The Corona Diaries – Day 106

Back at the beginning, a death toll of 126 seemed a lot. Sadly, it doesn’t now. 352 new cases yesterday (plus however many untested). I have no faith in any of the figures they are pumping out! They are all massaged.

I think Johnson’s handlers must be pulling their hair out. He is a liability. He’s a real contortionist – every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it! Or is this part of the government ploy to deflect criticism on to others? If I remember rightly – the ring of protection they threw around Care Homes was:

  1. No advice – apart from you’ll be alright
  2. No PPE (you don’t need it)
  3. And shoving a whole lot of elderly people with Covid 19 out of the hospitals into Care Homes to infect the inmates and kill thousands.

Now Johnson is trying to say that the thousands of deaths are nothing to do with them but was the incompetence of the Care Homes – incredible. No wonder those people are so angry.

So Jair Bolsonaro has Covid 19 – the little flu – well I hope he discovers it is more than the sniffles. If he were to die it would be poetic justice and good riddance. He is responsible for many deaths.

In the USA Trump is suffering a slump! Due to his appalling handling of both the virus and the BLM people are waking up to his incompetence. About time. The news is that he paid someone to take his exams for him because he knew he wouldn’t pass. I would believe that. His response to the slump in popularity is to move on to the attack and start using the race card. The protestors are now fascists attacking the wonderful heritage of the nation – that wonderful heritage is the slave owners, exploiters and profiteers, the racists, warmongers and callous elite. That’s OK with Trump – he’ll fire up his base. They love those confederate flags and good old days of the Ku Klux Klan.

Today I went for a walk up my hill. It was overcast but great. A kestrel hovered over our heads.  All was right with the world.

I came back, played some Traffic , cleared up after decoration, and tried to watch a bit of cricket (rain stopped play)

Here’s to more cricket tomorrow and a fairer, more equal world, rid of populists!!

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 106

The death toll dropped to its lowest level today – just 136 recorded deaths – but the real test will come in a few weeks time. The result of all the people congregating for the BLM rallies, the crowded beaches and Liverpool celebrations, the raves and street parties are all likely to produce a surge in cases.  It will take a couple of weeks for the people to show symptoms and maybe a week or two before they become ill enough to need a ventilator. Then we’ll know.

We’ve seen the stupid behaviour of many in the Southern States of the USA.  We’re now seeing the surge in cases as hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. Boggles me. We’ll see if they’ll still mouth Trump’s stupidity and claim it’s just a mild flu or a democratic hoax.  I wonder how many people will die from dosing themselves with bleach or hydroxychloroquine.

We’ve got the same over here with a bunch of people in denial or else just selfish young people who don’t think they will get it badly and don’t mind passing it on to others who might die.

Perhaps this is nature’s way of removing swathes of the most stupid?

I had to laugh when I read the article about the death-rate in the religious. It seems that being religious substantially increases your risk of death. Lol. Either we have a god with a sadistic sense of humour or it’s good to be an atheist. So much for the power of prayer.

They are now opening up air corridors between countries relatively free of the disease. Brazil and the USA are excluded – one in the eye for Trump and Bolsonaro.

I think I’ll learn some lessons and stay isolated. Today we went on a SD walk with our daughter, her partner and the grandchildren. It was great to see them but weird having to keep a strict distancing! But I think that is going to be the way of things for the foreseeable future – at least until the government gets its act together or the find a vaccine!

Over in the States and Brazil, it looks as if Trump and Bolsonaro’s bubbles have burst. Incredibly, here, the Tories, despite their ineptitude, are still ahead in the polls. Perhaps, when all the job losses start piling in, people will finally realise what a balls-up they’ve made of things. We’re not worst in the world for nothing.

To console myself I’ve been playing some Sonny Boy Williamson. I’m now off to watch a film!!

Stay safe!!