Poetry – We All Shine On

We All Shine On

We all shine on.

Our words are whispers in the wind that murmur in the ears forever.

Our atoms throb within the brains of all who live,

And always will.

Our dreams fill the zeitgeist in which we float.

Our impact is eternal.

We enrich the zeitgeist of the world with every wish.

Our thoughts and dreams mingle in the void of forever.

Our ripples rise into a tsunami.

We are incorporated into the vibration that connects us to the stars.

For we have lived, desired and sought joy and enlightenment;

We have created with passion,

Loved with abandon

And painted pictures in the warm breezes.

That is surely enough?

Opher – 6.11.2019

When we are gone our bodies, artefacts, possessions and creations will all be gone. Our thoughts, dreams and memories will dissolve. Yet our contributions will remain. Nothing ever dies. Every word that sends a ripple of atoms to jiggle an eardrum slowly radiates out in ever expanding circles. In quiet moments we can hear the wisdom of our forebears whispering in our ears.

Our ideals also shine on invisibly to bathe others in their radiance and inspire hope.

Nobody ever dies while our echoes persist. We are absorbed into the vibration in which we all exist.

We all shine on – as John Lennon pointed out.

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