Fascism – the cause and who is milking it.

Patriotism is just nationalism dressed up pretty – both despicable. One people – one world – all important.

The cause of fascism?

It’s when people start being in fear of their jobs or struggling to survive. They look for the reasons. The fascist politicians like Trump point to immigrants, blacks and Latinos. They say stupid shit like Make America Great Again, Build Walls and support outdated industry.

It’s no answer but it makes sense to some people.

The real problem is inequality. AI and automation have made ordinary workers redundant. Outsourcing to third world countries with cheap labour and terrible work conditions, no health and safety and no environmental limitations exacerbates the problem.

The rich get richer at the expense of the poor.

Trump was cynical. He played on the fears and hopes. He is a billionaire, masquerading as a friend to the poor, who was feathering his nest, stirring up division and hate and coming up with silly solutions for his own ends..

Walls and old tech are not going to solve this. The wealthy have to be taxed more leading to a greater distribution of wealth. At present, it is all being channelled to the top.

We’re only seeing the tip of this. Much worse is to come.

When driverless cars and self-stacking supermarkets happen the drivers and shelf-stackers on zero-hours will be pushed out. The majority of people will not be needed. The wealthy owners will take all the money.

We either sort it with taxation or we end up with the extreme wealthy living in walled communities protected by drones and robots while the rest of us fight it out for scraps in order to survive on nothing. That’s when it descends into Mad Max and fascism.

The people who support Trump or Bolsonaro foolishly think these macho guys will fix it.

The macho guys like Trump and Bolsonaro are conning them all. They are part of the problem. They are the billionaires siphoning off the money. They don’t want to ‘fix’ the problem. They offer short-term solutions.

Fascism breeds off fear, insecurity, inequality and dread of the future. Fascism requires scapegoats, elitism and easy solutions. Fascism is the ultimate right-wing control.

Bye Bye Donny an X-rated Farewell Song For Trump

Impeached for a second time, discredited, exposed and shamed. He tried to organise a coup to steal the Presidency. He incited mass insurrection —– and —— life his business empire ——– he failed.

Even the Republicans left with some degree of integrity realise that he is a fascist piece of scum whose incompetence has led to hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

Goodbye Donny – we’ll miss you! We’ll miss the empowerment of Nazis and the lies! We’ll miss the racism, misogyny, hate and division!

Now we’ll have to see if the Republican senators have a shred of morality left!

Bye Bye Donny – A Farewell Song for Trump – YouTube

A Letter in the Guardian that says a lot about Covid, Brexit and the Hostile Environment. Jane Ghosh.

John Peachey sent me this through. It sums up what a lot of us think. There is an underlying racism that lurks in a segment of our population. It is a hatred of foreigners. It fuelled Brexit and created a nasty hostile environment – a policy adopted by the Tory Home Office under Priti Patel, that drove many crucial workers out of the country – highly competent doctors, nurses and carers, vegetable pickers and factory workers. Just the very people we all rely on during this pandemic.

Jane Ghosh summed it up.

‘Hospitals face horrendous choices over who gets care’
When will the public and our government wake up to the fact that we have been landed in this situation because EU and commonwealth citizens have been made to feel unwanted by Brexit rhetoric, anti immigration measures and entrenched xenophobia? If we had welcomed people to work here, our Nightingale hospitals could have been staffed and there would be no need to ration care.
Jane Ghosh.Bristol



One day xenophobia

will begin to rust.

People will smile

and help each other

And fall about in lust.

They’ll make the world a better place

Solve every problem — just

And hate and war

And nastiness

Will become



OPHER 11.5.98

I believe a person’s life is like a stone thrown into a pond. It generates ripples.

Those ripples can be a force for good

Or they can be a force for evil.

We swim in the ripples we all create.

Some people’s lives barely brush the surface

While others generate huge tidal waves that sweep history along

If there are enough of us our waves build together in harmony.

I aim to make as many ripples as I can with my short life

My waves may be small but they lap out against everyone and spark other ripples

They can become as big as tsunamis and carry all before them

Our ripples build the zeitgeist in which we all are formed;

All of us are moulded but

Some help form the mould.

Together we can change the world for the better.

Here – I throw another pebble in.

See the ripples spread?

Here – share my pebbles.

Poetry – Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter.

How can that be controversial?

In a world

Where blacks are shot for being black

There is no level playing field.

Until we achieve true equality

It is tribal warfare.

But we should be fighting for progress.

No split: no wedge.

