Definitions — Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, 

While fascism is defined as a product of the far-right it is just as evident in the far-left.

For me, fascism is associated with arrogance, racism and extreme authoritarian control. It divides and labels people. It promotes one group of people above others (even within nations) and sets up mechanisms for suppression and oppression.

Fascism is hierarchical. It sets up a powerful elite and establishes a means of crushing opposition, controlling the people and pumping out propaganda. It runs on fear and deploys secret police, torture and death.

There is no real difference between the way far-right Nazi parties, such as Hitler, Mussolini and Franco operated to that of far-left organisations such as with Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. They all worked on creating division, exterminating enemies, using fear, deploying propaganda, suppressing all opposition and suppressing the population.

We still operate tribally. We like to elect ‘strong’ leaders who put forward policies in black and white. These leaders often appear strong because they are psychopaths or sociopaths.

Much as school bullies attract sycophantic groups of henchmen and henchwomen who they use to help exert their power, fascist politicians attract both henchmen and followers who put their policies into action.

One has to wonder at the mentality of these people. One can see the attraction for those high up but there are similar benefits for those further down the organisation. They are part of the organisation. They have power over others. They are safe, rewarded and have power. Hence the secret police, the torturers, the executioners, the propagandists, the spokespeople, troops and their families feel superior and secure.

Fascism seems to be the default state for human politics. We see democracies such as the present-day USA and UK drifting towards it with Trump and Johnson. It is evident in Russia, with Putin, In China, North Korea and Brazil.

Fascism exists in many forms and can be an insidious force infiltrating the most benign governments. The Johnson government is showing fascistic tendencies – arrogance and superiority, control of the media, suppression of opposition, creation of division, ignoring of the law, move towards a one-party state.

We have to be forever vigilant.

Jonathan Pie – How Putin weaponized London’s greed!

As usual, Pie is spot on!! Funding the Tory Party, sleaze, corruption and populism. They landed us with Brexit and Johnson!! They made fools of us!! Now we’ve got the most incompetent government in the history of Britain!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 734

Today I was really beginning to feel that I was getting back to normal. The nasal congestion is receding, the cough has almost gone – just a bit of phlegm and feeling a little washed out.

The sun was shining brightly so I went for a walk up my hill. The fields were green and shone in the sunlight. It was very clear across to the sea. The snowdrops were looking more sprightly in the sunshine – like great swathes of snowdrifts. My kestrel flew overhead and was hovering over the fields hunting. Long-tail tits and colourful finches flitted along the hedgerows. Even so it felt desolate. The trees and hedges brown and skeletal – death-like. Spring has not really started in earnest yet.

On the way home I had to sit down for ten minutes as I was knackered. Covid takes it out of you.

Away in Ukraine, they are bravely fighting off the might of Russia. It looks as if Putin is not finding it as easy as he assumed it would be. The Ukrainians are putting up a spirited fight and there are heavy casualties. War is rarely an answer to anything. Hopefully, the Ukrainians will hold on and Putin will find that there is a huge Russian backlash against him.

We desperately need a different Russia, one that is a friend. It is an incredible place with amazing people. It doesn’t deserve this. Not that NATO doesn’t bear some responsibility!!

Mind you, Russia is not the only war. We have numerous wars going on with even more misery, death and terror than in the Ukraine and nobody seems to care.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the full extent of our Tory involvement with the Russian oligarchs has yet to be revealed. Not only do they give millions to Tory funds but they pay cash for citizenship, cash for privilege and cash for lobbying, cash for honours. London is a home for dirty Russian money putting millions in the pockets of Tory banker chums and billions into the economy.

The Tory Party is now looking to play host to the Mafia! The question is are the Tories actually behind the county lines criminal gangs – taking a cut? Perhaps the Cosa Nostra are acting as advisers?

Obviously farcical though the Sussex University Centre for the Study of Corruption has stated that this is the most corrupt government we’ve had since the 2nd World War.

It really doesn’t surprise me – we’ve had lobbying scandals, PPE and Covid contracts awards to chums, massive personal gains, cash for peerages, cash for lobbying and private meetings, illegal donations, second jobs earning millions, illegal lobbying, wallpapergate, holidaygate, wine, nosh, flights…………

Brexit and Covid have proved to be cash cows for the Tories. They’ve made a killing. No doubt people like Rees-Mogg will make millions out of the Energy Crisis and war in the Ukraine!

So, in our pandemic that no longer exists there were another 31,638 new cases with another 121 deaths. World beating as usual. Oven-ready funerals!

Stay safe!!

The Levelling Up Lie.

Levelling up is the latest distraction geared to take our minds off Johnson’s lies.

The trouble with Levelling Up is that it’s another lie!! They have put Gove in charge and there is a lot of words (no new ones), a lot of hot air. What there isn’t is any money!! Without money nothing will happen. It’s all lies!!

We are not just talking about the massive inequality that applies to the North and South. We are talking about the inequality between poor and rich, between black and white, between male and female, between privilege and the rest of us……

We have a society that is more unequal than it’s ever been!! That’s just how the overprivileged, wealthy Tories like it! To maintain this inequality was the reason the Tories were created in the first place!!

A couple of letters from yesterday’s Guardian…

‘The levelling up that’s needed is not just regional – it’s about building a fairer society in the whole of this wealthy country.

It means children from state schools having the same opportunities as those from private schools, and families from Cornwall to Norfolk, Newcastle to Bristol and Stoke being able to afford decent homes. It means no one having to choose between heating and eating, while for others the choice is which of their houses shall they spend this weekend in and in which car shall they travel to it.

It means taxing the rich, closing tax loopholes, giving contracts to the best rather than the best friends, and using a proper proportion of the nation’s wealth for those whose needs are greatest. It will never happen under a Conservative government.’

Joy Webb 

Penistone, South Yorkshire

‘Looking forward so much to our levelling up – to the day when every British citizen can afford to send their child to Eton.’

David Rintoul 


The positivity of Anne Frank

She was a prisoner in a secret hiding place surrounded by genocidal Nazis and war – yet she was so positive and was thinking about how to improve the world.

She puts us all to shame.

We could start by ridding the world of these extreme right-wing populists – Trump, Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi, Erdogan and Johnson.

These populists are, to a greater or lesser degree, the modern-day offspring of that same right-wing Nazi thinking that put such a wonderful human being as Anne Frank in a concentration camp and killed her.

When will we rid ourselves of populist fascism.


Have the Tories gone too far??

Well Johnson stood on the steps of Downing Street and told us that he had a plan for the care of the elderly.

He lied. He had no plan.

Now he has raised taxes and Notional Insurance to raise the capital for the NHS and Caring. In other words the poor will pay for it while the wealthy continue to shove their loot tax-free in the Cayman Islands.

Some plan.

Now energy prices are going through the roof. Brexit has caused price rises across the board. Interest rates are zooming. Petrol is way up. How can poor people manage??

Will all those silly people who voted Tory realise what fools they were???

Tories only represent their own. Tax cuts for the rich. Cuts for public services and the poor.