Poetry – Death by a thousand cuts.

Death by a thousand cuts


Driving out the immigrants.

Kicking out the nurses.

Dumping all the doctors.

Counting all the hearses.


Not needing the carers

Sneering at low pay

Bin men and veggie pickers

Sent on their way.


Giving all the tax cuts

To wealthy corporations

Hammering public servants

Right across the nation.


Inviting private companies

In a dive to the bottom

Hens come home to roost

Whole system’s rotten!


Opher – 22.4.2020

Public Services are in the process of being destroyed!!

Not safe in the hands of Tories?? The proof is in the pudding!!

Social Services – Crisis!

Mental Health Services – Crisis!

Care of the elderly – Crisis!

Nurses – Crisis!

GPs – Crisis!

Hospitals – Crisis!

A&E – Crisis!

Ambulance Service – first response by firemen without equipment! – Crisis!

School funding – Crisis!

Teachers – Crisis!

Councils – Crisis!

Crime – rising!

Policing – falling!

Armed Services – Cut to the bone!

Disadvantaged and disabled – blamed and impoverished!

Cut upon cut upon cut – expensive new systems, expensive and useless reforms, pay freezes, pension cuts, job losses, underfunding, change for the sake of change, no rational thinking, creeping privatisation …………. and a bunch of cynical ministers who are totally out of touch, out of their depth and applying large doses of dogma!

When it goes wrong they blame it on the staff or suggest even more expensive changes!

What public services need is proper funding, proper pay, decent conditions of service (including pensions), reasonable workloads, adequate equipment, recognition of the essential roles and hard work put in by staff and stability – above all stability!.

Expensive and stupid reorganisations are the last thing needed! They are a smokescreen to hide the real issues!

Safe in their hands? I don’t think so!

The issue is that the Tories are robbing money from public services to give tax cuts to the rich!

Surely our children, health, safety and old folk deserve better than this?

Austerity is a sham – an excuse to introduce Tory dogma.


We had a large national debt. Every government has a debt but when the economy collapsed due to the world recession and the interest rates rose the debt became a millstone round the neck.

There is no dispute that we needed to pay the debt off. It is how it is done that is the crux of the matter.


The Goodwin plan should have been implemented:

Reduce government spending.

a. Trim the budgets to remove the fripperies (training, innovations, meetings, pamphlets, glossy brochures) and put practitioners back from think tanks and training programmes into classrooms and hospitals.

b. Keep everything the same and introduce no changes. Every change costs money.

Encourage growth

a. Stimulate the economy by introducing building programmes that get people in work to pay more taxes.

Instead of introducing The Goodwin Plan this is what the Tories actually did:

a. Used austerity as an excuse to slash Public Services – reduced wages, cut pensions and made conditions worse for Nurses, Teachers, Firemen, Council Workers, Police, and everyone else in the Public Sector.

Steve Bell 28.09.2012

b. Brought in huge rafts of ideological reform and change costing billions, increasing privatisation and causing chaos. Public Services were thrown into such disarray they didn’t have time to protest.

c. Slashed benefit for the needy.


d. Produced lots of low-paid, temporary and zero-hours jobs which got people off benefit, paid starvation wages but produced no tax return. Cheap labour for the rich to exploit.

e. Gave tax cuts to the rich.

f. Did nothing to deter the huge salaries and bonus culture at the top. The rich have never had it so good. It makes a mockery of ‘We’re all in it together’.

Result – we still have a massive debt, the economy is labouring, the rich are richer and the poor are poorer. That’s about par for a Tory government. They are there for the bosses. If it wasn’t for the media (owned by Tories) putting a spin on it and obfuscating the reality it would be obvious.


Tories look after their own!

Instead of tackling the problem they used it as an excuse to reward their rich chums, guarantee they themselves     have juicy advisory jobs to walk into, and fleece the poor.