Poor whites too

Require equality.

It is better that we are together,

Fighting the same battles

Against the exploiters.

Opher – 28.10.2020

Racism is a handy tool in the toolbox of inequality.

By keeping us all diverted onto religion and racism they can continue their practice of exploiting us all.

By creating fake political divisions (and orchestrating both sides) they can divert us from what is really going on.

What is really going on is that the wealthy are manipulating us so that they can cream off the world’s wealth while giving us as little as they can get away with.

They like war, pandemics, racism and political division.

Ask not who is in control.

Poetry – Make life fair

Make life fair

They say that life ain’t fair,

That white hates black,

It’s tribal warfare.

But that’s not the full story.

Invisible people pull strings

For their own glory.

Seeking to confuse

To sow division

With offers we can’t refuse.

What they hate is equality.

They prefer to be elite

And nurture that reality.

Opher – 28.10.2020

The elite live in their penthouses plotting how to increase their wealth and power. They like us confused and divided. They fear us becoming unified. The last thing they want is a fair world. That would be the end of their elitist way of life.

They buy politicians. They dictate policy through bribery and threats. They control.

They own the media and control the spin.

They like racism and sexism. It is good to have us at each other’s throats.

They like war.

They like riots.

They put Trump into office. They will put Biden in.

The American Election – some thoughts

What happens in America affects the whole world.

The establishment will still control everything whoever gets in, but that does not mean that nothing changes. These two candidates represent radically different views on many issues.

It seems to me that if Trump gets re-elected he will continue to:

trash the environment

pollute for profit

undermine science

undermine experts

promote neo-nazi groups

promote guns

reduce women’s rights

promote evangelical christianity

feather his own nest with tax evasion, nepotism and corruption

continue his war scapegoating immigrants and muslims

cosy up to tyrants

break ties with allies

continue his trade wars

interfere in other country’s politics

foster division and fuel hatred

empower racists, xenophobes, misogynists and white supremacists

and continue to lie

Biden may be old, and he may represent the establishment (just like Trump does) but he might just begin to heal the massive wound that is tearing America apart. The wound that Trump is deliberately ripping open for his own ends. He will bring back some Presidential decorum and raise the status of America from out of the sewer Trump has put it into.

That’s how it looks to me. What do you think?

Naivety and my friend Bali – Extract from ‘Farther from the Sun’.

I had been naïve and ignorant. My eyes were opened when I walked around town with my friend Bali – Mohamed Iqbal to give him his full title. I saw the rudeness first hand. I saw the way he could not get served in some shops. I saw the way a shopkeeper would put the money down on the counter in case they might touch his hand. Even when nothing was said you could see the loathing and hatred in their eyes.

He lived with that on a daily basis. He was intelligent and sensitive with a great sense of humour.

“How do you put up with it?” I asked.

“You just have to laugh,” he said. “If you let it get to you you’d become twisted. Not everybody is like it.”

“But doesn’t it make you angry? It’d make me feel like punching them! I’d want to get a gun and shoot the bastards.”

“I don’t know if that would solve the problem,” he laughed.

For all my ideals he is a better man than I am. I couldn’t put up with that level of abuse every day. I’d explode!


Racism in London Schools in the 1980s – Extract from ‘Father from the Sun’.

I see a world without war or terrorism, where art, poetry, drama and dance are valued and appreciated.



We lived in a predominantly white area. I wanted to widen the experience of the students I taught. I figured that getting to know black and brown people as real people and not mere stereotypes, would alter attitudes. My first attempt was to organise a cultural exchange with Asian kids from Bradford. I went on a few multicultural courses to see if I could get it arranged.

One course had these two Headteachers talking about racism and the effect it had on students in their schools. This was in the early 80s with the National Front, British Movement Nazi Skinhead running on the streets.

One Asian girl had moved into the area with her family. She was twelve and extremely intelligent. In the tests, she was flying high. She seemed happy and socially well adapted.

In her second term, things started to tail off. She wasn’t completing homeworks. She was absent a lot and often late to class. Her test results were tumbling.

The school followed the normal procedures and wrote home but received no response. They talked to the girl but she was quiet and sullen and wouldn’t open up. Then she went absent for over a month. They visited her address but it was empty and the address appeared burnt out.

When she returned to school they questioned her again. “Had she moved?”

No. They were still living there but she told her teachers that nobody would answer if anybody called. They were scared. If they wanted she could take them home with her to meet with her parents.

