I Am Woke

I Am Woke

In a perfect world it would not be necessary

                To point out all the evils in one’s own culture.

All cultures have unpleasant, nasty and even

                Downright evil aspects hidden in their history.

Making oneself aware of the things that were

                Wrong in the past is the first step.

Wearing rose-tinted glasses and pretending

                That everything about one’s culture is perfect

Only serves to perpetuate the problems

                So that nothing ever gets better.

Keeping your senses and mind open to accept

                That mistakes were, and still are, being made

Enables us to find better ways of living together

                And accommodating those who are different.

I Am Woke to the knowledge that my ancestors got lots of things horribly wrong.

                I am woke to their mistakes and cultural attitudes.

I am woke to a better world.

                I Am Woke!


I live in a culture that once felt so superior to other cultures that they condoned racism and slavery.

I live in a culture that used to think wild animals could be abused without remorse, that condoned bear-baiting, bull-fighting, dog and cock fighting and believed that watching animals tearing each other apart was entertainment.

I belong to a culture that thought war was glorious and that to die in battle was noble.

I belong to a culture that believes some people deserve much more than others because they, by birth, are inherently superior.

I belong to a culture where ordinary people had to fight, protest and die for the right to vote, for a fair day’s pay for a fair days work and for safe conditions in the workplace.

I am woke to all this and lots more.

What are the evils that existed in your culture? Misogyny? Persecution? Cruelty? Violence?

What aspects still need addressing?

I am woke to the need for equality, freedom, fairness and a world that lives in harmony with nature.

My patriotism is so big in encompasses the whole world and every living thing.

I am not ashamed to be woke!!

4 thoughts on “I Am Woke

  1. I’m glad you’re seeing both the good and the bad in your culture. I think we all need to do that. Misogyny is pretty rampant in mine and that sucks. Homophobia too.

    1. There’s no such thing as a perfect culture Pooj. The sooner everyone recognises that the sooner we can start putting things right. I think misogyny is probably universal and definitely needs addressing.

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