The Orange Conman

The Orange Conman

The orange conman disguised as Robin Hood

Has his minions in a trance

One hand grabbing pussy

The other in his pants.

You would not believe to see them roar

That he’d ever ripped them off.

Falsifying tax returns,

A sly wink and a cough.

Their sending in their ragged dollars

For him to stuff away.

Stringing them along

As he steals their hard-earned pay

Now the tip of this massive iceberg

Is coming into sight.

The tax is the beginning

Of a far larger blight.

The Russian connections are all there.

The mafia involvement too.

As the great orange blimp

Wonders what to do.

He claims it’s all seething politics

While feathering his nest.

But all those crooked deals

Are coming home to rest.

Meanwhile, the poisoned GOP

Is pawing at the ground,

Not knowing which way to turn

And where it might rebound.

Do they take the moral stance

Or pretend that it’s all good.

They’re finding out the orange blimp

Has been no Robin Hood.

History won’t treat him kindly

When the full extent is known.

Stripes or arrows are his choice.

Now throw the big dog a bone!

Like a smarmy TV evangelist

He strung them all along.

Spun them a story

That was really strong.

We’re going to make it great again

And drain that swamp as well.

But he was the swamp dog

Who was sending them to hell.

Putin and that Kim Yong Un

Were his closest friends

Promising World War Three

As the end descends.

With a bloody insurrection

To the sound of a rattling gun

The orange blimp is deflating

Now his race has run.

All that forever remains,

In the stink of that ugly tower,

The stench of a narcissist

Who had no finest hour.

Opher 4.4.2023

Will we ever get the full story of this crook? All his underhand deals, the underworld connections? The Russian porno tapes and all those scandals and lies? I doubt it. He’ll wriggle free.

If you’re a crook, no matter who you are, you should be locked up.

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