Lord Frosty and the Brexit Mess!!

Having forced through a terrible hard Brexit deal that is incredibly damaging for the country, stirred up trouble throughout the EU and created an almighty mess – he’s off!!

Just like Cameron and Osborne (Davis, Cummings etc.) before him – they don’t stick around to clear up the mess.

Having cost the country countless tens of millions they simply waltz off and accept no blame for the misery they leave in their wake.

Economic mayhem, years of austerity and total decline. It’s called a hard Tory Brexit.

No doubt Johnson will shortly follow!! Then Rees-Mogg and Gove. They’ll be off into the distance in lucrative posts counting their millions. As always it’s the poor and needy, the public servants and hard-working low-pay workers who pick up the bill. The millionaires and bankers continue to shove their cash, tax-free, into off-shore accounts, take their bonuses and exploit everyone else.

So, while Rees-Mogg and his cronies make millions out of Brexit and Covid, millions of us end up on food banks.

The system is rigged, it’s crooked and it stinks.

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