Poetry – Fake News

Fake News

You can’t trust the media.

The experts are all wrong.

The scientists are all

In the pockets of the strong.

The net pumps propaganda:

Covid is about control.

There is no global warming.

Just burn the gas and coal.

Vaccines are poison.

The election was stolen.

Everything is fake

As coffers are swollen.

All the happy populists

Busy dividing countries,

Counting all their profits

Bringing nations to their knees.

Opher 5.1.2022

We’ve just suffered a great wave of populism. Cynically milking peoples’ dissatisfaction with politicians, experts, scientists and the media they have set themselves up as the only dispensers of truth.

While rubbishing other politicians, undermining experts and media, they have set out to divide and rule, spreading fear, hate and conspiracy.

For some reason a segment of the public seem to believe them. These populist sociopaths home in on genuine concerns. They set themselves up as saviours.

The truth is that they are using their power for their own ends and greatly profiting. Trump made $1.6 billion out of conning Americans. Bolsonaro is pocketing billions. Johnson will walk away from the mess he is creating with a fortune.

It is to be hoped that this wave of extremism burns itself out.

But then…. There has never been either a shortage of snake-oil quacks or gullible people.

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