Poetry – It’s a Dark Matter

It’s a Dark Matter

There is dark energy pervading politics

Creating ninety-five per cent ignorance.

At its centre is a dark matter.

It is driving everything apart

Swirling, spinning and careering

Into isolation.

It is banishing the warmth

Of togetherness.

Will we ever come back together again?

Opher – 30.10.2019

I was reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It makes up 95% of the mass of the universe and yet we know nothing about it.

It made me think.

All the energy and matter in the universe, every single atom and ray, makes up a mere 5% of what is out there. That is all we know about.

It is the Dark Energy that is driving the expansion of the universe. If it wasn’t for the Dark Energy gravity would pull us back together. Instead all our trillions of galaxies will spin off into the vacuum, become more and more isolated and die alone.

I thought this was analogous to the state of politics right now. There is a dark centre of populism and nationalism that is driving us apart, isolating us. It is based on ignorance. We can call it Trump, Brexit, Farage, Johnson or Bolsanaro.

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