Poetry – Cynical Leadership

Cynical Leadership

Inciting, infiltrating and spinning


To prey upon the gullible.

Threatening, posturing and jeering


To enrage the peaceable.

Cajoling, lying and frightening


To scare the fallible.

Any tactic will do

To gain their power.

Illegal, immoral or insane

Turning the future sour.

Opher – 31.8.2020

I was thinking of Trump, Johnson, Cummings and Bolsonaro when I wrote this. I was thinking about the way they manipulate people with simplistic slogans; the way they drum up fear; the way they incite division and tribalism.

We’ve had the obnoxious reign of Trump and we’ve got the disaster of Brexit that will hit us in January 2021. All conjured up with blatant lies and duplicitous statements.

Spin, fake news, conspiracy and outright untruths.

That’s politics.

It stinks.



Definitions — Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, 

While fascism is defined as a product of the far-right it is just as evident in the far-left.

For me, fascism is associated with arrogance, racism and extreme authoritarian control. It divides and labels people. It promotes one group of people above others (even within nations) and sets up mechanisms for suppression and oppression.

Fascism is hierarchical. It sets up a powerful elite and establishes a means of crushing opposition, controlling the people and pumping out propaganda. It runs on fear and deploys secret police, torture and death.

There is no real difference between the way far-right Nazi parties, such as Hitler, Mussolini and Franco operated to that of far-left organisations such as with Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. They all worked on creating division, exterminating enemies, using fear, deploying propaganda, suppressing all opposition and suppressing the population.

We still operate tribally. We like to elect ‘strong’ leaders who put forward policies in black and white. These leaders often appear strong because they are psychopaths or sociopaths.

Much as school bullies attract sycophantic groups of henchmen and henchwomen who they use to help exert their power, fascist politicians attract both henchmen and followers who put their policies into action.

One has to wonder at the mentality of these people. One can see the attraction for those high up but there are similar benefits for those further down the organisation. They are part of the organisation. They have power over others. They are safe, rewarded and have power. Hence the secret police, the torturers, the executioners, the propagandists, the spokespeople, troops and their families feel superior and secure.

Fascism seems to be the default state for human politics. We see democracies such as the present-day USA and UK drifting towards it with Trump and Johnson. It is evident in Russia, with Putin, In China, North Korea and Brazil.

Fascism exists in many forms and can be an insidious force infiltrating the most benign governments. The Johnson government is showing fascistic tendencies – arrogance and superiority, control of the media, suppression of opposition, creation of division, ignoring of the law, move towards a one-party state.

We have to be forever vigilant.

Poetry – Fake News

Fake News

You can’t trust the media.

The experts are all wrong.

The scientists are all

In the pockets of the strong.

The net pumps propaganda:

Covid is about control.

There is no global warming.

Just burn the gas and coal.

Vaccines are poison.

The election was stolen.

Everything is fake

As coffers are swollen.

All the happy populists

Busy dividing countries,

Counting all their profits

Bringing nations to their knees.

Opher 5.1.2022

We’ve just suffered a great wave of populism. Cynically milking peoples’ dissatisfaction with politicians, experts, scientists and the media they have set themselves up as the only dispensers of truth.

While rubbishing other politicians, undermining experts and media, they have set out to divide and rule, spreading fear, hate and conspiracy.

For some reason a segment of the public seem to believe them. These populist sociopaths home in on genuine concerns. They set themselves up as saviours.

The truth is that they are using their power for their own ends and greatly profiting. Trump made $1.6 billion out of conning Americans. Bolsonaro is pocketing billions. Johnson will walk away from the mess he is creating with a fortune.

It is to be hoped that this wave of extremism burns itself out.

But then…. There has never been either a shortage of snake-oil quacks or gullible people.

Poetry – It’s a Dark Matter

It’s a Dark Matter

There is dark energy pervading politics

Creating ninety-five per cent ignorance.

At its centre is a dark matter.

It is driving everything apart

Swirling, spinning and careering

Into isolation.

It is banishing the warmth

Of togetherness.

Will we ever come back together again?

Opher – 30.10.2019

I was reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It makes up 95% of the mass of the universe and yet we know nothing about it.

It made me think.

All the energy and matter in the universe, every single atom and ray, makes up a mere 5% of what is out there. That is all we know about.

It is the Dark Energy that is driving the expansion of the universe. If it wasn’t for the Dark Energy gravity would pull us back together. Instead all our trillions of galaxies will spin off into the vacuum, become more and more isolated and die alone.

I thought this was analogous to the state of politics right now. There is a dark centre of populism and nationalism that is driving us apart, isolating us. It is based on ignorance. We can call it Trump, Brexit, Farage, Johnson or Bolsanaro.

Poetry – Fools are Fooled

Fools are Fooled

The gullible are roused

By the glib gamesman

With the gift of the gab

To suit a gnat’s attention span.

‘The threats from outside

Not from within.’

He tells them sincerely

While raking it in.

He watches them all

Through podgy piggy eyes.

Rubbing his hands

With disdainful disguise.

All too easy to play this game –

Fooling the punters –

Feeding them lines

Feeding the grunters.

Down through the centuries

The stupid are played

With statistics and fears

Cunningly displayed.

The men with the power

Pull all the strings.

While the ignorant sheeple

Keep taking it in.

They sneer as they speak

Knowing they will win.

People too stupid

To know where to begin.

They crow and they strut

Secure in their power

While the losers all pray

To their ivory towers.

Opher 17.6.2018

Well Trump was my model for this poem. His arrogance and disdain are so openly expressed. That is unusual. Most of the bastards keep it hidden. I think his sheer disbelief that he is getting away with it has created an open contempt. He thinks he can get away with anything.

We can be sure that there is at least one person in America who is getting incredibly rich with each passing second. He gloats about it.

One day we will wake up and stop putting people like this in charge.