The Stench of Extreme Nationalism.

The extreme ERG has always flirted with fascism. Their xenophobia, outright racism and nationalism is repulsive. They are relics of a by-gone age – the age that put up statues that we want to pull down. Their nastiness is only exceeded by their corrupt greed. They arrogantly think they are a law to themselves.

The stench covers the land.

Poetry – No War has ever been won

No War has ever been won

No war has ever been won.

We always count the casualties.

It always resounds down the centuries.

No war can ever be won.

We all lose when we start.

The billions we spend on guns

Is taken from a range of funds.

No war is ever won.

When we turn to war

We traumatise so many.

Winners? There are not any.

You can never win a war.

No war has ever been won.

We count the cost in hate;

Minds broken on winds of fate.

For no war can ever be won.

When that is what we choose

We all lose.

Opher 23.10.2019

Every war resonates down the centuries – hatreds are stoked for centuries. We’re still fighting the First World War, the Battle of the Boyne and all the rest.

They are never forgotten.

The winners are scarred. The losers are scarred.

We are all the poorer. The traumatised, with their PTSD, clog up our streets, our hospitals and our mental homes. The anger, violence and hatred resound through our communities.

Nobody ever wins a war.

Poetry – British Bulldogs

British Bulldogs

British bulldogs – one, two, three

Fed on British beef!

Using bullet and boot to rule the world

Just another thief.

Scandal sheets – drip, drip, drip

Times, Mail and Sun!

Feeding lies of superiority!

Using populist bullshit and fear

To suppress the minority.

Elitist garbage – drip, drip, drip

Telegraph, Express and Standard!

Mixing celebrities and sport

With political propaganda

Of the vilest sort.

British bulldogs – one, two, three

Fed on British beef!

Using bullet and boot to rule the world

Just another thief.

Opher 15.9.2019

We’ve been fed on this mantra of greatness; that Britons are the greatest people in the world and once we ruled the whole planet.

It’s garbage.

Britain is a great place to live because working people fought for our rights and freedoms.

The Tabloid press drip-feeds a mantra of xenophobic nonsense.

We are no better or worse than other people.

Tory Liar Bumbles!! Populism is an extreme policy of division and hate.

This is the image the world has of us – a nation that elects a populist shambles of a clown; a nation ruled by an incompetent populist liar; a nation where intelligence has gone out the window.

Populism courts popularity through creating division, using racism, xenophobia and artificially stoking division.

It covers up the incompetence, greed, sleaze and stupidity.

This moron got Brexit done by plunging the nation into a terrible deal just so that he could prosper. He put his own wealth and power in front of the good of the nation.

Boris Johnson Fighting Sleaze

How do you fight sleaze? As every populist knows you look for scapegoats, the French are handy, but there are always refugees, you summon up racist images and panda to the most obnoxious. Deflect attention from the blatant sleaze onto other topics. Talk shit.

It worked for Trump and Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi and Erdogan. It is working for Johnson.

They are getting away with murder and will walk away rich beyond belief.

Macron says Johnson’s a Clown – pandering to public opinion.

“It is sad to see a major country with which we could do huge numbers of things being led by a clown.”

I agree with Macron.

Like all populists Johnson does what he thinks will gain him popularity regardless of its effect on the country, the hate and division or the loss of money or lives.

That’s populism for you – catering to the lowest common denominator, using racism and scapegoating.

Reading what Macron had to say about him is saddening. He called him a clown and despaired at the decline of a great nation.

This is what Macron had to say about him:

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, referred to Boris Johnson in a private conversation as a “clown”, according to reports in France.

The political magazine Le Canard enchaîné, often described as the French equivalent of Private Eye, reported Macron as saying the British prime minister has “the attitude of a vulgarian”.

It came as Macron complained about Johnson’s behaviour after the leaders spoke by phone after last Wednesday’s sinking of a refugee boat in the Channel.

The French president was angered after Johnson tweeted a letter outlining a five-point plan to tackle the issue of Channel crossings. “I spoke two days ago with prime minister Johnson in a serious way,” Macron said at a press conference on Friday after the tweet. “For my part I continue to do that, as I do with all countries and all leaders. I am surprised by methods when they are not serious. We do not communicate from one leader to another on these issues by tweets and letters that we make public.”Advertisement

But according to the magazine, the president was even more damning in private. It quoted him as saying: “BoJo talks to me at full speed, everything is going fine, we have discussions like big people, and then he gives us a hard time before or afterwards in an inelegant way. It’s always the same circus.”

It added that Macron told his advisers that Johnson apologised privately for making France a scapegoat publicly over issues such as the Channel crossings and the “sausage war”.

Macron reportedly said: “It is sad to see a major country with which we could do huge numbers of things being led by a clown.”

It came as former French ambassador to the UK Sylvie Bermann told Times Radio that relations between France and the UK had “never been as bad since Waterloo”.

The French president is also understood to have blamed Johnson’s attitude towards France on the shortcomings of the Brexit deal.

Macron allegedly said: “Brexit is the starting point of the Johnson circus. Very quickly he realised that the situation was catastrophic for the British. There was no petrol in the pumps, there were shortages of a whole pile of products.

“He is positioning himself as the victim and making France the scapegoat. He tries to turn simple situations into complex problems. We’ve been in this position since March. He’s done it over the ‘sausage war’, over fishing, over the submarine affair.

“In private he says he’s sorry to behave like this, but he says that he has to consider public opinion over everything else.”