Poetry – Politics Kills

Politics Kills

Each pronouncement from the chamber augers life and death.

Some are cast upon the stony ground to wither

While others are raised to the heights.

For politics kills.

As the politicians play their games of intrigue and power

Setting traps and playing tricks

In order to win

In the battle of wills.

Outside in the real world where desperation drives action

And minds cannot find a way out

From the pressure,

Politics kills.

Opher – 1.11.2019

Whether it is war or social services, the decisions made kill people.

Ten years of Tory austerity has blighted millions of lives. The food banks, homeless and zero hours trap is testimony to that.

Politics kills.

Poetry – Choices


You can choose who to hate

And choose who to love.

It’s merely a question of prejudice.

You can side with the haters

Or side with the innocent

It’s only a roll of your dice.

Perhaps it is birth

Or experience and circumstance

That dictates your views?

Perhaps it is the cool light

Of rational thought

Or merely what’s reflected in the news?

We are all victims of lies,

Subject to propaganda,

As malleable as plasticine.

It is the manipulators

Who pull all the strings

And obfuscate what is seen.

Opher – 26.10,2019

We do make choices as to which side we support. But how do we make those choices? And who is manipulating us?

Poetry – Choices


We stand at the apex of choice.

The road ahead forks.

The main track is clear,

More of the same,

As the trees dwindle

And the bird song dies

It becomes quiet.

To the side

There is a route that is verdant;

Alive with wings and rustles.

We have a choice.

Each decision has a cost.

Opher – 24.7.2019

We are trundling along on a juggernaut whose maw is gobbling up all before it and churning out plastic goods in its wake.

There is a decision to be made.