Poetry – What is it that Russia wants?

I wrote this two years ago before the Ukraine war. Trump and Johnson were both sucking up to Putin. The Russians were instrumental in getting Brexit done and electing Trump and Johnson – big funders of them and their campaigns.

What is it that Russia wants?

To divide and conquer

That is the simple plan.

Pumping out the cyber.

Doing all they can.

They want the USA divided

And Europe split apart.

Populist leaders

Who haven’t any heart.

They don’t need

To go to war.

Targetting views

Into the homes of the poor.

Spreading rumours

And conspiracy.

In some modern-day


A wedge between allies

Suspicion into minds.

Deep State is after you,

Break the ties that bind.

To divide and conquer

That is the simple plan.

Pumping out the cyber.

Doing all they can.


So who’s been sucking up to Putin and has all manner of dodgy deals in Russia??

Russia, under Putin, desperately wants to disrupt and undermine the West. He’s doing a good job of it too.

He’s been interfering in elections, sending out conspiracy theories and fake news and generally confusing everyone.

It’s all part of his plan.

Trump’s his ace card.

The Russian Connection!!

Just how far has Russia insinuated itself into British Politics?? How big a hold do they have over the economy and the Tory Party?

Why were so few oligarchs targeted and so much warning given?

How much has been paid to the Tory Party by Russians?

How involved were the Russians in Brexit and the elections of Trump and Johnson?

How much Russian funding did Farage and the Brexit Party receive?

Jonathan Pie – How Putin weaponized London’s greed!

As usual, Pie is spot on!! Funding the Tory Party, sleaze, corruption and populism. They landed us with Brexit and Johnson!! They made fools of us!! Now we’ve got the most incompetent government in the history of Britain!!