They took her home. The downstairs was completely burnt out. The family lived in two rooms upstairs. The council refused to house them because they accused the family of deliberately burning the house out in order to be rehoused.

The family had a different tale.

Shortly after they’d moved in, they claimed to have been subjected to racial taunting, threats and abuse. Gangs of youths would appear outside and throw stones at their windows. They had reported it to the police but nothing had happened. In the end, they’d had to board up all the windows.

Then one night, while they were all asleep, petrol had been poured through the front and back door and the house set alight. They’d been lucky to get out but all the downstairs was gutted.

Yes, of course, it was affecting their daughter’s education. She had nowhere to work. She was frightened all the time. She kept expecting another firebombing and thought they were all going to be killed. She was often late because she had to be taken to school otherwise she was attacked and beaten up on the way to school. She’d just been off school for a long period because her mother had been attacked while taking her to school, and had been kicked and stamped on. She’d been in hospital and couldn’t so take her daughter to school. The father had also been attacked and hospitalised. He had suffered a fractured skull when he had opened the door to be smashed around the head with a cricket bat.

It all sounded too terrible.

The school sent someone round to stay the night and verify the attacks.

Sure enough, at two a.m. a gang of youths appeared outside and began shouting up at them and throwing bricks at the boarded-up windows. The police were phoned and half an hour later a police car came and parked up the road. The police watched the youths throwing stones for half an hour and then drove off.

The result of the school’s greater understanding of what was going on with their student was that they banned the police from coming on site. In their view, the people who were meant to the there to protect people were part of the problem.

This is England in the 1980s. This is a bastion of civilisation. This is freedom.



I see a world where architecture and human culture respects the environment and is in harmony with it. Where there is no habitat destruction or pollution and other life is sanctified and protected.



So what o the British Movement and National Front hope to achieve? To make it horrible enough for anyone with a different coloured skin that they decide to pack up and go home?

Not according to my friends with the adopted black children. The black community was not moved to move away. The attacks merely created anger and frustration. It created hatred. It also created revenge and vigilante action. Gangs of Asian youths organised and set about attacking whites, lying in wait for the white gangs, but attacking anyone who fitted the description. Areas rapidly became no-go areas.

My friends moved to Leeds and set up home in Whitechapel. They were accepted by the black community. When we visited we were told to park elsewhere and they’d meet us and escort us in, otherwise, we might get attacked.

Is this the type of country we want to build?


BLM – Ritchie Havens – What You Gonna Do About Me?

In this time of social change with a big surge of hope for greater equality as Black Lives Matter and George Floyd provides momentum this song from the late Ritchie Havens takes on greater poignancy.

My Favourite Protest Songs – Ritchie Havens – What You Gonna Do About Me?

This is another one for the environmental vandal Trump and in support of Black Lives Matter.

This is a song off the great album The Blind Degree.  I used to play this a lot.

When things are wrong it is incumbent on all right-minded people to stand up and protest. We cannot allow the greedy and selfish to trash the planet. We cannot allow inequality to poison our society.

It is time the environmental movement, the Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-fascist movements combined. We are all opposing the same greedy minority.

What you gonna do about us? We are gonna stick up for what we believe in and we’re prepared to be shot down.

What You Gonna Do About Me? – Ritchie Havens

You poison my sweet waters; you chop down my green trees
And the food you feed my children is the cause of that ill disease
My world is slowly falling down and the air is not fit to breathe
And those of us who care enough, we have to do something
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

Your newspapers – they just put you on
They never tell you the whole story
They just put your young ideas down
I was wondering if this was the end of their pride and glory?
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

I work in your factories and I study in your schools
I fill your penitentiaries and your military too
I can feel the future trembling as the word is passed around
If you stick up for what you do believe in, be prepared to be shot down
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

I feel just like a stranger in the land where I was born
And I live just like an outlaw; I’m always on the run
Always on the run, they got me always on the run

Oh, your soldiers smoke marijuana, you can’t put them behind your walls
Because most of what you taught them to do is against most of your laws
We’re all fugitives from injustice now but we’re going to be free
Because your rules and regulations don’t do the things for me
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

You may be the stronger now, but my time will come around
You keep adding to my numbers as you shoot my people down
I can feel the future trembling as the word is passed around
We are going to stick up for what we do believe in, and we’re prepared to be shot down
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

I feel just like a stranger in the land where I was born
And I live just like an outlaw; I’m always on the run
Always on the run, they got me always on the run