Poetry – Infinity 8 – An instant in time

Life and life only


That’s all we are – an instant in time – here and gone forever. A necklace of moments strung into some semblance of continuity.

Life is merely about maximising the wonder of each of those moments. We live them, waste them and love them.

Life is what we fill our moments with. I like to fill mine with as much as I can cram in. Life is about doing, being, feeling, loving, wonder and awe.

Even mountains only last a moment.

This is infinity:

Infinity 8 – An instant in time

I am the harbinger of doom

I am the harper of reality

I am the folded paper

I am the greatest strength

The power to wilt

I am Hercules and the Triple Goddess

I am forever and a day

I am Apollo and the great wealth

I am all that defies description

I am the will ‘o the wisp

I am the witches lesson

I am the herb’s power

Only the bard can glimpse my shroud

Opher 1973

I deliberately wrote these without punctuation. I wanted each line to be a meditation. Some of those still work for me. But hey – I was a kid!

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