Ofwat? Off What?

Ofcom? Off con?

Ofgem? Off gems?

Ofqual? Off quality?

Off on holiday?

Off with the fairies?

Off colour?

Just fuck off!

Opher – 22.8.2022

Privatisation eh? Carefully regulated and controlled.

So the water companies cream off huge profits, preside over a sea of leaks, flood our rivers and beaches with raw sewage, take massive bonuses and give huge dividends to their rich shareholders.

The energy companies do exactly the same. Ofgem sits there allowing the energy tariffs to go through the roof.

Ofcom allows the Tories to take over the BBC as well as all the newspapers and allows them to threaten Channel 4.

Ofqual presides over a dumbing down of education into a sausage factory churning out mindless job fodder.

The poor are wrung dry. The profits head off abroad into the pockets of very rich people.

They call this scrutiny and regulation. Who the fuck are they regulating?

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