Poetry – Eternity.


I’m writing words for eternity.

Tomorrow I will type them into a computer.

I will collect them together with others

And print them in a book.

In the course of a number of tomorrows

I will be gone,

Yet strangely

The words will live on for a while.

How pointless is that??

Opher 4.1.2022

I often wonder what possible purpose does anything have?

Such human thinking.

The sun just is!

Poetry – We All Shine On

We All Shine On

We all shine on.

Our words are whispers in the wind that murmur in the ears forever.

Our atoms throb within the brains of all who live,

And always will.

Our dreams fill the zeitgeist in which we float.

Our impact is eternal.

We enrich the zeitgeist of the world with every wish.

Our thoughts and dreams mingle in the void of forever.

Our ripples rise into a tsunami.

We are incorporated into the vibration that connects us to the stars.

For we have lived, desired and sought joy and enlightenment;

We have created with passion,

Loved with abandon

And painted pictures in the warm breezes.

That is surely enough?

Opher – 6.11.2019

When we are gone our bodies, artefacts, possessions and creations will all be gone. Our thoughts, dreams and memories will dissolve. Yet our contributions will remain. Nothing ever dies. Every word that sends a ripple of atoms to jiggle an eardrum slowly radiates out in ever expanding circles. In quiet moments we can hear the wisdom of our forebears whispering in our ears.

Our ideals also shine on invisibly to bathe others in their radiance and inspire hope.

Nobody ever dies while our echoes persist. We are absorbed into the vibration in which we all exist.

We all shine on – as John Lennon pointed out.

Poetry – Reasons


It the face of eternity

It is only human to seek reasons.

When there are none to be found

We can always invent them.

Our brain has evolved

To interpret patterns,

Find answers,

Seek solutions.

When faced with infinity

We are unable to see it

As anything other

Than finity.

We invent beginnings

Ends and continuations

Where none


Our limitations

Dictate our dogma

And create a range

Of irrational beliefs.

Opher – 14.10.2019

It seems to me that we are entering a new age of irrationality. Superstition and irrational thought is on the rise hand in hand with extremism, isolation and retraction.

Instead of reaching out confidently to investigate the unknown we are retracting back into ourselves and looking to unsubstantiated beliefs to give us solace.

The Dark Ages are descending.

Poetry – Time if you please!

Time if you please!

The stars will follow on their course –

Rushing towards infinity.

The galaxies swirl and planets spin

Towards eternity.

Atoms whirl and molecules jiggle

As matter is heated and substances wiggle

And we are caught somewhere in the middle.

The arc of the sun our only hint

Of the massive speed of space.

The heat of metal searing our flesh

Our impression of atomic pace.

Our perception is caught between time;

Trapped between worlds,

As the macro and micro play out their game

And fast and slow unfolds.

Opher 25.5.2019

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that we are stuck between a macrocosm of immense size and speeds and the jiggling around of atoms. We see little of either – yet they are the reality.

As the sun performs its slow arc it is hard to imagine that it is really us spinning at 1000 MPH while both of us are careering along at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour!

When that metal burns us it is the result of the unseen jiggling of atoms.

I feel we are stranded in an unreality.

Is it all just a perception of time?

Poetry – Once


Only once!


In eternity,

                Out of nothing,

                                Into something!

From mineral

                To animal!

From mindless

                To conscious!


                Of how


There was nothing!


Opher 12.5.2019

There are the usual amazing things that boggle my mind – Like how a whole universe of zillions of stars came out of nothing – or how a bunch of minerals on a tiny planet in a minor galaxy all came together to form something that we describe as being alive – or how that life evolved to create feelings, consciousness and was even able to contemplate the wonders around it.


But hey – I don’t feel the need to create something even more fantastical to explain it. I’m content to be boggled.

Poetry – Long and Hard

Long and Hard

I have thought long and hard

About the moon that is so tired;

About the sun that soars above;

About you and me and our timeless love.

Behind me stacks eternity –

A pool of dark; an endless sea.

There ahead the glow must fade

And put an end to all we’ve made.

But for now we must surely shine

Mine in yours and yours in mine.

The sun and moon we’ll give a race,

Our laughter echoes in this place.

Opher 10.6.2015

Long and Hard

You think you have an endless time ahead. You haven’t. It soon passes.

All the things you were going to do and do not get started on.

Before we are born there is nothing and there in the future it becomes nothing again. These magic moments are all we have. It is important that we make the most of every second. It is a wondrous universe and there is much to wonder at. There are lots of lovers, friends and colleagues to laugh with.

Life is wonderful. We have to make the most of the wonders we are surrounded with.