Privatisation really works!! (For foreign investors). Thank you Margaret Thatcher!

Putting money into the pockets of the wealthy!!

Privatisation is such a good idea – particularly with such a powerful overseer in Ofwat, with such draconian penalties. Where are all the profits going again? Ah yes – Margaret Thatcher – got £7.8 billion for it. Costing us billions and billions each year, polluting our rivers and seas. Did the same for Electric and Gas, British Rail and our Post Office. How much do our train fares cost? What’s happened to the price of gas and electricity? What’s the price of a stamp? Where do all the billions of profits from our increased bills go? – I know – foreign investors!

Short term gain to get Tories elected; long term loss. We all get worse service and higher costs!!

Vote Tory – servicing the rich for centuries! Conning the public!!

Tory Green Policies?? All a farce!!

Tories and green policies go together like butter and dog shit. If there is money to be made everything goes out the window.

The Tories are a self-serving profit-making enterprise. They exist to exploit and make money.

That’s why we have sewage in our rivers and seas. That’s why we’re mining coal and drilling for oil.

That’s why they run down public services and privatise everything – so they and their wealthy chums can make more money at our expense!

Green policies and Tories are oil and water (at least sewage dissolves!)

They sell the future for a quick buck and try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Selling Britain by the penny!

Oh I do like to be beside the sewage-side

Oh I do like to be beside sewage.

I do like to stroll along

The prom, prom, prom

Where the brass bands play


This is one that Thatcher and the Tories sold off to foreign profiteers for a song. Now 20% of the profits go abroad into the pockets of millionaires instead of into our pockets.

They probably wipe their arses on £5 notes. The stench of Tory Corruption reeks out of our rivers!



Ofwat? Off What?

Ofcom? Off con?

Ofgem? Off gems?

Ofqual? Off quality?

Off on holiday?

Off with the fairies?

Off colour?

Just fuck off!

Opher – 22.8.2022

Privatisation eh? Carefully regulated and controlled.

So the water companies cream off huge profits, preside over a sea of leaks, flood our rivers and beaches with raw sewage, take massive bonuses and give huge dividends to their rich shareholders.

The energy companies do exactly the same. Ofgem sits there allowing the energy tariffs to go through the roof.

Ofcom allows the Tories to take over the BBC as well as all the newspapers and allows them to threaten Channel 4.

Ofqual presides over a dumbing down of education into a sausage factory churning out mindless job fodder.

The poor are wrung dry. The profits head off abroad into the pockets of very rich people.

They call this scrutiny and regulation. Who the fuck are they regulating?

How Thatcher destroyed Britain.

1970s Britain owned its water, transport, mail, energy, millions of council houses and sat on a huge North Sea reserve. The national debt was £80bn. 2022 Britain has no assets & a national debt of £2.5Tn. Neoliberalism started by Thatcher has destroyed the UK. Nick Abbott

She sold off all our assets for a song! All the profits now zip straight off into the hands of foreign owners and off-shore tax havens.

The privatised companies are starved off cash and provide terrible service.

The trains are old, poorly maintained, overcrowded and hugely expensive.

Water companies are polluting our beaches and rivers with raw sewage.

The Royal Mail is obscenely expensive and inefficient. We have an army of vans belting here and there to deliver packages with the harassed drivers on a pittance.

The energy companies charge the earth and make obscene profits for foreign investors.

There is a huge shortage of council housing.

She wasted all the enormous revenue from North Sea oil to beat the unions into submission. We now have terrible low pay, lousy conditions and zero-hours contracts.

Then there’s all the deregulation – to boost profits without a thought for environment, safety or the long-term impact. That led to the financial crash.

It was all short-term gain and long-term loss!!

What an absolute mess the Tories have made of Britain! Everything is based on making profit for the wealthy. They’ve made us poor and are driving us into the ground.

As Ry Cooder said – ‘How can a poor man stand such times and live?’

The Joys of Privatisation!!! (Sarcasm abounds!!)

Once upon a time everything was easy.

I got my water supplied through Yorkshire water.

I got my gas supplied through British Gas.

I got my electricity supplied through British Electric.

I got my post through the door as regular as clockwork courtesy of the Post Office.

I used to travel on British Rail.

I used to bitch a lot about the cost but I had nothing to do or think about.

Then the Tory party decided that the market was key and privatised everything. The idea was that competition brings down prices and makes for a more efficient service.

Now every bloody year I have to remember who I’m with regarding my energy and chase around with all compare sites to sort the best deals. My water is with some company in France, my electricity is supplied by someone in Germany and my gas is supplied from Timbuktu. If I do nothing they put the price up to exorbitant levels. It means I have to waste hours on phones and messing about changing suppliers.

Nowadays I have people in vans delivering small packages at all hours instead of my postman. I don’t know who they are (they could be casing the joint for all I know), but I know it can’t be very efficient and the cost of postage has gone through the roof.

If I go on a train I get a specific time and if I miss my train I have to pay again! The cost has gone through the roof!!

So has this privatisation worked? Like hell it has. Not only do I waste an inordinate amount of time but I receive a worse service and have to pay through the nose for it!!

So much for privatisation. It’s causing me a lot of trouble, costing me an arm and a leg and certainly not doing what was on the tin. We’ve been sold a pig in a poke.

I want to go back to when things were simple. I didn’t have to keep check on everything and spend hours on websites and telephones and I am not putting more money in the pockets of rich people.

The sooner we nationalise the bloody lot of them the better!!


The Higher Education Bill – another privatisation of education!

The Tory agenda to privatise everything and put money in the pockets of their rich chums continues apace into 2017. The NHS and Education are being chipped away at. Soon we’ll be metered for air!

The new bill proposes to make it easier to set up new universities and compete with the old ones. The new ones can offer degrees supposedly on a par. Except that they will be run for profit and money creamed off into the pockets of rich investors.

Is this really what we want? To exploit our kids to make rich people richer? Does everything have to revolve around making a profit out of people?

Surely education and health should not be profit making businesses?