The Joys of Privatisation!!! (Sarcasm abounds!!)

Once upon a time everything was easy.

I got my water supplied through Yorkshire water.

I got my gas supplied through British Gas.

I got my electricity supplied through British Electric.

I got my post through the door as regular as clockwork courtesy of the Post Office.

I used to travel on British Rail.

I used to bitch a lot about the cost but I had nothing to do or think about.

Then the Tory party decided that the market was key and privatised everything. The idea was that competition brings down prices and makes for a more efficient service.

Now every bloody year I have to remember who I’m with regarding my energy and chase around with all compare sites to sort the best deals. My water is with some company in France, my electricity is supplied by someone in Germany and my gas is supplied from Timbuktu. If I do nothing they put the price up to exorbitant levels. It means I have to waste hours on phones and messing about changing suppliers.

Nowadays I have people in vans delivering small packages at all hours instead of my postman. I don’t know who they are (they could be casing the joint for all I know),┬ábut I know it can’t be very efficient and the cost of postage has gone through the roof.

If I go on a train I get a specific time and if I miss my train I have to pay again! The cost has gone through the roof!!

So has this privatisation worked? Like hell it has. Not only do I waste an inordinate amount of time but I receive a worse service and have to pay through the nose for it!!

So much for privatisation. It’s causing me a lot of trouble, costing me an arm and a leg and certainly not doing what was on the tin. We’ve been sold a pig in a poke.

I want to go back to when things were simple. I didn’t have to keep check on everything and spend hours on websites and telephones and I am not putting more money in the pockets of rich people.

The sooner we nationalise the bloody lot of them the better!!