Youth Services and Police devastated!!

Knife crime epidemic!! What could possibly be the cause??

Poetry – Austerity


Austerity has done for me; we’ve never had it so bad.

With food banks and poverty, only the rich feel glad.

Capitalism creates inequality as the country’s wealth is drained

To off-shore tax havens oversea, as social cohesion’s strained.

The government is overseeing a system that is corrupt

The wealthy have brought it into being, slowly, not abrupt.

But they saw themselves re-elected, despite all that they have done.

Leaving the country so dejected while they cavort and have their fun.

A number directly profited from the mayhem they have sown.

They should have muzzles fitted and never be allowed out alone!

Opher – 26.2.2020

It says it all for me. We have created such inequality that in one of the richest countries on the planet we have food banks, homelessness and zero-hours workers on basic pay, while the wealthy buy yachts, penthouses and .

The USA is even worse. There is no safety net. Those that don’t make it are discarded as jetsam.

What a sad, uncaring world we are creating.

The Tories bring in austerity for the poor, fleece the public services, so that they can give tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.

The rich get richer and the poor end up starving.

Something stinks.

Global Shortages – not Brexit!!

It seems we’ve got a global shortage of HGV

A global shortage of power

A global shortage of skilled workers

A global shortage of many food items

A global shortage of turkeys.

A global shortage of money

Nothing to do with Brexit (despite the fact that in this time of global shortage nobody else seems to be suffering like us)

Personally I think we’ve got a national shortage of truth.

Poetry – All down the drain

All down the drain

They say things cannot be worse

But I say they can.

Look around the world!

We are the 5th largest economy

Aspiring to be the 10th.

We’re putting holes in our own buckets

To watch the cash leak away.

Cash for school.

            Cash for hospitals.

                        Cash for police.

Cash for councils.

All down the drain.

Opher 29.11.2018

The major problem with the country is that the wealth is all being siphoned off to the top end with their multimillion pound bonuses.

We are taking from the poor, from the public services, to give to the rich.

But matters are made worse when we deliberately do things that worsen the economy – particularly when there is no need.

But then we no longer believe what any of the experts say, do we?

They said it would all go pear-shaped after the referendum. Errr – it did. The pound dived (down 15%) making things more expensive, the economy has performed the worst in Europe and austerity rules.

Brexit is a self-inflicted wound.

Poetry – Here’s to the end of austerity

Here’s to the end of austerity

Here’s to the end of austerity.

They say we’ve had enough.

We were all in it together

But only the poor have found it tough.

They took from the schools and the NHS

But gave to the captains of industry.

The executives all got their bonuses

But there was none left for you and me.

They’ve had enough of cutting

There’s nothing left to slash.

They’ve ravaged every service

And stolen all the cash.

Police and nurses join the teachers

All trying to get by

Under the yoke of austerity;

Under its blue Tory sky.

Austerity has decimated our country

And has brought no end of tears.

I’ll be glad to see the end of this dogma

But we have to wait three more years!

Opher 4.10.2018

I watched the Tory conference as they ripped each other apart. It was all about Brexit. You wouldn’t believe that the country was falling apart.

Mrs May’s big announcement was that austerity was coming to an end – except we’ll have to wait three years – until we get close to the next election.

Until then they’ll continue slashing school budgets, privatising the Health Service and putting the poor into low pay jobs.

We’ve got a debt to service!

But it’s OK – the wealthy deserve their tax cuts and we don’t want to block the tax avoidance schemes, do we?

Poetry – Robbing


Robbing from the schools

Robbing from the poor

Robbing from the nurses

Wicked to the core!

Opher 16.9.2018

There’s a big hole where all our money went. It’s a big hole created by reckless greed. It’s a big hole dug out with bonuses and fat-cat pay packets. It’s a big hole that they are filling in with nurses, teachers, police, soldiers, social workers and the down and out!

I know what I’d like to shove in that hole!

Poetry – Floundering in the Wake

Floundering in the Wake

We flounder in their wake from this austerity

Inflicted by politicians on you and them and me –

Except for all the bankers immune to the disease

Still necking back the champagne and living lives of ease.

We’re all in this together – except the one percent!

They’re a law unto themselves for which we all lament.

One day we will rise up and depose them from their thrones –

The greedy and the selfish who can’t hear people’s moans.

They are the ones who cause this misery

Grabbing all the wealth from her, and you and me!

In the midst of this madness with the destruction of our schools

The politicians party and treat us all like fools.

They’re still necking back their champagne and driving in their cars

Selling subprime mortgages from here to there to Mars.

They do not give a damn if the people cannot pay

As long as they have their fat bonuses to keep their blues at bay.

They have their private services to provide an ample buffer

And when it all goes tits up they know it’s not them who’ll suffer!

Opher 16.9.2018

It irks me that the politicians decided who should pay for the crash they created – not them who deregulated and gave the bankers freedom to go mad, not the bankers who created the crash with their greed, not the top 1% who benefitted from the bonanza, but us – the innocent ordinary people. We are the ones to pay. Our pay is slashed and frozen, our pensions are reduced, our public services are decimated with cuts – because the country cannot afford it. But we can afford the fat bonuses for the wealthy, tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations; we can afford big wage increases in the boardrooms and we still do not address the massive tax evasion schemes, or to force the huge megacompanies like Amazon to pay their fair share.

There is one rule for the rich and quite another for us, so the inequality gap opens into a yawning chasm and is filled with lies. Meanwhile, hidden behind the shroud of Brexit, the country falls apart, public services decay, people go hungry, law and order breaks down. But safe behind their gated communities, with their private healthcare and education, the elite are immune.