Poetry – There’s a Tax Loophole

There’s always a loophole for the rich!

There’s a Tax Loophole

There’s a tax loophole on the other side of town

It’s a glorious wormhole you can throw your money down.

You can send it through, on transfer or fax,

And there by magic – you don’t pay any tax!

You can declare yourself to be a company,

And lo and behold, you can live tax-free.

There’s only one catch as far as I can see,

To access this wormhole you have to be wealthy!

Opher – 8.7.2019

We need roads, bridges and trains. We need the infrastructure that fuels the economy. We need schools and hospitals, police, army and welfare. We just don’t want to pay for it.

Yet many of us don’t.

While ordinary people receive tax bills calculated down to the last penny; with draconian penalties for those who default, others of us pay a nominal sum if any.

Tax is optional for the rich!

It brought it home to me when I read the articles about Wayne Rooney and the cast of the dreadful show Mrs Brown. They were squirrelling millions off-shore and paying less tax than me.

Firstly it made me question why we are paying millions to people like this and secondly it made me wonder how anyone can justify the fact that these sportsmen, celebrities, executives and bankers can find loopholes to avoid paying tax.

I think it’s obscene!!