder.

Regardless of any outcome – this man has never been fit for office. He shouldn’t be an MP let alone a PM. He hasn’t got the ability, the work ethic or morality!!

So, at a time when we are on the brink of war in Europe (what is wrong with these psychotic leaders who somehow get into positions of power? Why are they so nasty, belligerent and careless with our lives? How do these psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths find their way to the top?) we have a clown as a leader and he sends Liz Truss to face down Putin. That’s like putting a mouse in the ring with a tiger!

There is nobody to blame apart from us (And a bullshit right-wing media).

Anybody seen Chris Witty lately?? Are all of SAGE out partying?? Certainly they have not met for a long while. Equally certainly they have not been consulted. Our ‘We follow the Science’ liar is once again off piste – on the piss (£180 a bottle). Anything to deflect or give him a chance of longer in power. He’ll probably nuke Russia next week!

So yesterday there were 14,500 new cases with 167 deaths. Scientists are monitoring a number of variants. There have been over 10 million cases in the UK with around 180,000 deaths – just flu (I don’t think). Today there are over 12,000 people in hospital with covid. Most unvaccinated.

Stay safe – we are leaderless and couldn’t believe anything he says even if he did try to lead! Onward! Onward! Into the valley of death!!

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