Laying the seeds of our own demise.

We do not seem to be able to use our intelligence either for the good of ourselves, the species or the rest of life on this planet. Right from the beginning we’ve been a complete disaster.

According to scientists the first sign of humans moving into an area is the extinction of all the megafauna – same on all continents – from giant sloths, giant beavers, giant kangaroos to mastodon, mammoths and a host of others. It was madness. We didn’t just hunt for meat we killed for pleasure. We drove whole herds of mammoth off cliffs where just one or two would have satisfied our needs.
We are a flawed species.

With common sense we would be countering the many dangers that could eradicate us – from virus mutation, asteroid strike, climate change and biodiversity. But no. We prefer to deny away, have wars, huge military expenditure and run everything for profit and power.

When the virus comes, the asteroid hits or we die from our own destruction of nature we might wake up to the realisation that we could have done it differently.

Nature will heal. Maybe some other intelligent species will emerge in the next few million years of evolution? And perhaps that intelligent species will not be so driven by a lust for power, greed, selfishness or the defect of gaining pleasure from inflicting pain, agony and death on others?


How to deal with the overpopulation problem.

Overpopulation is the big underlying cause of most of the world’s problems. It produces habitat destruction, pollution, and affects animal populations reducing biodiversity.

It needs dealing with as a priority before nature is driven out of business.

a. Make it a priority and publicise it.
b. Provide pensions and social welfare so people do not depend on their children when sick or in old age.
c. Provide good education for girls.
d. Educate the world.
e. Provide good sex education
f. Provide contraception and contraception advice.
g. Provide incentives for families of two or less.
h. Provide disincentives for larger families.

AI presents us with a huge opportunity. We could embrace it and spread the profits. Use AI to reduce the need for a workforce and direct people into the caring industries! Or else we leave it with the wealthy continuing to exploit us with the workforce thrown on the scrapheap as surplus to requirements.

Freedom – It doesn’t exist – does it?

Freedom looms large in the minds of Westerners. We cherish our freedom. But I would contend that this freedom we cherish is illusory. What we experience is, at

best, a compromise.

In practice we are watched and controlled. Our thoughts are manipulated and our views are orchestrated.

Nobody is free.

So what are these freedoms we hold so dear? The right to believe in whatever God we want or none. The right to elect any government we want. The right to defend ourselves. The right to say what we want without fear of reprisal. The right to dress how we like.

So let us look at two of these ‘freedoms’ in more detail.

a. The right to believe in whatever religion we want – or none.

Well it is certainly true that we have come a long way in the West. We no longer burn people at the stake or in barrels of tar for believing in the wrong thing. We can, in theory, believe in anything we want. But is that true in practice?

Being born into a religious society means that children are immersed in religion. It’s on TV, the radio and in schools. It’s in songs and our language. It’s there on every street with churches, signs and clergy. There’s no escape. It is given huge prominence. We are indoctrinated to accept there is a God and he supports our brand.

Being born into a religious family means that this process of indoctrination is constantly reinforced with customs, rites, ceremonies, prayers, dress-codes and scripture.

By the time you are old enough to think and weigh it up you have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing. It is impregnated into your psyche. Freedom of belief? I think not.

Few escape the deeply seated ideas implanted from childhood.

When we add in, in the adult world and workplace, the prejudices, pressure to conform and expectations – it is impossible to escape. Can an agnostic ever be elected as President in the States?

b. The right to elect the person of our choice!

Well here again we have apparently come a long way. Every man has a vote. Heavens (a religious exclamation) we even let women vote. But do we have the freedom to elect who we want?

It is not  hard to see that this veneer of democracy is rubbish. We can’t elect who we like.

It takes big money to get someone elected to parliament or the congress or senate and even more to get them elected President.

Where does this money come from? It comes from the wealthy who support their candidates. Do they ever put forward a candidate who would harm their interests?

The result is that we always get to choose from a select field of candidates who are in hock to the establishment and we have to select the lesser of two evils.

So how do we decide who the lesser of two evils really is?

The information we get comes from the media. The media is owned by the same wealthy elite who put up the candidates. They are very quick to point out the flaws in any candidate they do not like. Who don’t they like? Anyone who will not look after their interests.

Hence anyone who promotes less inequality or benefits for ordinary people gets short shrift.

Our newspapers, even the best, have a constant drip of propaganda. It erodes free will. As does radio and TV.

Aah – you say – but we have superior information from the internet.


The internet has been taken over by propaganda machines churning out false information to confuse, misinform or undermine.

Aah – but we know the sources. No. You only think you know the sources.

