Poetry – Death by a thousand cuts.

Death by a thousand cuts


Driving out the immigrants.

Kicking out the nurses.

Dumping all the doctors.

Counting all the hearses.


Not needing the carers

Sneering at low pay

Bin men and veggie pickers

Sent on their way.


Giving all the tax cuts

To wealthy corporations

Hammering public servants

Right across the nation.


Inviting private companies

In a dive to the bottom

Hens come home to roost

Whole system’s rotten!


Opher – 22.4.2020

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Death by a thousand cuts.

  1. The innocent die. I think Corbyn would have locked down sooner and been pilloried by big business interests. Portugal did well with their socialist government. Better than Spain.

    1. I would like to think so. The thing is he would have had little time to prepare and the Tories have run everything down for ten years. Where were the stockpiles and contingency plans? You can’t pull them out of thin air in a minute or two.

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