Poetry – Irony


It is the people who make the most fuss about freedom

Who are the ones quickest to deny the freedom of others.

Is their idea of freedom little more than licence for themselves

And oppression for their brothers?

Are the people who delight in derogatory language

Not the ones who are

Intolerant of criticism,

Like bullies in the midnight choir?

Opher – 9.5.2019

I hear a lot of talk from many Americans who cherish their freedom, who feel that PC is an infringement of their rights.

I feel that what they really crave is not freedom but the license to abuse and bully.

Any freedom that robs other people of their power, rights or freedom, that causes oppression or fear, is nothing more than tyranny and bullying.

Communities are about compromises, empathy and understanding. Nobody is entitled to absolute freedom.

This John Wayne fantasy is incredibly harmful.

Freedom is fairness, consideration and finding the middle ground.

Everyone should have their rights preserved – not just a loud, brash few.

License is freedom to abuse and oppress.

Emma Raducanu – A product of Multicultual Britain

Forget the insular xenophobia of Brexit! Hybrids are stronger!!

Instead of shutting ourselves off we should be opening up borders and making ourselves strong!

Emma Raducanu, our latest British tennis sensation, is a prime example!

How the nation cheered her!!

Born in Canada with Chinese and Romanian parents and brought up in England!! A triumph for both immigration and multiculturalism!!

One in the eye for brainless racists!!

Poetry – So the story goes

So the story goes

There are rape gangs grooming kids.

There are terrorists in every nook.

We are flooded with armies of immigrants

Intent on imposing Sharia law.

They are subverting our values!

Imposing their fanaticism!

So the story goes!

The authorities,

Shackled by PC

Are scared of being called racist

And refuse to act.

So the story goes.

Tommy Robinson is the peoples’ champ,

The exposer of Muslim atrocities.

So the story goes.

This is the narrative

That streams out

Of the far-right

Propaganda sites.

The exaggerations

That takes the seeds of real problems

And blows them up

Into nightmares

To generate fear and hatred.

So the fake news goes.

Opher 7.12.2018

Within this battle of extremes lies the real truth. There are big problems that need confronting and dealing with.

What we do not need are the fanatics that would light the blue touch-paper for their own ends.

Some people benefit from sowing the seeds of fear and hate.

How much did Tommy Robinson crowd-fund?

Poetry – The Story of Fascism

The Story of Fascism

It starts with fear and hatred

Of the outsider,

Of all who are different.

It proceeds through blame

To attribute the wrongs

To the chosen targets.

It creates simplistic panaceas

Of black and white.

It is idealistic.

If only these problems

Were addressed,

These people removed,

Perfection could be achieved.

It operates through an air of superiority

Through arrogance and certainty.

Only some are worthy.

There is a hierarchy of evils.

There are means to an end.

Power is the vehicle.

Morality is shelved.

The solution requires

The methodology.

Compassion is a weakness.

It is a cancer.

It is a cancer.

It is a cancer.

That cancer is destroyed through the chemo of education, love, friendship and the final recognition that we are no better than anybody else.

We are all one, all equal.

If we work together we are stronger.

Opher 11.12.2017

It seems we are always going through this cycle where we embrace this ideology of fascism. We are going through a phase. The right is on the march. Populism, with all its ugly hate and fear, is a growing phenomenon.

Fear of Muslims. Fear of immigration. Fear of the outsiders. It seems to generate a response. That response is a great lurch to the right. Hysteria. Fascism.

We’ve fought wars to rid ourselves of this scourge but still is regularly arises.

These people see themselves as warriors standing up for the purity of their race. They feed off the stories that generate fear and hate. They exaggerate and invent the horror stories until the minds are clouded and the defence mode is paramount.

Woody Guthrie had a sign on his guitar – THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS.

Yes – that is true. You kill fascism through education, intercourse and understanding. Music is more powerful than bullets.

Poetry – Don’t Ratify the Deal

It has cost us £130 billion to make the country divided, full of hate and empower racists. Think what could have been done with £130 billion!!

Don’t Ratify the Deal

Promises and lies.

Exaggerations and fears.

All guaranteed to end in tears.

Led down the garden path.

They must be having a laugh.

Democracy is all about voting.

With Brexiteers out there gloating.

They don’t care if it makes us poor.

Ideology and tribalism at their core.

Now we know what it’s all about

We need another vote without a doubt.

But though they yell about democracy.

That doesn’t seem to count for you and me.

‘We’ve had the vote!’ they shout.

‘We’re bloody going out!!’

‘But they lied. We hadn’t a clue.’

‘Shut the fuck up you Remoaner crew!’

Opher 18.11.2018

All rational thought has gone out of the window. It’s all emotion and tribal.

The country is divided.

Ad hominem rules.

Nastiness is unleashed.

Name-calling and tribalism clouds discussion.

Nobody is looking at whether this is good for the country.

Poetry – The Caravan of Fear

This poem harks back to the time when a caravan of immigrants fleeing poverty and violence were heading for the US/Mexican border.

The populist response, by Trump and other right-wingers, was to paint them as evil terrorists, rapists, drug dealers and murderers. To build a wall and keep them out. To separate families and put them in cages.

Populists use fear, racism and simplistic answers to stir up hate and bolster their support.

The sensible response would be to look at the underlying reasons for this migration and coordinate a global response to deal with it.

Mass migration is going to get worse with global warming and global inequality. People love their children. They’ll do anything to put food on the table and give them a future – even walk across a continent.

The Caravan of Fear

The toxic caravan of fear is drawing near

Loaded with rapists, murderers and drugs.

An invasion force with gangs and bangs

Made up of vicious, dirty thugs.

Hiding behind the Babies prams and scams

Funded by some shady men

Fearless Trump with bite and might

Will drive them back again.

Opher 7.11.2018

It was amazing to see how Trump manipulated the caravan of refugees into an invading army of gangs and terrorists. He had barbed wire erected and thousands of troops deployed to resist the ‘invasion’.

Trump insinuated that Muslim terrorists, drug gangs and criminals had inserted themselves into the caravan of Central American refugees and were using the women and babies as a shield. There is no evidence of this at all. It was all manufactured to play on the imagination and fears of the electorate.

This is precisely where the hatred, fear and division stems from.

Every single day 325,000 people fly into the USA. A number of them stay illegally.

It makes the whole Trump fantasy around the Central American refugees look a bit daft, doesn’t it? 325,000 a day – 7000 in total.

The truth is that they 7000 merely needed processing, like any others, when they eventually reach the US border. They need to follow the rules. There is no invasion or drama. Some may be given refugee status some might be returned.

It was just an excuse, with racist overtones, used by Trump to drum up fear in order to generate votes.

Of course there can’t be unlimited immigration. There has to be a way of dealing with it. This isn’t it!