We are manipulated and controlled. Our extremely limited choices are orchestrated by unseen hands. The establishment always wins. The system is always maintained.

our political choices are illusory.

Overpopulation is the biggest problem.

The tide of humanity is sweeping nature out of existence.

We are destroying the planet bit by bit.

We need to reduce our numbers in order to live sustainably and stop this crazy train before it runs off the tracks.

We do not need to kill people off.

We can control the world’s population by a big dose of fairness and birth control.

What is killing the world is runaway capitalism – unbridled selfishness and greed, a lust for more and more, the mantra of growth at all costs, profit before people, profit before nature, pollute if it saves money, gross inequality. There are a greedy bunch of people running things who simply do not care. They selfishly put their own acquisition of wealth above everything. They profit from extreme poverty, the destruction of nature and wars. They are utterly immoral.

And those are the people who are leading us on this road to ruin.

We need a better way of life, a more equal world, a fairer society and far less people.

That’s what I believe.

I believe we can live peaceably with each other and nature.

Woody Guthrie – Tear the Fascists Down

Where are the people like Woody Guthrie who can put in words and music the need to stand up to Fascism.

While the world has lurched to the rights and fascist groups are once more marching through our streets, Tommy Robinson and the extremists are courting the gullible with their message of fear and hatred, we need honest men and women like Woody Guthrie telling it like it is.

We fought a world war against these fascist scum. 100 million people died!

It is time to stand up for tolerance and compassion, understanding and love – the helping hand not the iron fist.

It is time the fascists were stopped from setting the agenda and we started looking for solutions to our problems that aren’t walls and bombs.

Tear the Fascists Down

There’s a great and a bloody fight ’round this whole world tonight
And the battle, the bombs and shrapnel reign
Hitler told the world around he would tear our union down
But our union’s gonna break them slavery chains
Our union’s gonna break them slavery chains

I walked up on a mountain in the middle of the sky
Could see every farm and every town
I could see all the people in this whole wide world
That’s the union that’ll tear the fascists down, down, down
That’s the union that’ll tear the fascists down

When I think of the men and the ships going down
While the Russians fight on across the Don
There’s London in ruins and Paris in chains
Good people, what are we waiting on?
Good people, what are we waiting on?

So, I thank the Soviets and the mighty Chinese vets
The Allies the whole wide world around
To the battling British, thanks, you can have ten million Yanks
If it takes ’em to tear the fascists down, down, down
If it takes ’em to tear the fascists down

But when I think of the ships and the men going down
And the Russians fight on across the Don
There’s London in ruins and Paris in chains
Good people, what are we waiting on?
Good people, what are we waiting on?

So I thank the Soviets and the mighty Chinese vets
The Allies the whole wide world around
To the battling British, thanks, you can have ten million Yanks
If it takes ’em to tear the fascists down, down, down
If it takes ’em to tear the fascists down


Capitalism? Does it work?

Capitalism has indeed produced great wealth and prosperity.

Unfortunately all that wealth is concentrated in a tiny minority. It was just announced yesterday that 1% of the British population currently owns 56% of the land and property.

I don’t believe that is fair and just and I would question the morality of a system that produces that state of affairs. I would also question how these people came to own such wealth.

During the time of Britain’s greatest affluence the average man lived and died in slums, worked in atrocious conditions and was subject to poor diet, disease and poverty, while the rich capitalists lived in mansions with myriads of servants.

That’s capitalism.

It hasn’t changed much – every freedom and improvement for ordinary people has had to be fought for. Nothing was freely given. Today the superwealthy still cream off the bulk and the ordinary people live on the crumbs they drop from the table.

I’m a socialist because I believe in a system that creates a fairer society. I’m not a communist because I do not believe in total equality – just a less greater degree of parity. I believe the divide between the rich and poor is far too great. I do not believe the superwealthy deserve their vast incomes. I believe the wealth of the nation should be divided up more equitable and that everybody deserves a reasonable standard of living. I also believe that this can be achieved on a global basis.

The motto of socialism is: FAIRNESS FOR ALL!

The American Dream has created a nightmare.

The richest nation on the planet has people living under flyovers relying on soup kitchens. It has millions without health care. It has people living in slums. It has people having to work into their old age in order to survive.

It sees nothing wrong in people becoming multibillionaires and fiddling it so they pay less taxes than a check-out lady.

Somehow it thinks those billionaires got their money honestly and deserve all they get and those dying on the streets chose to live that way.

Many Americans begrudge every cent they pay in taxes to help the unfortunate.

Charity and compassion are forgotten words.

