The Benefits of a Tory Brexit

  1. You get to queue for hours to get abroad
  2. You have red tape, delays and extra costs
  3. You can’t work, travel or study abroad without major obstacles
  4. The cost of labour has gone up so the cost of living has gone up
  5. We have massive costs with extra staff and facilities at borders carrying out unnecessary checks on goods and people
  6. We have huge lorry parks for delayed goods
  7. We have the break up of the UK with Northern Ireland and Scotland in dire straits
  8. We have food rotting in fields, fishermen losing their market, hotels and caterers with staff shortages, no carers, NHS staff shortages
  9. We have a loss of trade with firms moving abroad or going bust through delays, loss of markets or additional costs, tariffs, red tape and staff shortages.
  10. We have massive price increases in the shops and shortages of many goods.
  11. We are replacing, at great cost, cheap EU workers, with more expensive workers from Africa and India.
  12. We have worse trade deals with distant countries.

We do, however, have a lot of very wealthy people, like Rees-Mogg, who made a fortune out of it!!

Welcome to Tory Brexit!! The impoverished land of lies and deception. Guess how many million Boris Johnson will have made out of Brexit and his job as PM?? Watch all the money pouring in.

Ever been duped???

Poetry – Elections


Elections with crosses deciding our fate.

Philosophies and creeds in all different shapes

With the hopes of millions the weak and the great.

The jubilant and despondent pondering the course

Of the campaigns and voting – their whims and their source

Now fixed in concrete as the electorate endorse.

The country waits with bated breath

To watch the outcomes, promotions and death

To see the dust settle and find what is left.

All have expectation,

All have their dreams,

But always in politics

It’s not what it seems.

The pursuit of power

Undermines the ideals,

In political parties

It’s a battle of wills

People are lost

Amid the blood and the cuts

As the big-wigs promote self

With no ifs and no buts.

Care and consideration

Receive a refusal

In the heat of government

It’s business as usual.

Opher – 8.6.2017

Watching the antics of the Tory Brexiteers as they play out their games, jostling for position to gain power without a care for the people they represent. The country comes a long way second, if not third.

In politics it is not about what is best for the country. That always comes last. Sometimes it is about what is good for the party, even if that is bad for the rest of us. But really it is just about self and selfish aims as the ambitious prats are prepared to stab their best friends in the back, dump their party in the sewage and promote themselves with every dirty trick. It’s all about winning.

Selfishness and greed are the motives. There are no rules.