How Thatcher destroyed Britain.

1970s Britain owned its water, transport, mail, energy, millions of council houses and sat on a huge North Sea reserve. The national debt was £80bn. 2022 Britain has no assets & a national debt of £2.5Tn. Neoliberalism started by Thatcher has destroyed the UK. Nick Abbott

She sold off all our assets for a song! All the profits now zip straight off into the hands of foreign owners and off-shore tax havens.

The privatised companies are starved off cash and provide terrible service.

The trains are old, poorly maintained, overcrowded and hugely expensive.

Water companies are polluting our beaches and rivers with raw sewage.

The Royal Mail is obscenely expensive and inefficient. We have an army of vans belting here and there to deliver packages with the harassed drivers on a pittance.

The energy companies charge the earth and make obscene profits for foreign investors.

There is a huge shortage of council housing.

She wasted all the enormous revenue from North Sea oil to beat the unions into submission. We now have terrible low pay, lousy conditions and zero-hours contracts.

Then there’s all the deregulation – to boost profits without a thought for environment, safety or the long-term impact. That led to the financial crash.

It was all short-term gain and long-term loss!!

What an absolute mess the Tories have made of Britain! Everything is based on making profit for the wealthy. They’ve made us poor and are driving us into the ground.

As Ry Cooder said – ‘How can a poor man stand such times and live?’


Lord Frosty and the Brexit Mess!!

Having forced through a terrible hard Brexit deal that is incredibly damaging for the country, stirred up trouble throughout the EU and created an almighty mess – he’s off!!

Just like Cameron and Osborne (Davis, Cummings etc.) before him – they don’t stick around to clear up the mess.

Having cost the country countless tens of millions they simply waltz off and accept no blame for the misery they leave in their wake.

Economic mayhem, years of austerity and total decline. It’s called a hard Tory Brexit.

No doubt Johnson will shortly follow!! Then Rees-Mogg and Gove. They’ll be off into the distance in lucrative posts counting their millions. As always it’s the poor and needy, the public servants and hard-working low-pay workers who pick up the bill. The millionaires and bankers continue to shove their cash, tax-free, into off-shore accounts, take their bonuses and exploit everyone else.

So, while Rees-Mogg and his cronies make millions out of Brexit and Covid, millions of us end up on food banks.

The system is rigged, it’s crooked and it stinks.

Paradise Papers – Trillions Squirreled away Off-shore – Are we being robbed?

The effects of globalisation and automation are already being felt. The wealthy people owning the businesses are taking their factories to the Third World or bringing in automation in order to create more profit. People are being thrown out of high paying jobs into low-paying jobs or chucked on the scrapheap.

These same greedy people, already on huge incomes, are busy squirrelling away their ill-gotten gains in Off-shore tax havens in order to avoid paying tax. Some of these mega-earners are paying less tax than ordinary hardworking people. It is simply wrong.

Trillions of dollars have been taken off to avoid proper taxation. It is immoral and obscene.

These individuals and major organisations are robbing everybody of the money that should be going to pay for our roads, infrastructure, schools, hospitals and care homes.

I say:

  1. Shut down these tax havens and close the loopholes.
  2. Have a fair progressive tax system to create less inequality and so these people contribute to society
  3. Retrain the displaced workers for other roles – nursing, teaching, caring for the elderly, plumbing, electrical work, IT, child care, environmental work – things that make a difference
  4. Give everyone a guaranteed income
  5. Reduce the working week to three days
  6. Provide leisure, sport and fitness facilities so that people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and families can flourish

What do you think?