They love us really!!

We might have raised taxes to highest level, caused a Cost Of Living’ crisis, given away tens of billions to our chums, ruined the economy, decimated public services, cost everyone thousands a year extra on their mortgages, messed up covid, been corrupt as hell, lied and cheated, broken laws, brought politics down to the level of slime, failed to secure our borders, failed to control the power industry, failed to control the water boards, failed to end strikes, failed to sort the railways out, messed up HS2, gone back on our green policies, failed to put Britain at the forefront of the new technologies, failed to even pretend to level up, made a complete pig’s ear of Brexit and, following all the mess we’ve made, waltzed off into the future on multimillion pound contracts singing ‘We’re Alright Jack’ at the top of our voices. But we are the Tories!! The Party of the wealthy Establishment! We were born and raised to rule the plebs!!

This is an aberration! The working class know their place. They will vote for their superiors!!

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