What is it for?

What is it for?

What is it for?

                What purpose can there be?

Justice and peace;

                Setting people free?

We’ll never stop

                ‘Til we’ve gained equality

For all of nature

                And humanity.

Joy in the sunset

                Wonder in the sea

Ecstasy in rock,

                Bee and tree.

Finding that the universe

                Is all part of me.

Opher 3.12.2021

Who knows? We have to make it up.


Quantum Fever – A Sci-fi novel. Capitalism out of control.

Quantum Fever

Capitalism gone mad.

The System is made up of thousands of planets housing trillions of people in tiny doms arranged in tiers.

The Consortium are a group of wealthy capitalists who live above the metropolis in floating mansions. The name of the game is expansion and profit.

The Quships cross quantum space in search of planets to either colonise or plunder for resources in order to maintain the system.

Quantum Fever is a disease that affects people who jump the weird reaches of quantum space.

Was Tahsin Roeg suffering from Quantum Fever or were the Consortium seeking to control her?

What of the alien planet she discovers?

Were the Primitives going to achieve their dream?


Chapter 1

I hate every minute of being in such an elite club. I play the game and I know I do it well but it really is not me. Inside I am still Tahsin Roeg, the ordinary girl from the deeper beltways of Haven.

Having this rare ability has been my ticket out of the lower tiers. At first, I revelled in it. Who would not feel good about being able to do something that so few other people could do? For someone like me, now in my middle age, short, rather dumpy and plain looking and possessing a phobia about Nano surgical recontouring, it surely proved a lifeline for my ego.

Who would not feel great about being made to feel so special, or having the potential to be elevated into such a high position in society? That skill provided me with a status that was otherwise unattainable.

My rare ability transformed the future for my entire family and gave me a pass to a life, that as an otherwise rather average girl, I could only have imagined – attaining that place in the sky we all dream of.

The skill made me wealthy and famous, but it had not made me happy and now I was finding that it was not at all fulfilling either.

Disillusionment leaves a rancid taste.

I began to see it for what it was – emptiness – sheer emptiness – all sham, all front.

We thought we were part of their club but we really were not. All we Quship Skippers were being used. We were expendable. They, ‘The Consortium’, exploited our talent, paid us handsomely but would discard us as soon as we were of no further use to them. We moved in their world but we were not part of it.

Worse than that – they thought they possessed the right to control us.

There was an epiphany when I woke up to what the Consortium was really doing. For some reason I had shut my mind to it. Now my eyes were opened. I could clearly see what game they were playing. It was so obvious.

No matter how much I tried to kid myself that I was doing a good job and bringing back the resources that everyone needed, I knew I was really working for a bunch of crooks who I did not think were very nice. They certainly were not doing it for the people – that was for sure. The whole business made me feel used and grubby. Somehow, despite all my best intentions, I had lost contact with the friends I used to have in the lower tiers. Looking back now I can see that the moment I left to start the intensive training was when I subconsciously broke away from my roots. I severed that umbilicus. It was something I was now regretting. I was starting to wonder what had become of my friends. We had shared so much. They must have felt abandoned, betrayed.

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Poetry – The Sun Just is.

The Sun Just is.

The sun just is.

                The story reads itself.

Any dream is as real.

A mind roams the universe.

                We feel

                                We think

                                                We see.

Everything adds up to nothing.

Nothing contains it all.

                We wonder

                                We taste

                                                We conjure.

Reality is inexplicable.

Consciousness an illusion.

                We touch

                                We think

                                                We disappear.

I just am

                When I am.

Opher – 7.12.2021

Explaining infinity, consciousness, dreams or reality requires magic.

We exist.

There is no explanation.

Poetry – Why are you Here?

Why are you Here?

Why are you here

                My green-eyed girl?

To travel around

                And give it a whirl;

To think and to see

                To love and to find;

To give it my all

                And leave nothing behind.

Opher 3.12.2021

A brief interlude in the midst of nothing.

You just get started, figure out what it’s about, and it’s over.

Poetry – What will we do?

What will we do?

What will we do

                Now that we’re here?

We’ll do everything

                Until it becomes clear.

We’ll dance through our dreams

                Face all our fear.

We’ll stand up to you

                With laughter and tears.

Opher 3.12.2021

What the hell are we doing?

We’re filling an interlude.

Poetry – What is it for?

What is it for?

What is it for?

                What purpose can there be?

Justice and peace;

                Setting people free?

We’ll never stop

                ‘Til we’ve gained equality

For all of nature

                And humanity.

Joy in the sunset

                Wonder in the sea

Ecstasy in rock,

                Bee and tree.

Finding that the universe

                Is all part of me.

Opher 3.12.2021

Who knows? We have to make it up.

Poetry – Where do you come from?

Where do you come from?

Where do you come from

                My brown-eyed boy?

From the Milky Way

                With its four hundred billion stars;

From a solar system,

                A planet close to Mars;

From a chemical soup

                Creating molecules that think

From a mutant chimp

                And a missing link.

That’s where I am from,

                Where I live,

                                What I call home.

Opher – 3.12.2021

I was watching The Universe on TV last night

It makes you think.

Poetry – Living in a Haze

Living in a Haze

Living in a haze

Of routine,



Running through

Mundane existence.

Amid the wonders

Of possibility

We settle for the ordinary.

We squander

The moments

And fail

To treasure

What is around us.

Opher 26.12.2018

We live in a huge mystery and magnificent universe where colossal energies are forging new stars and galaxies of trillions of stars collide. Yet we lay the stove and cook the meals as if every day was not amazing.

Poetry – Time is Limited

Time is Limited

They say time is infinite

But it isn’t.

It starts one day,


But not long ago –

Out of timelessness

Into life,

With no distinct moment

To mark its birth.

It proceeds



Without end –

Until it stops.

Time ends.

Opher 26.12.2018

It is the sound of one hand clapping. It seems to me that the infinite reaches of the universe and time only exist while there is a consciousness to acknowledge it.

I do not remember the moment of my origination. My consciousness came into being. There were no distinct boundaries, no moment when I became aware.

Be warned. When I am gone the universe and time will cease to exist.