Privatisation really works!! (For foreign investors). Thank you Margaret Thatcher!

Putting money into the pockets of the wealthy!!

Privatisation is such a good idea – particularly with such a powerful overseer in Ofwat, with such draconian penalties. Where are all the profits going again? Ah yes – Margaret Thatcher – got £7.8 billion for it. Costing us billions and billions each year, polluting our rivers and seas. Did the same for Electric and Gas, British Rail and our Post Office. How much do our train fares cost? What’s happened to the price of gas and electricity? What’s the price of a stamp? Where do all the billions of profits from our increased bills go? – I know – foreign investors!

Short term gain to get Tories elected; long term loss. We all get worse service and higher costs!!

Vote Tory – servicing the rich for centuries! Conning the public!!

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