Christian values are things people show lip-service to. They see nothing wrong in carrying a gun and killing, blowing people up in foreign countries, or embezzling money out of the public by tax evasion, but they wouldn’t want to give a helping hand to a Samaritan on the street.

I think America has gotten its values messed up in this endless pursuit of the American Dream. The American Dream has become synonymous with greed, selfishness and avarice.

The American Dream should be about creating a society in which everyone can be happy, not a divisive rat race in which the winner takes all, values are thrown out the window, and the losers are booted down the street into the sewer.

Orwell’s message.

If we learn anything from George Orwell’s writing it should be this one thing:

There is always an enemy that is threatening our way of life and our very existence. That is what the establishment wants you to believe. That is what they use to generate fear and to unify people. That is what they deploy to divert attention from the reality of what they are doing.

They are systematically exploiting the whole population for the benefit of a small elite. They are giving as little as they can to the majority so that they can cream off a huge slice for the top.

They are condensing power and wealth in a small establishment group while demonising minorities, creating exaggerated threats and using this as a distraction.

If we look at America as an example, as the USA exemplifies this and can easily be described.

At the turn of the 20th century the Chinese were the major threat. They were sending their coolies over to the US and infiltrating society with the intention of taking over. There were countless millions of them and they were going to swamp the place. Even the liberal writer Jack London proscribed using biological warfare to eradicate the whole Chinese race.

Then it was the turn of the Blacks. The negro slaves, if once they attained freedom would swamp the country. They bred like rabbits. They were full of violence. They had to be suppressed.

Then it was the communists. Every corner of society was infiltrated. The Reds wanted to take over and destroy the American way of life. They had to be dug out and eradicated.

Now it is the turn of Muslims. These mad fanatics are threatening us with terrorism and Sharia Law. They are swamping our countries and want to supplant our way of life, bring in their own religion and take over.

The one thing all these evil enemies have in common is that they are oppressed minorities. They are poor and weak but were easily demonised to appear strong, mean-minded and intent on our demise. Through a concerted media campaign they were made into enemies of the state to be fought and destroyed – the equivalent of Orwell’s hate hour.

Meanwhile the game goes on. The establishment not only clings of to power and wealth but extends their grip and the ordinary folk are kept down where they belong.

So which is the next minority group that is going to be set up for the hate process? The Hispanics? Or perhaps the American Indians will make a come back?

In Britain with have the Muslims and Europeans to practice our hate on.

I reckon Orwell was spot on. Shame nobody is listening.

In Praise of PC.

In Praise of PC.


Language is a weapon. Some language is all about power.

Language is employed by the powerful to control the less powerful and keep them in their place.

The people who have the power have been white Anglo-Saxon males. The people they control are women, gays and ethnic minorities.

A whole raft of language grew up that was derogatory to all these groups. It was recognised that this language was both a put-down and a way of demonstrating superiority. It was intended to remind people of their inferiority. It was intended to reinforce the status quo.

All that language contained a huge volume of connotations that did not need to be stated. When those derogatory terms were deployed it was fully understood what message they contained. It was powerful.

What was being conveyed was that women, gays and ethnic minorities were inferior and should know their place and bow before their white Anglo-Saxon masters. They were either not as clever, emotionally unstable, perverted, disgusting, uncivilised, or a mixture of all of these.

This language was intended to undermine the confidence of these groups and to raise the esteem of the white man who was reasserting his superiority. Even the most stupid, ignorant runty white Anglo-Saxons could feel superior to women, gays, and ethnic minorities. The language asserted that.

Racial groups, women and gays were demonised, ridiculed, stereotyped and kept down.

We had our sluts, fags, spics, niggers, wops, wogs and a whole host of other put-downs – each reaffirming the power balance.

Political correctness came out of a movement towards equality. It was no longer considered correct to have a hierarchy of inequality. The stereotypes no longer held up. It was obvious that women, gays and ethnic minorities were not inferior. They had a right to be treated with respect and as equals. They should not be put-down in an abusive derogatory manner.

Political correctness was about not deploying derogatory power language that is aimed at asserting superiority and depowering other people.

I like PC. I think we need it. I believe in equality (and by that I do not imply that all people are equal – some are obviously better at things than others – but that all people are equally important and should be treated with respect and afforded equal opportunity) and the myth of Anglo-Saxon superiority is simply wrong.

I believe that we should judge people by the content of their character;

We should be tolerant of people who are different;

We should not deploy language designed to create power hierarchies.

That is PC for me.

Of course, PC, just like Health and Safety, has often gone too far. We have gone into the realms of the absurd.

I am all in favour of causing offense. I am in favour of challenging attitudes. I am not in favour of stereotyping or power games. There’s a difference.